Reserve Collection Policy - Circulation Department

Below is the reserve collection policy. To locate materials currently on reserve, search the library catalog.

I. Purpose

  1. The purpose of the Joyner Library’s reserve collection is to provide fair, timely, and central access to materials in high demand.

II. Scope

  1. Materials which may be placed on reserve:
    1. Books, photocopied articles, and media materials.
    2. Photocopies of specific materials, when within guidelines of U.S. copyright law.
    3. Personal copies
      1. If the Joyner Library does not own a particular item, a personal copy may be put on reserve. The use of personal copies as additional
        copies is permitted only at the discretion of the Reserve Coordinator.
      2. The Joyner Library will provide reasonable protection in shelving, circulation, and retrieval of personal copies according to established
        procedures. However, the library cannot assume responsibility for the replacement of lost or damaged personal copies
    1. Multiple copies of materials are placed on reserve at the discretion of the Reserve Coordinator. As a general rule, no more than four copies of any one item may be placed on reserve.
    2. Electronic versions of any of the above within fair use guidelines of U.S. copyright law.
    3. Personal copies.
    4. Acceptable materials may be provided in either of the following forms:
      1. Items already in digital format (e.g. CD, floppy disk, email, etc.)
      2. Requests for items to be digitized by the Reserve Coordinator.
    B. Materials which may not be placed on reserve:

             1.  Current and bound periodical volumes.

         a. Exception: Volumes containing articles that would normally have been copied for reserve purposes, but their
             condition prevents copying.

       2.  Items from the Joyner Library Reference Collection.
       3.  Items from the textbook collection in the Teaching Resource Center.
       4.  Reproductions of print and non-print materials in violation of U.S. copyright law.
       5.  Materials received through Interlibrary Loan.

III. Reserve Requests

  1. Only faculty members and graduate teaching assistants (hereafter referred to as instructors) may request that an item be placed on reserve.
  2. Instructors are to use a Reserve Request Form to place an item on reserve. These forms are available at the Joyner Library Circulation Desk or via the Circulation Department’s Web page.  Instructors can fill out the Reserve Request Form and submit their request via e-mail to with high importance. We will gladly retrieve items from our stacks to make copies of chapters for Electronic Reserve or to place books on reserve. To ensure timely processing of requests, instructors are asked to provide complete and accurate information on request forms.
  3. On the last day of classes of the academic year, the Reserve Coordinator will contact instructors to determine if they wish to keep their materials on reserve. Blackboard articles will be removed at the end of each semester . If there is no response from the instructor, their reserve materials will be removed and returned to the stacks or mailed to their campus address.
  4. To ensure timely processing of requests, instructors are asked to provide complete and accurate information on request forms.  A course syllabus with appropriate call number information will be accepted in lieu of a request form.  Materials may be added to a reserve list at any time during the semester, and will be available for use at the time of opening on the third business day after the request has been received.
  5. Materials may take up to 7 business days from the time the request has been received to the time they are available for students to
    view. Reserve materials are processed in the order they are received.
  6. Electronic reserve materials should be presented to the Reserve Coordinator in an acceptable format as follows:
    1. Print materials – legible, single-sided, uniform copies no larger than 8 ½ x 11 inches.

IV. Loans

  1. Reserve materials are restricted to in-house use not to exceed a three hour period. Instructors can allow materials (including personal copies and photocopied articles) to be checked out for 2 hours, 3 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 7 days or 35 days (usually allowed for group projects).
    1. Exception: A reserve item may be checked out to the instructor who has placed the item on reserve. Permission to do so must be granted by a full-time Joyner Library Circulation staff member.
    2. Exception: Other patrons desiring to check out a reserve item must provide written or e-mail approval from the instructor who put the item on reserve.
  2. Patrons can check out a maximum of 3 reserve items at a time.
  3. There are no renewals for reserve items.

V. Fines and Fees

  1. Overdue fines for hourly reserve items are assessed at the rate of $5.00 per hour up to a maximum of $25.00 per item. Overdue fines for daily reserve items are assessed at the rate of $5.00 per day up to a maximum fine of $25.00 per item.
  2. All borrowers are responsible for fees associated with lost or damaged materials as outlined in Borrower's Responsibilities section of the General Circulation Policy of Joyner Library.

Reserve Policy - Joyner Library

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