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Annual Report Summary of Academic Library Services (ALS)


Academic Library Services (ALS) includes Joyner Library and the Music Library branch. Thirty faculty librarians, five EPA administrative professionals, and 65 SPA assistants comprise the staff. Joyner Library is open 108.5 hours weekly including Sunday through Thursday from early morning until 2 a.m. the next morning. The budget exceeds $7 million and the endowment fund is about $10 million.

Mission and Strategic Plan

A strategic planning committee was formed of faculty and staff at the beginning of the year. From their efforts, a new mission statement was adopted and a strategic plan for 2003-2004 established. These plans, the budget, the organization chart, and many other documents and reports can be found at the ALS web site under "departments/administration". The committee was made a standing one.

Cooperation with Laupus Library

Commended by the SACS accreditation team as a first-rate example of library cooperation, ALS and the Laupus Health Sciences Library maintain a virtual library program of data base services. This example of virtual collaboration was greatly enhanced with the purchase of the SFX database linking software currently being installed. The official announcement reads:
"SFX is a unique linking tool allowing students and researchers to link seamlessly from a database to an online resource, provided that the library holds a current subscription to that resource. At the click of a button, SFX takes researchers from an article citation in one database to a full-text electronic copy of that article in another. Just as easily, SFX links to print copies listed in library catalogs and to other library services. To try this new resource, look for the SFX "Find it!" button or link while searching ECU electronic databases. SFX will be fully operational for the university community in the fall 2003."

ASERL Benchmarks

ECU joined the Association of South Eastern Research Libraries (ASERL) in 1999. The 36 ASERL libraries included five in North Carolina: Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, NCSU, Wake Forest, and ECU. Two more - UNC Charlotte and UNC Greensboro - joined in 2002. ASERL statistics at are peer benchmarks for ECU to use. Notably, the materials budget combines expenditures by both ALS and Laupus Library. ECU was thirtieth among Southeastern research libraries in the 2001-2002 report.

ASERL Statistics- Materials Expenditures

$5.3 million Wake Forest

Fourth Quartile

28 $4.3 million Mississippi State
29 $4.2 Georgia Tech
30 $4.0 East Carolina
31 $3.8 U of Alabama Birmingham
32 $3.5 U of Memphis
33 $3.3 Clemson
34 $3.1 William & Mary
35 $2.8 UNC Charlotte
36 $2.6 UNC Greensboro

LIBQUAL Service Quality Measures

Academic libraries nationwide are participating in the LIBQUAL survey of service quality. ALS began in January training to administer the survey and completed it in May. Results from the survey will be assessed over the summer and discussed with the ALS faculty and the Senate Libraries Committee in the fall. A full report of the findings will be made to the Provost and to the Senate Library Advisory Committee.


The library development officer and the Friends of Joyner Library (FOJL) work with the Director to raise the library's profile in the community and to raise funds for the endowment. Notably during the year, ALS and the College of Education received a commitment for a gift of $250,000 from one donor. ALS will use its share to endow a Childhood Literacy Center in the Teaching Resource Center as part of the University's commitment to strengthening teaching in Eastern North Carolina.

Community Engagement

In addition to the many contacts by the ALS faculty as outlined in their annual reports, the FOJL Executive Board carried out a full program to enhance awareness of Joyner Library, "Eastern North Carolina's Research Library". The FOJL operated on a $17,000 budget for programs, scholarships, and support for the library and the staff. A full report on development activities will be on the web site by fall.

Horizon Working Groups

The online catalog for ECU is based on the Dynix Corporation's software system "Horizon". The Horizon Working Groups were formed to encourage the investigation, development and implementation of improvements to the libraries' integrated online system. This joint endeavor between Academic Library Services and the Laupus Health Sciences Library has a total of six working groups with more than forty participants. Since their inception, the working groups have identified five issues for improvement of the system or enhancements to patron services. The respective Systems Departments have implemented the enhancement features.

Digital Exhibits

The newest unit within the library was begun to create digital exhibits from ECU archives, the Langford NC Collection, and special collections. An active digital conversion program of important and unique papers to digital format for online access is ongoing. The program now has five major collections online at

Major Grants

A North Carolina ECHO Text Encoding Initiative grant of $49,954 was received to convert NC history and fiction texts to digital format for online access. North Carolina ECHO, Exploring Cultural Heritage Online, is the World Wide Web's doorway to the special collections of North Carolina's libraries, archives, and museums. The web site is at /NCCollPCC/tei/index.html.
Two previous ECHO grants for $26,860 and $50,000 to Special Collections to encode our finding aids were completed during the year.

Student Affairs Committee and Joyner's Coffee House

A committee formed initially to consider a coffee house for Joyner Library was expanded to include a representative from Dr. Garrie Moore's staff and to consider all improvements that benefit students. A coffee house is now planned for construction during fall, 2003, opposite the courtyard entrance. The first floor journal area will be redesigned as well to include comfortable furniture and magazines in display racks with over 100 computers close at hand. Centered around the courtyard and its umbrella tables with seating for thirty outside, the first floor's Digital Library Center will have a comfortable "Barnes and Noble" feel with seating for over fifty more students.

Staff Service Projects

With excellent leadership from its President, Harry Frank, the SPA association at Joyner coordinated numerous service projects. Especially noteworthy, the Food for Fines program delivered over 2,000 pounds of food to the area food bank. In addition, staff and faculty participated in the Relay for Life, Adopt a Highway, and a major stacks shifting project for Joyner Library.