Application Xtender

Annual Review

Provided by ITCS Xtender Team

Purpose: To review the quality of documents within the owner’s or approver’s Xtender application to ensure control standards are satisfied.

Reviewing Documents
Documenting Reviews
Erroneous Documents

Reviewing Documents
The owner or approver (or someone appointed to review the documents that’s not a scanner) shall conduct an annual review to ensure documents within their reviewing Xtender application meet satisfactory standards.
The reviewer must:
•    Review documents within the past 12 months.
•    Randomly select documents to review
•    Document the reviews.
The reviewer should select a random sample of documents to review. This sampling should be from the past 12 months and include a random selection of documents from each scanner (if more than one person scans documents).

Documenting Reviews

When documenting the reviewed documents, the reviewer must fill out the “Quality Control Annual Review” Microsoft Excel file (link to file: Quality Control Annual Review.xlsx).
There are 3 identical sheets within the Excel file labeled Review Year 1, Review Year 2, and Review Year 3. This file is to hold only 3 consecutive years of annual reviews where each year has its own sheet. A new file must be used after the 3 sheets has been filled.

Below are the fields and their descriptions that are to be filled out in the spreadsheets:

Scanner Name:
The name of the person who scanned in the document
Doc#: The document’s number.
Date Scanned: The date the document was scanned in.
Scan Image Clear: Put an “X” if the document’s image(s) is/are clear.
Sensitive Info Redacted: Put an “X” if sensitive information was redacted.
Scanned Image Complete:
# of Pages: The number of pages the document contains.
Errors: Put an “X” if there were any errors with the document.
Error Description & Cause (if known): A description of the error(s) the scanner made and the cause of it if possible.
How Error was Corrected: A description of how the error(s) was/were corrected.

Erroneous Documents

Any document containing errors created by the scanner should be corrected by the owner/approver. Additionally, the owner/approver should monitor the scanner’s actions in the future to ensure that the same errors aren’t repeated.