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2002-2003 Strategic Plan

A. Communication

Goal #1: Improve communication about library events and services.

1. Develop a common, centralized calendar of events.

Criteria for success:
1. A calendar will be in use and everyone involved will be trained to use it by Fall 2002

Implementation responsibility:
1. Administration

B. Services

Goal #1: Enhance access and use of library resources and services for students and faculty.

1. Improve functionality, usability, and design of all library web pages.
2. Implement electronic reserves.
3. Redesign (redraft) subject librarian liaison's functions.
4. Enhance electronic reference services (i.e. Chat, e-mail services provided by public service departments, Pirate Source, etc.).

Criteria for success:
1. First level web pages are redesigned, loaded, and available for public.
2. Successful test of reserves for five courses for a full semester.
3. Six month trial of team approach completed and evaluated.
4. Successful live Chat test performed with selected campus population

Implementation responsibility:
1. Web Committee and Departments
2. Circulation and Systems
3. AD for Collections and Subject Liaisons
4. Public Services

Goal #2: Expand cooperation with the Health Sciences Library.

1. Appropriate catalog evaluation groups will recommend improvements in the functionality of the catalog.
2. Improve cooperation on liaison issues, collection development and / electronic resources evaluation)

Criteria for success:
1. Groups will be formed and improvements will be completed.
2. HSL representatives are named to select library committees.

Implementation responsibility:
1. HUG plus ALS & HSL faculty
2. Electronic Resources Committee, Subject Liaisons and Associate Directors

C. Staffing/Staff Development

Goal #1: Improve access to staff development and training opportunities in order to improve service to patrons.

1. Offer tailored training classes or modules.
2. Identify/investigate free training opportunities.
3. Enhance student worker recruitment, training, and retention.

Criteria for success:
1. Purchase or creation of training for five subjects has been completed and is available for faculty and staff to use.
2. Database of free training opportunities is created and updated twice a year.
3. Develop and implement a uniform training program for student assistants.

Implementation responsibility:
1. Personnel Librarian & Staff Development Committees
2. Personnel Librarian & Staff Development Committees
3. Personnel Librarian, Staff Development Committees, Student Training Committee

Goal #2: Begin ongoing systematic assessment of technical and informational skills for library staff.

1. Identify baseline information and technology skills necessary for successful job performance.
2. Identify instruments for self-evaluation.

Criteria for success:
1. Appropriate skills identified for approximately half of SPA positions.
2. Instruments selected and tested for a selection of staff.

Implementation responsibility:
1. Associate Director's, Personnel Librarian & Staff Development Committees
2. Associate Director's, Personnel Librarian & Staff Development Committees

D. Collections

Goal #1: Improve the quality and quantity of resources available to students and faculty.

1. Establish a library electronic resources review committee and develop procedures to investigate, evaluate, and recommend new and existing resources.
2. Update the Library's collection development policy.

Criteria for success:
1. A committee is formed, and procedures are developed for reviewing and selecting
electronic resources.
2. An overall collection policy statement is drafted and twenty-five per cent of discipline specific plans are revised by end of year.

Implementation responsibility:
1. Associate Director for Collections, Electronic Resources Committee
2. Associate Director for Collections, Subject Liaisons and Departments

Goal #2: Assure ongoing physical maintenance of the general collection.

1. Damaged materials will be identified at points of circulation and sent to Preservation

Criteria for success:
2. Preservation will repair materials appropriately and return mended volumes to the
collections in a timely manner.

Implementation responsibility:
1. Associate Director for Collections, Circulation and Preservation Depts.

E. Planning

Goal #1: Develop an ongoing systematic assessment process for major library services
and activities

1. In conjunction with the health Sciences Library, implement an assessment process along
the lines of Texas A & M's LibQual (Library Quality Assessment) See:
2. Establish a consistent data collection process for reporting purposes.

Criteria for success:
1. Acquire and conduct initial survey of users.
2. Data is collected in a consistent manner, collated and made available in a central
electronic location.

Implementation responsibility:
1. Associate Director's and Strategic Planning Committee
2. Associate Director for Administration and Administration

Goal #2: Improve the library long-term strategic planning process.

1. Revise the library Mission statement.
2. Establish a library planning calendar.

Criteria for success:
1. New Statement is drafted and approved by Director's Council and Faculty.
2. Library calendar is established, approved and in use.

Implementation responsibility:
1. Strategic Planning Committee Director's Council, Faculty
2 Associate Director for Administration & User Services, Strategic Planning Committee