Application Xtender


Xtender Online Training

All new Xtender users must complete Xtender online training through Cornerstone (Admin and Finance/ITCS/Xtender Training). Completion of the course in Cornerstone documents the training was completed. The class can be completed by anyone at any time and only takes about 20 minutes.

If you simply wish to view the class as a refresher or keep a copy of it on your local computer for reference, it can be downloaded here ( Training PowerPoint - Nov 2017 update.pdf).

Annual Quality Review

Xtender primary approvers should perform an annual quality review of their documents.

Please go to


Twice Annual Security Review

NC audit guidelines require Xtender security reviews are conducted at least twice annually. It is the responsibility of the employee’s supervisor and also the primary application approver to conduct these reviews. More information is coming soon!

Xtender Access Off Campus

Please note that Xtender must now be accessed using ECU VPN when off campus.

Please go the to establish a secure ECU VPN connection.

Then go to to access Xtender.

If you have issues connecting to the VPN, please call the helpdesk at 252-328-9866.