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Building Operations 2000-2001

1) A fulltime Security Officer was hired for the department to oversee the library security guards as well as coordinate all Joyner Library security measures and procedures

2) Building Operations coordinated the planning and oversight of a major compact shelving installation in the West Wing basement.

3) The department also coordinated the planning and design of a major renovation project on 2nd floor Phase II. This project resulted in the construction of five new staff offices and a large conference room which now are part of the already existing Administration suites.

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Cataloging's top accomplishments for 2000-2001

1) The successful completion of a second three-month test of Project 2600, a new unit devoted strictly to the rapid cataloging new monographs, resulting in the permanent establishment of the Express Cataloging Unit and the permanent hire of a 75% SPA employee to staff it.

2) The Serials/Microforms Unit completing the cataloging of two large microform sets, Library of American Civilization and Library of English Literature, to the delight of the public services departments and a number of their patrons.

3) The expansion of the Marcive retrospective conversion of government documents project to include all government documents materials to ensure consistency in Horizon.

4) The emptying and surplussing of the general stacks shelflist, ending our reliance on a paper shelflist.

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Music library in 2000-2001

1. Completed the copy cataloging of an approximately 1,000 title backlog of audio CDs.

2. Initiated the addition of brief catalog records for the music library's collections of choral octavos and sheet music to the local online system.

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North Carolina Collection Annual Report, 2000-2001


Printed books, serials, documents added
Total printed books, serials, documents

N.C. Depository microfiche pieces added:
Total N.C. Depository microfiche:

Microfilm reels added:
Total microfilm reels :

Cartographic materials added:
Total cartographic holdings

Broadsides added:
Total broadsides:

Prints added:
Total prints:
Bound newspaper clippings added:
1 linear foot
Total bound newspaper clippings:
11.5 linear feet
* This figure does not include the Roberts Collection, described below, which will be counted as the books are cataloged 


Public Services
Bibliographic instruction presentations:
Persons served in presentations:
On-line database searches:
Reference questions:
Directional questions:
E-mail questions:


Books and documents checked out of the library:
In-house use of materials:

Books, pamphlets and printed documents:
Microfilm reels:
Depository microfiche:
Clipping and vertical file materials:
Cartographic pieces:
Rare books:

Grand total circulation:


Use of Web-based Resources ("hits")

North Carolina Periodicals Index
North Carolina Websites guide
N.C. Newspapers of Microfilm guide
Genealogy and Local History page
Eastern/Daily Reflector Index
Subject Guides page
What's New page
Newspaper Clipping File guide
Legal Resources page

Narrative Information


Web Page Development

The North Carolina Collection's Web pages were re-designed to conform to Joyner Library's new templates. Staff enhanced the North Carolina Periodicals Index, updating it several times during the year, to a total number of 4,688 abstracts. The index is regularly among the most heavily used electronic resources offered by Joyner Library. During the year, it experienced 18,648 "hits." With the help of graduate assistants, the Reflector Index was completed through 1906, the last year of data provided by Mr. Roger Kammerer, the compiler. The guide to North Carolina Websites, a heavily used feature, was updated. Staff began adding the department's new book lists to the "What's New" component of the Website.

Staff members and a volunteer, Mrs. Adrienne Boniface, made significant progress toward completion of the North Carolina Collection's component of the Eastern North Carolina Digital History Exhibit, the Pitt County Digital Tobacco History Exhibit. For the 1900 Pitt County census component, data entry was completed for the town of Greenville, Greenville North of the Tar River, Greenville Township, and the town of Farmville. Data for Greenville and Greenville North of the Tar River were proofread and corrected. Introductions and captions were written for most components of the project and aggregate census data and labor statistics were marked up. Student assistants scanned images and created databases necessary for the development of the Website.

Exhibits and Public Programs

Staff mounted several noteworthy exhibits. "Robert Harrill, the Fort Fisher Hermit" opened July 27, 2000, with a public program held in Jenkins Fine Arts Center. Articles about this exhibit appeared in the Daily Reflector, the News and Observer, and USA Today. This, and two other exhibits, "North Carolina Foodways: A Past & Present Sampler" and "Greenville in Print and Portraiture," were featured on local television programs.

Publicity and Outreach

In addition to publicity associated with the public programs, the collection continued its monthly series of articles in the Daily Reflector that feature books and other materials of interest to the general public. A color poster about the collection was distributed to all public and academic libraries in Eastern North Carolina, and to school libraries in Pitt County. The North Carolina Collection's brochure was updated and re-printed. In July, 2000, the Federation of North Carolina Historical Societies distributed to History Day advisors in Eastern North Carolina a letter from the North Carolina Collection inviting them and their students to utilize the collection's resources for History Day projects. An article about the Pitt County Digital Tobacco History Project was submitted to Our State magazine. Staff contacted the university's Writing Center and made arrangements to provide bibliographic instruction to English 1200 students during the 2001- 2002 academic year.

