Winmedia Streaming Server

The Winmedia server hosts audio and video files for departments, faculty, staff and official ECU groups. Request a folder, upload files and then link to the files from your website.

1. Request the folder

Submit the Web Hosting Support service request. You must provide a name for your Winmedia folder.

2. Upload Multimedia Files

Method 1. File Transfer Protocol (on or off campus)

Use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software* to upload videos/podcasts. Programs include FileZilla, Fetch and others.
*Uploading files via FTP from off campus requires that you connect through a virtual private network (VPN) connection

Method 2. Mapped Network Drive (on campus only)

Rather than FTP, faculty and staff can also access their winmedia folder from a mapped drive on their campus computer (INTRA domain). Files can then be dragged from one folder to another.

Use the following address: \\winmedia\winmedia\FolderName\

3. Link the Files

Once your multimedia files are uploaded to Winmedia, link to them using this URL: