Monthly Billing

Departments are billed monthly for extensions, long distance and international calling services.

Access to long distance services may be added or removed from individual extensions by requesting a change in class of service (COS). Submit an online IT service request or call 328-9866.

  • Voice services are billed monthly to the account numbers specified by the responsible department. 
  • Each department should ensure that all long distance calls are made while conducting official university business. Telecommunications should be notified of any fraudulent telephone use. 
  • Billing errors are reported to Telecommunications in accordance with instructions accompanying the bill. After error verification, credit is determined between the end user and Telecommunications. 
  • Billing account numbers may be changed by submitting an approved Help Desk ticket to Telecommunications that includes the extension number and new billing account number. 
  • If Facilities Services is required during the installation of telephone services, separate charges are rendered to the specified budget account number. 
  • Services requested not within the capabilities of Telecommunications, if available, are provided by contractor. Installation charges are billed by Telecommunications. Thereafter, recurring charges are rendered in May or June for the entire period of July 1 through June 30.