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Boxing 1939-1951


This began the first year of intercollegiate boxing at ECTC.


The team finished the season 1-1-2.  With four veterans back, the boxing team developed rapidly.  Wilkerson went through the season undefeated and untied.  Other team members with winning records were Joe Williams, Norman Fleming, and Woodrow Long.

ECTC vs Duke Freshmen W
ECTC vs Atlantic Christian College L
ECTC vs Atlantic Christian College T
ECTC vs Louisburg T


There were no matches scheduled this year because there was insufficient interest and participation. However, the boys trained up until the last minute before the plans were dropped.  Fleming and Chadwick were Golden Gloves state champions.


There were no matches scheduled due to lack of interest and participation.


There were no sporting events this year due to World War II.


The "Corsairs" had matches with American University, the Charlotte YMCA, the Winston Salem YMCA, Goldsboro AC, and Elizabeth City AC.

The team finally returned after several years absence.  The were under the capable hands of Jim Johnson, director and Johnnie Long, instructor.  The co-captains were Redwin David and Ken Stargardt.  Both were standouts in their respective divisions.


Student Johnny Long was named coach for the team. 


The boxing team had done so well in the past few years that ECTC fought against the Citadel team and the team from the University of South Carolina.  They were invited to the Southern Intercollegiate Boxing Tournament in South Carolina before their season even started.  Expectations for the team were very high.  ECTC was even touted as becoming a boxing powerhouse.  However, with the fateful decision by the State Board of Education, the hopes and dreams for the boxing program were dashed.  They ruled that boxing was no longer a sport that students could compete in and due to that decision, the boxing program was dropped from the school athletics.


No team due to State Board of Education decision.