Information Computing and Technology Services

Core Server

Faculty can request Web space* to post university-related files, such as supplemental reading for a class.

Create New Academic Web Space

New academic Web space is created through the self-help interface. PirateID required.

Manage New and Existing Academic Web Space

Maintain a new or existing site in three ways.

Method 1. My Web interface

Log in to and choose the Manage Web Space link

Method 2. Mapped Drive

Access folders through a mapped network drive at
Your url will look like this in your web browser:
(core) name/filename
(secure) name/filename
(coretest) name/filename

Method 3. File Transfer Protocol

Access folders through this URL:
CF1(coreprod) –
CF1(secure) -
CF1(coretest) -

FTP paths:

CF1 – Coreprod - core1/docs/subsite
CF1 - Secure - secure/docs/subsite
CF1 - Coretest - core2/docs/subsite

*Retirees are allowed to continue any pre-retirement Web space active for scholarly purposes by submitting an IT service request within six months of retiring. Otherwise, Web folders and files are removed from the server by the usual schedule.

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