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Departmental Records Schedules
Destroying Records
Destroying Records<br>In the Office
Records with a disposition of "destroy in office" may be destroyed in the office of origin after the prescribed number of years. A Report of Destruction of University Records should be filed with the University Archivist before the destruction takes place. This form acts as a safety measure so that no records are destroyed ahead of schedule. It also provides proof that the unit is complying with the records schedule and what records have been destroyed.
In the Records Center
Each November and June Notice of Destruction of Records forms are sent to offices across the ECU campus in preparation for the December and July destruction of records that occurs in the University Records Center. The forms outline which records series are ready for destruction according to the current records schedule. The unit head is given an opportunity to agree with the destruction or to request that the records not be destroyed.

In the case of non-concurrence with the destruction notice, the schedule may be reviewed and the disposition officially changed to reflect the nature of the request.