Cisco Voice Mail System | Basic Features

At a Glance | Voice Mail

Voice message notifications show on the LCD screen of your phone. A message waiting light on the hand set and an audio cue can be configured through the Phone Settings/Voicemail Notification Settings section of the Cisco Self Care portal. There are three ways to check your voice messages:
  1. Press the Messages button to check voice mail. You must have a voice mail PIN*.
  2. Play the voice mail message from your email inbox.
  3. Dial 252.328.9870 to check from any phone off campus.
Manage Voice Mail Options

Log in to your piratemail account and click Settings, then Options to access your voice mail options.

  • Set voice mail PIN*
  • Access email, calendar through phone
  • Record vm greeting
  • Missed call notification
  • See these setup instructions

*There are two different PINS for your voice services:

  1. Phone Services PIN. Configured through the Cisco Self-Care portal to set up speed dial numbers, check personal directory numbers from your phone and more.
  2. Voice Services PIN. Used to access voice mail, email and calendar from a phone when off campus.