Efforts to Improve Quality of Service

In response to an increasing number of requests for scanned images, a scanner was installed at the service desk. The CPUs of public workstations were moved below the computer tables, allowing staff to lower monitors, for ease of viewing. Staff revised the collection's guides pertaining to Blackbeard, genealogy, legal resources, and current periodicals, and they compiled two guides to source material concerning Greenville and Pitt County. Announcements concerning changes in hours were made through the departmental Website and on the telephone greeting. Staff studied the serials collection in an effort to determine the status of subscriptions. Significant progress was made toward re-formatting the old newspaper clipping file and adding subject headings for these clippings to the clipping file database. The collection acquired a CD-ROM version of Education Law in North Carolina, which was added to the library's network of electronic resources. URLs for digital versions of serials were provided to the Cataloging Department, so they could be added to records in the Horizon online catalog. Staff began an inventory of the North Carolina Collection's holdings in June, 2001.

Wiggins Portrait

In June, 2001, Ms. Jeanne Jenkins, a staff member of Joyner Library, gave the North Carolina Collection a portrait she painted of Miss Marguerite Wiggins, North Carolina Librarian from 1968 until 1991. The portrait will be hung in the reading room.


The North Carolina Collection was dedicated as the Verona Joyner Langford North Carolina Collection on Founder's Day, March 8, 2001. A portrait of Mrs. Langford, painted by Irene Bailey, was unveiled and later hung in the reading room.

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Preservation and Conservation Department Annual Report Highlights for 2000/2001

The first group of flood-damaged materials was removed from the freezer/dryer and staff began working on the second phase of the recovery process.

Staff gave assistance to several institutions throughout the United States on how to deal with wet materials and mold outbreaks.

The Department began a cooperative relationship with Historic Bath in which conservation staff will repair some books for the site library.

Bob Colver of Ram's Head Bindery conducted a staff workshop on leather repairs

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Reference Summary of 2000-2001 annual activities

Reference desk remained the busiest service desk at Academic Library Services, with staff answering 21,764 of patrons' information & research questions, and spending more time with each user for one-on-one instruction.

Reference continued to design and develop new electronic search tools and direct electronic services. The E-Journal Locator (now including 17,196 entries) proved to be most useful for finding full-text articles available to our patrons on the web. Pirate Source, a new interactive database is now up and running. It allows users to create (customize) subject guides specific to their information needs. It now contains 1300 records.

Reference increased outreach efforts and instructional opportunities for students and faculty. Number of students provided library instruction reached 5833 in 2000-2001, transforming the library into a true teaching and learning organization.

Elevated Email Reference into an essential service of tremendous value to users outside the library. The service received 605 questions during the 2000-2001 academic year, compared to 178 questions received during 1999-2000 year. Reference is working toward developing this service to its full potential, and is exploring the option of providing Chat/interactive reference as well as the issue of consortial digital reference.

Promoted distance education library services, through formal presentations and working with Instructional Technology Consultants and the Division of Continuing Studies, to ECU faculty involved in distance education. Reference anticipates library support for distance education will grow in the coming years.

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Systems Department Notes for 2000-2001

1) Digital Library Exhibits The Digitization unit began research and preparation for three Eastern North Carolina Digital History Exhibits /exhibits/ (ECU Centennial, Steamers, and Tobacco).

2) Channel 69 The Video services unit successfully brought Channel 69, Community Television channel, online with evening programs including locally generated shows as well as canned programs. Daytime programs are provided by the Annenberg/CPB Corporation via the Annenberg Channel (off satellite). Video Services staff continues to produce local programs for the channel as well as create the various slide shows that air when daytime and evening programs end.

3) EZProxy The Networking/workstation support unit installed and configured the new EZProxy software for enhanced proxy services for campus. This new software does not require any user action other than login within the browser environment to access the library's electronic resources remotely.

4) NetLibrary Over 14,000 NetLibrary bibliographic records were loaded into Horizon for patron access.

5) iPac 1.0 A new web searchable interface was configured to access the Horizon online catalog. New features included patron empowerment, such as items checked out and online renewals. Selected search results in brief or complete form can be emailed to an individual's account.

6) Data closets ITCS personnel updated the Uninterruptible Power Supply units (UPS) in all Joyner data closets. These units provide backup power to the data switches in each closet when electrical power is lost from main campus or the building. Various data closets were updated with replacement switches and reprogrammed.

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