Joyner Library

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Research Room Policies
Located on 4th floor of Joyner Library

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 to 5:00
Most Saturdays 10:00 to 2:00
Archivist available by appointment


  • All researchers must register each day upon entering the Search Room. Please provide all information requested, including photo identification.

  • Researchers may bring paper, pencils, research notes and personal computers into the Search Room. All personal belongings such as books, briefcases, coats, and backpacks must be stored in the lockers provided.

  • Joyner Library is a smoke-free, food-free environment. Food and drinks are allowed in the Sculpture Garden just inside the library's main entrance. Smoking, eating and drinking are allowed in the Sonic Plaza just outside the library's main entrance.

  • The Special Collections are closed stack, non-circulating collections. Access to the collections is gained through a variety of computerized and hard copy finding aids. Research materials are obtained by filling out call slips. Staff will be happy to assist researchers in locating finding aids and filling out call slips, do not hesitate to ask for help.

  • Researchers must use pencils. Please handle all materials carefully. Documents must remain flat on the table while being examined. Do not lean on items or place paper or note pads on top of documents while taking notes. Do not make marks or erasures on research materials. Post-it notes are not allowed to mark materials for any reason. Researchers must wear gloves when handling photographs. Gloves are provided by staff.

  • A researcher may have one box of material on the table at a time, and a researcher should look at only one folder of material at a time.

  • The documents in the collections have been arranged in an order that must be maintained. If materials seem out of order, please notify the staff.

  • In citing these materials, please include the full name of the collection and this repository. Examples of citations are available upon request.

  • Literary rights are not necessarily in the public domain. If you have questions concerning the legality of publishing specific documents, ask the staff for information.

  • A reasonable amount of photocopying is provided at cost as a service to researchers. Staff limitations do not permit the copying of large quantities of material, however, and collection policy prohibits the copying of restricted materials, entire collections, or complete oral histories. Please consult with staff regarding procedures for identifying items to be photocopied.

  • Researchers who fail to abide by these policies may be denied access to the collections. Theft and mutilation of documents are crimes that will be prosecuted by the appropriate law enforcement agency.