Application Xtender

A to Z Training Documents

A to Z Training Documents have all the documents for training in all the Xtender Processes.


How to Add a Page to an Indexed Document
How To Change Your Password in Xtender
How to Create and Delete a Batch
How to Create Multiple Indexes From One Batch
How to Delete a Page in a Document
How to Email, Print, and Export a Document
How to export multiple files to a folder
How to Index Documents in your Batch List
How to Index Fields in a Document
How to install Xtender Components
How to Move or Copy Document Pages
How to Run a Query to See a List of Indexed Documents
How to Scan and Import Documents into Xtender
How to Use Rubber Stamps and Annotations in Xtender
Logging In and Out of Xtender
How to Replace a page in Xtender
How to Move or Copy a batch from your Xtender Application Folder
How to Delete a Document(S)
How to Request Xtender Access
Instructional Video
Instructional Video
Instructional Video