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2003-2004 Strategic Plan

A. Services

Goal I: Enhance access and use of library resources and services for students and faculty.

1 Provide all ECU faculty, staff, and registered students with an automatic library record viable in all campus libraries.
2. In cooperation with the Laupus Library, assess SFX implementation and make changes as required to maximize use and usability of this product.
3. Offer a comprehensive array of reference and instructional services that address a variety of learning styles and levels of information literacy.

Criteria for Success:
1. All ECU faculty, staff and registered students will have an automatic library record viable in all campus libraries that is updated regularly each semester.
2. 95 % of desired sources and targets are identified, linked and available to users.
3. Use of reference and instructional services display statistically significant increases

Goal II: Improve accuracy, functionality and comprehensiveness of library catalog.

1. In cooperation with Laupus Library, explore through working groups the functionality of the various modules of the library catalog and define our user needs and necessary improvements.
2. Revise and continuously maintain an authority file for the library catalog.
3. Identify and prioritize for cataloging all non-cataloged materials in the library.
4. Establish processes for entering serial holdings records for state and federal government publications.
5. Establish and implement procedures for regularly checking links included in catalog records and correcting problems that are found.

Criteria for Success:
1. Needs are identified and appropriate action taken.
2. Authority file is updated with procedures in place for ongoing maintenance.
3. All non-cataloged materials are identified and prioritized, and cataloging will have begun.
4. A process has been established and tested.
5. Commercial software to address this issue has been evaluated, purchased and implemented.

B. Collections

Goal III: Improve the quality and quantity of resources available to students and faculty.

1. Develop information access guidelines for various disciplines and programs which will include guidelines for acquisition and retention of materials.
2. Identify and prioritize conservation and preservation needs.

Criteria for success:
1. 15 Information access guidelines will be completed.
2. Needs are identified and prioritized and a plan of action developed.

C. Staffing/Staff Development

Goal IV: Improve access to staff development and training opportunities in order to improve service to patrons.

1. Offer training and encourage library staff to take advantage of other available job-related training and personal development opportunities in order to gain new skills.
2. Establish a basic training program for all student employees for improving student skills and retention.

Criteria for success:
1. 60 % of staff attend training or participate in a staff development opportunity.
2. Program is developed by fall of 2003.

D. Communication

Goal V: Market Joyner's services and resources to our user community, including faculty, staff, students and residents of eastern North Carolina.

1. Market our resources and services to selected target populations, including international, distance educations and transfer students.
2. Increase the library's public relations activities and improve awareness of the library's programs and accomplishments.
3. Subject librarians will develop stronger relationships with the teaching faculty in their academic schools or departments.

Criteria for success:

1. Target populations are identified and specific outreach campaigns created.
2. The library's programs and accomplishments are reported regularly to campus and local media as well as professional publications.
3. Subject librarians will communicate regularly with their academic schools or departments.

Goal VI: Improve communication and internal efficiencies within ALS.

1. Implement the use of the calendar feature of Microsoft Outlook to facilitate planning for meetings and events.
2. Exploit Joyner Library's means of internal communication and establish a central repository for minutes, departmental communications, budget reports, committee reports and library publications.

Criteria for success:
1. Every employee with Outlook uses the calendar feature; meetings are scheduled using this feature.
2. Folder and subdirectories are created and relevant groups post all minutes there in a timely manner. Guidelines governing the use of the Intranet will be established and implemented.

E. Planning/Assessment

Goal VII: Improve the ongoing, systematic assessment of library services

1. In cooperation with Laupus Library, use the 2003 LibQUAL results to identify areas where improvement is indicated and formulate plans to address these areas.
2. Establish a long-term planning process for the library.
3. Establish a consistent data collection process for reporting purposes.

Criteria for success:
1. Areas where improvements are necessary are identified and action plans are formulated.
2. A planning process is in place and selected priorities have been identified.
3. Data is collected in a consistent manner, collated and made available in a central electronic location.