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Transferring Records
Transferring Records to the University Records Center or University Archives
The University Records Center houses records that need to be retained for a specified period of time but only rarely need to be consulted. Storing records in this manner reduces the need to use expensive office space to house inactive records while retaining access and proper security for office files. Records are maintained in the Records Center for the office for a period of years in accordance with unit retention schedules. Records of value are then transferred to the University Archives for permanent preservation.

Records with a disposition of "transfer to the University Records Center"or "transfer to the University Archives" may be transferred after the prescribed number of years.

Please follow these procedures exactly: Records Transfer Instructions.

Click here to download Box Labels.

Use only Records Center boxes which are available from Staples. The box size is 10"H x 12"W x 15"D.

Due to limitations in space, records that are sent to either the University Records Center or the University Archives ahead of schedule will be returned to the unit.