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<a name="30s">1930's Football</a><hr>


In the fall of 1932, football was organized on campus. The team, "The Teachers" was coached by Kenneth Beaty. Even though the team did not win a game or even score a point, the boys gained insightful knowledge and experience.

Team members wereKelly Abeyounis, C.O. Armstrong, Jack Barrett,Clyde Brown, Bud Bullock,Troy Burnette, Taylor Carr, Tom Dennis, Bob Eason, John Hodges, W.O. Jolly, Charles King, Belmont Kittrell, Carlton MacMillan, Billy Nisbet,Alva Page, Henry Rivers, Jr., Tilly Tolson, Eric Tucker, Alva Van Nortwich, Woodrow Woodard, Woodrow Worthington, Dan Wright, and J.C. Wynne.

Presbyterian, 0-39
Wake Forest Freshmen, 0-20
Guilford, 0-79
NC State Freshmen, 0-28
Appalachian, 0-21

Football Practice Now Underway


Coach: Kenneth Beaty, 1-5-0 season.
NC State Freshmen, 0-18
Wake Forest Freshmen, 0-26
Guilford, 0-32
Presbyterian, 0-8
Campbell, 6-0
Appalachian, 0-14


Team became the Pirates. Coach: G.L. "Doc" Mathis, 1-4-1 record.
Wingate, 0-6
Appalachian, 6-27
Presbyterian, 6-0
Louisburg, 6-7
William & Mary (Norfolk Division), 0-0
Lenoir-Rhyne, 0-47


Coach: Doc Mathis, 3-3-0 season.
Wingate, 0-6
Oak Ridge, 2-6
Chowan, 46-0
William & Mary (ND), 10-6
Appalachian, 6-14
Louisburg, 13-0


Coach: Bo Farley, 2-2-0 season.
William & Mary (ND), 25-0
Guilford, 0-6
Western Carolina, 6-7
Louisburg, 19-0


Coach: J.D. Alexander, 2-5-0 record.
Guilford, 0-7
Campbell, 6-7
Belmont Abbey, 7-19
Western Carolina, 6-7
William & Mary (ND), 6-18
High Point, 19-7
Louisburg, 27-13


The team this year ended with a 1-6-1 season.
ECTC vs Belmont Abbey 0-19 L
ECTC vs Campbell College 6-19 L
ECTC vs West Carolina Teaching College 7-6 W
ECTC vs High Point College 7-20 L
ECTC vs Guilford College 7-7 T
ECTC vs William & Mary 0-6 L
ECTC vs Appalachian State Teaching College 6-18 L
ECTC vs US Naval Base 6-31 L

Bill Shelton was given the medal for being the outstanding player.


Originally, it was hoped that this year would be one of their best seasons, however this was not to be. The team had a losing season that was plagued with injuries, in which the team never had the chance to achieve full strength. This marked the first year of Coach O.A. Hackner's coaching career on the campus.

Merwin Frazelle was given the medal for being the most valuable player.

Kutztown State, 6-20
Campbell, 0-13
Western Carolina, 6-12
William & Mary (ND), 0-7
Guilford, 0-20
High Point, 0-25
Appalachian, 0-64
Norfolk Navy, 6-7
<a name="40s">1940's Football</a>


Coach: John Christenbury, 5-3-0 season.
Kutztown State, 14-6
Presbyterian, 40-0
William & Mary (ND), 18-0
Western Carolina, 14-25
NC State Freshmen, 0-26
Guilford, 13-0
High Point, 0-6
Newport News App., 44-7


This was one of ECTC's most extraordinary teams because they were the first and as of now, only football team to finish undefeated. The team was coached by John B. Christenbury.
Tusculum, 31-0
Newport News App., 39-0
Western Carolina, 19-6
Norfolk Navy, 30-0
Erskine, 14-7
Bergen, 13-7
Belmont Abbey, 13-0
The 1941 season is chronicled in Along the Sideline


There were no sporting events due to World War II.


In this year football resumed and dominated the thoughts of the students during the fall quarter.

Coach: Jim Johnson, 4-3-1 season.

Presbyterian, 20-0
Atlantic Christian, 6-6
Elon, 6-13
Erskine, 21-7
Newport News Appl. 19-7
Atlantic Christian, 26-6
Western Carolina, 7-13
Leonoir-Rhyne, 0-6


The school became a member of the North State Conference. By joining the conference, many of the players were deemed ineligible. The team this year was pretty good. They were accustomed to winning by large margins. The team this year brought the bohunk trophy back to EC by defeating Atlantic Christian 12-7.

Coach: Jim Johnson, 3-6-0 record.

Lenoir-Rhyne, 9-27
Atlantic Christian, 12-7
Elon, 0-7
Erskine, 0-14
Newport News App., 14-6
Ft. Bragg, 12-2
Little Creek, VA, 7-31
NC State Freshmen, 12-20
Western Carolina, 0-28


The team opened with a disastrous loss and they were not able to win a game all season.

Coach: Jim Johnson, 0-9-0 season.

Cherry Point Marines, 6-13
Lenoir-Rhyne, 6-26
Western Carolina, 0-39
Newport News App., 6-20
Duke B Team, 13-19
Appalachian, 0-47
High Point, 7-30
Atlantic Christian, 0-6


Coach: Bill Dole, 4-5-1 season.
Cherry Point Marines, 24-0
Lenoir-Rhyne, 20-21
Hampden-Sydney, 7-20
Elon, 7-33
Western Carolina, 6-19
Newport News App., 26-21
Edenton Flyers, 67-0
Appalachian, 18-35
High Point, 26-26
Atlantic Christian, 6-2