Application Xtender

A to Z Training Documents

A to Z Training Documents have all the documents for training in all the Xtender Processes.


How To Change Your Password in Xtender
How to install Xtender Image Capture
How to Create Multiple Indexes From One Batch
How to Delete a Page in a Document
How to Email, Print, and Export a Document
How to export multiple files to a folder
How to Index Documents in your Batch List
How to Index Fields in a Document
How to Move or Copy Document Pages
How to Run a Query to See a List of Indexed Documents
How to Scan and Import Documents into Xtender
How to Use Rubber Stamps and Annotations in Xtender
Logging In and Out of Xtender
How to Replace a page in Xtender
How to Move or Copy a batch from your Xtender Application Folder
How to Delete a Document(S)
How to Request Xtender Access
How to Add a Page to an Indexed Document
How to Delete a Batch
How to Create a Batch
How to Copy or Move Pages to Applications
How to Redact Data