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Alumni, Staff & Faculty Memories
Memories shared by alumni, faculty, staff and students.


Mattie Moye King Gaylord of the second graduating class shared this memory in 1982:

October 5, 1909, East Carolina Teachers Training School was opened for admittance of students. There was no tuition charge, provided the student promised to teach after graduating. An administration building, two dormitories, a dining hall, power and electric plant and an infirmary were built on a high sandy hill where cotton was formerly cultivated. All are still standing and in use except Austin, and no other buildings were in the vicinity of campus. The path leading to the school was impassable with deep mud during rainy weather and too sandy in fair weather. Boards were placed upon which to walk from Five Points to campus. In inclement weather, our cook drove me back and forth in a horse-drawn buggy.

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Josephine Little Rawl of the class of 1913 related the memories in Pieces of Eight, September 15, 1982.

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Henry Oglesby, class of 1932 and the first male graduate shared this memory in 1982:

The only place we had to go when not in class was to the library in the Whichard Building. Needless to say, we did not always go to the library to study, check out a book, or to do research. Over in the corners and in the stacks were the only places we could go to hold a girl's hand or to speak privately to her. Miss Gray was librarian and Miss Margaret Sammon was assistant librarian. There were several student assistants. They helped check out books and do a little "policing" in the stacks. You always met "her" at the library.

Mrs. Stuart Murphy, Myrtle Bass Hodges, Ida Wooten Mewborn Tripp, Elizabeth Edwards, Jewell Cole Scott, Frances Spainhour Hardee, Jimmy Carr and Mary White shared memories of Amelia Earhart's visit to campus in 1937.

Ida Wooten Mewborn Tripp, class of 1938, recalled the following:

Only the male faculty had cars on campus. The students really didn't need cars as the campus consisted only of the main buildings along 5th Street, Wright, the science building and the dining hall. There were about 900 girls and 100 boys enrolled at the school. She remembers that Dr. Frank, the history teacher always had the boys sit near the door so they could get away quickly.

Hazel Wilkerson Ticknor, class of 1936, remembers being a marshal and dating:

Mrs. Ticknor was elected marshal for the Sidney Lanier Society. She attended the Amelia Earhart lecture and also served during ceremonies when Leon R. Meadows was elected president of the college. She also related a couple of dating strategies she employed to get around the three dates per quarter rule. First, she dated a distant cousin, who had the same last name. Afterward, she dated her roommate's brother, so the house mother assumed that brothers were visiting.



A faculty Christmas celebration is described in a December 14, 1949 press release.



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