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2003-2004 Personnel Changes


Mary Boccaccio retired from her position of Manuscript Curator for the Special Collections Department on July 1, 2003.


Amy Smith was hired on July 1, 2003 for the position of Library Technical Assistant I in the Teaching Resources Center.


On July 1, 2003, Jeanne Jenkins retired from the position of Accounting Clerk IV for the Administrative Services Department.


Stephen Golonka resigned from his position of Head of Circulation on July 23, 2003.


David Perkins was hired for the position of Security Officer II for Building Operations on August 16, 2003.


On August 13, 2003, Clark Nall resigned from the position of Reference/Instructional Librarian for the Reference Department.


Kelly Potter was hired as a Library Assistant for the Interlibrary Loan Department on August 25, 2003.


Gordon Barbour, Administrative Assistant I for the Building Operations Department, retired on November 11, 2003.


Michelle Ritchie, Library Assistant for the Government Documents/Microforms Department resigned on October 10, 2003.


Jenna Nadler was hired as an Accounting Clerk IV for the Acquisitions Department, November 11, 2003.


Cassandra Robinson resigned from her position in Circulation as a Library Assistant, December 31, 2003.


Nell Lewis, Outreach Coordinator for the Teaching Resources Center, resigned on December 20, 2003.


Jonathan Hassler was hired as a Security Officer I in the Building Operations Department, February 16, 2004.


Leigh Medford was hired as a Library Assistant for the Circulation Department, March 1, 2004.


Christina Bowers resigned from her position of Processing Assistant V for Administrative Services, April 15, 2004.


Norm Collins, Media Technician II for the Systems Department, transferred to Health Sciences, May 1, 2004.


Carenado Davis was hired as a Library Technical Assistant I for the Government Documents/Microforms Department, June 6, 2004.