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Retrieving Records
Retrieving Records from the University Records Center
Records maintained in the University Records Center remain the property of the office of origin until they are either transferred to the University Archives for permanent retention or destroyed according to the records schedule.

Only authorized staff from the office of origin may call and request retrieval of records while they are stored in the Records Center. Requests to retrieve material from people outside the office of origin will be referred to the department or unit. Authorized staff may telephone or visit the Special Collections office to request material from the University Records Center.

When making a request, please have the accession and box numbers for the records that you are retrieving. Two copies of the Charge Out form will be printed, one for the office of origin and one for the Records Center staff. The Records Center staff will notify the office of origin when the material has been pulled. The staff requesting the material may then call the courier service to have the material picked up from the Joyner Library loading dock.

Records are generally charged out to the office of origin for a two week period. Please inform staff at the time of the request if the items are needed for longer than that period. Overdue notices will be sent out on a regular basis. This procedure enables us to track documents.