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<font color="663399">ECU Memories</font>
The University Archives serves as the collective memory of East Carolina University by preserving such materials as administrative papers, newspapers, minutes, department files, university publications and memorabilia.

This feature of the archives web site provides links to such things as lists of graduating classes, photographs, building histories, biographical sketches of faculty and staff and other historical information regarding East Carolina University.  Some of the sites are maintained by other departments on campus and may not provide a link back to this site.  In that event, use the BACK button on your browser, if you wish to return to this site.

<a name="fs">Faculty / Staff</a>
Alumni/Faculty Memories
Biographical Sketches
Agnes Barrett
A.L. "Pete" Colclough
Albert Pertalion
Alex Albright Alfred King
Alice V. Wilson
Alvin Mitchell
Ann Bellis
Anne Donovan
Avtar Singh
Bertie Fearing
Betsy Harper
Bill Lewis
Brett Watson
Budd Ferrante
C.C. Rowe
Carl Adler
    A Sense of Style
Carolyn Ayers
Carroll Dashiell
Cathy Andruzzi
Charles Blake
Charles Brown
Christine Helms
Clarence Stasavich Claude W. Wilson Clifton Moore
Conner Atkeson
Cynthia Mendenhall Dahlia Lautares
David Sanders
David Stevens
David Susina
Dennis H. Cooke
Don Lennon
Donald Bailey
Dora E. Coates
Doug Caldwell
Douglas Wilms
Ebbie Hatton
Ed Reep
Edgar Loessin
Edward Leahy
Edwin Monroe
Elbert Glover
Elmer Browning
Elmer Meyer
Elliot Frank
Emma Hooper
Eva Warren
Floyd Mattheis
Francis Speight
Furney K. James
Gene Lanier
George Hamilton
George Knight
George Moye
George Wiegand
Gladys Howell
Gordon Watts
Gladys White
Graham Davis
Gregory Kosteck
Harold Jones
Herb Carlton
Herb Carter
Hisham Barakat
Holly Mathews
Howard J. McGinnis Hubert Coleman
Inez Fridley
James Batten
James Bearden
James Holte
James Lowry
James McCallum
James Mathis
James Smith
James White
James L. Williams
Jane Maier
Jane Tripp
Janice Faulkner Jesse Elks
Jim DePuy
Jim Jones
Jim Joyce
Jim Lanier Jim Mallory
Jim Rees
Jim Taylor
Jo Ann Bell
Joe Dooley
Joe Hambrick
John Bizzell
John Howell John Maiolo
John D. Messick John Satterfield
John Wiley
Johnetta Webb Spilman
Jon Tingelstad
Judith Rollins
Julia Fields
Karen James
Kate Lewis
Katharine Hodgin
Kathryn Kolasa
Keats Sparrow
Keith Holmes Sr.
Ken Smith
Kenneth Wilson
Kermit King
Lawrence Brewster
Ledonia S. Wright
Leo W. Jenkins
Accomplishments of the 1960's
Becomes President of ECC
Big Objective
Commencement Address, 1978
Committee Calls for Help in Honoring President Jenkins

Convocation, 1969
Faces Obscenity Charges

ECU Humanities Center Named for Chancellor
ECU Report: 1971 Summer Theatre
ECU Report: ECU and Its Regional Influence
ECU Report: ECU's Bonn Study Center
ECU Report: Filling Vital Needs
ECU Report: Fiscal Planning
ECU Report: Foreign Students Program
ECU Report: Journalism Studies
ECU Report: Non-Teaching Degree Programs
ECU Report: Student Activism
An Era Ends - Leo Jenkins Dies at Age 75
Installation Address
Life with Father
Maximum Citizen
Meet Mrs. Lillian Jenkins
New World Struggling to be Born
Oral History with Mary Jo Bratton
Predictions for 2000
Jenkins Says He Has a Lot to Do at ECU
Temporary Job Became Permanent One
Resolution in Honor of

Struggle to Serve
Leon R. Meadows Loretta Kopelman
Luis Acevez
Malcolm South
Malene G. Irons
Mamie E. Jenkins
Margaret Sullivan
Marguerite Perry
Maria Graham Maria Malby
Marlene Springer
Marshall Helms
Martha Noblittn Jones
Mary H. Greene
Mary Jo Bratton
Melvin Buck
Michael Ernest
Mike Hamrick
Miriam MacFadyen
Norman Dunn
Ovid Pierce Owen Kingsbury
Petrus van Muyden
Phil Rosen
Philip Cheng
Ray Davis
Ray Martinez
Richard Eakin Richard Shine
Richard Spruill
Richard Todd
Robert Cramer
Robert Franke
Robert Fulghum
Robert Hause
Robert Holt
Robert Leith
Robert Thurber
Robert H. Wright Roy Lokken
Rudolph Alexander
Ruth Shaw
Ruth White Sallie Joyner Davis
Samuel B. Underwood
Sandra Nabors
Scott Parker
Steven Ballard
Stuart Aronson
Terry Davis
Thomas B. Brewer Tom Willis
Trenton Davis
Vicki Berger
Wallace Wooles
Walter Calhoun
Walter Pories
Wayne Edwards
Wayne Williams Wellington B. Gray
Wilbert Ball
William Bloodworth
Wilhelm Frisell
William Laupus
William Muse William Smith
William Shelton
William Stephenson
William Still

Zubie Metcalf
Campus Experts