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<a name="50s">1950's Basketball</a><hr>


Achieved a record of 16-7 overall. The team went 9-7 in the North State Conference under coach Howard Porter.
Wilson Teachers, W, 60-58
Apprentice, W, 56-53
Camp Lejeune, L, 57-61
Guilford, W, 58-42
Camp Lejeune, L, 41-43
Wilson Teachers, W, 63-46
Catawba, W, 52-43
Appalachian State, W, 42-41
Elon, W, 56-44
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 58-70
Catawba, W, 66-53
Atlantic Christian, W, 56-41
Apprentice, W, 69-30
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 48-49
Appalachian State, W, 42-41
Western Carolina, W, 59-52
Western Carolina, W, 53-45
High Point, W, 59-53
Elon, L, 30-54
High Point, L, 51-72
Guilford, W, 68-37
Atlantic Christian, W, 58-35
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 34-52, North State Tournament game


North State Conference record was 9-6. Their overall season was 13-11 under coach Howard Porter.
Camp Lejeune, L, 62-63
Guilford, W, 61-35
McCrary Eagles, L, 50-61
Wilson Teachers, W, 64-59
Catawba, W, 62-49
Norfolk Navy, L, 52-65
High Point, L, 58-59
Appalachian State, W, 71-56
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 51-62
Catawba, L, 57-66
Atlantic Christian, W, 83-35
Elon, W, 74-62
Elon, L, 74-75
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 55-61
Appalachian State, L, 57-66
Camp Lejeune, L, 67-74
Western Carolina, W, 98-69
Western Carolina, W, 98-68
McCrary Eagles, W, 79-78
High Point, W, 81-72
Atlantic Christian, W, 106-70
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 76-72
Catawba, W, 68-63
High Point, L, 62-66, North State Tournament game


The team reached third place in the North State Conference with a record of 10-4. Howard Porter coached the team to a 14-11 season.
Naval Air Station, L, 55-63
Guilford, W, 66-47
Catawba, W, 80-68
Camp Lee, W, 73-69
Camp Lejeune, L, 73-74
Camp Lee, W, 90-65
Guilford, L, 67-70
Appalachian State, L, 69-70
McCrary Eagles, L, 60-69
High Point, W, 71-65
Atlantic Christian, L, 60-77
Naval Air Station, L, 59-61
Appalachian State, L, 78-79
High Point, W, 69-64
Elon, L, 54-59
Western Carolina, W, 87-76
Western Carolina, W, 78-53
Elon, W, 76-62
Atlantic Christian, W, 84-62
Catawba, W, 69-59
McCrary Eagles, W, 87-78
The Citadel, W, 87-71
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 73-85, North State Tournament game
High Point, W, 69-61
Elon, L, 67-75, NAIB District 76 Tournament


Finished first in the North State Conference with record of 14-2. Finished 18-5 overall under coach Howard Porter. Bob Hodges and Warren (Sonny) Russell were named All State and All Conference players.
Guilford, W, 78-68
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 74-65
Catawba, W, 89-67
North Carolina, L, 66-79
Appalachian State, W, 70-63
Elon, W, 76-75
Guilford, W, 81-63
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 64-69
Western Carolina, L, 97-102
Catawba, W, 70-56
High Point, W, 79-68
Atlantic Christian, W, 92-59
Western Carolina, W, 86-67
Appalachian State, W, 79-67
McCrary Eagles, W, 79-65
Elon, W, 91-69
High Point, W, 100-87
Atlantic Christian, W, 89-76
Guilford, W, 85-57
High Point, L, 65-73, North State Tournament game
High Point, W, 103-73
Elon, W, 72-56, NAIA District 26 Tournament
Arkansas Tech, L, 81-85, NAIA National Tournament


The team had an outstanding season, finishing with a 23-2 record with coach Howard Porter. They received their first North State Conference title. Their scoring average was 83.4 points per game.

Cecil Heath, Charlie Huffman, and Bobby Hodges were named to the All-Conference team. Hodges set a new scoring average of 27 points per game. Bob Hodges was unanimously named the tournament's most valuable player. Huffman was named to the first team all-tournament, and J.C. Thomas and Don Harris were named to the second team.

Belmont Abbey, W, 76-67
Guilford, W, 92-58
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 87-79
Catawba, W, 84-43
Belmont Abbey, W, 101-83
Elon, W, 85-51
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 74-64
Western Carolina, L, 65-68
Appalachian State, W, 76-66
Guilford, W, 76-52
Catawba, W, 63-54
High Point, W, 100-61
Western Carolina, W, 81-67
Appalachian State, W, 99-74
Atlantic Christian, W, 65-53
McCrary Eagles, W, 92-58
Elon, W, 84-65
High Point, W, 95-68
Atlantic Christian, W, 84-82
Guilford, W, 74-54
Elon, W, 80-65
Atlantic Christian, W, 86-75, North State Tournament game
Presbyterian, W, 80-71
Erskine, W, 86-64, NAIA District 26 Tournament
Benedictine, L, 61-68, NAIA National Tournament


Coach: Howard Porter, 16-8 and 12-4 in North State Conference.
Guilford, W, 96-84
Catawba, W, 67-46
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 88-86
Erskine, W, 82-65
Appalachian State, W, 73-66
Presbyterian, W, 61-70
Elon, L, 64-76
High Point, W, 80-77
Belmont Abbey, W, 94-64
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 79-98
Western Carolina, W, 80-67
Belmont Abbey, L, 55-64
Guilford, W, 103-79
Western Carolina, W, 89-64
Appalachian State, L, 84-88
Atlantic Christian, W, 82-77
McCrary Eagles, L, 75-88
Catawba, W, 75-53
Elon, W, 92-80
High Point, W, 83-81
Atlantic Christian, L, 88-92
High Point, L, 71-90, North State Tournament game
Atlantic Christian, L, 98-107


The team did well this year considering that there were a few newcomers to their bench. They surprised many opponents who did not believe that they would be as tough to play as before. Don Harris was named to the All-Conference team. The Captain this year was J.C. Thomas. The team was coached by Howard Porter and Earl Smith. Overall 18-9, 13-3 North State Conference season.
Guilford, W. 77-67
Phillips 66 Oilers, L, 58-102
Catawba, W, 69-68
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 79-60
Appalachian State, W, 77-66
Belmont Abbey, W, 87-80
Elon, W, 105-69
High Point, W, 80-71
Guilford, W, 102-66
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 70-68
Western Carolina, L, 68-73
McCrary Eagles, W, 87-77
Western Carolina, W, 79-48
Appalachian State, W, 84-55
Atlantic Christian, W, 94-77
McCrary Eagles, L, 58-76
Catawba, W, 92-72
Elon, L, 83-86
High Point, W, 87-76
Belmont Abbey, L, 74-96
Atlantic Christian, L, 93-112
Georgetown, W, 86-72
Pfeiffer, L, 74-76
High Point, W, 83-53
Catawba, W, 91-70
Elon, L, 64-82, North State Tournament game
Presbyterian, L, 84-106, NAIA District Tournament game


Unfortunately, the team lost senior star J.C. Thomas and their home winning streak was broken at 50 wins. The guys were determined to win dispite all the obstacles. One thing that helped the guys play well on the home court was the large turnout of fans. The captain of the team was Don Harris. Nick Nichols was named to the All-Conference team. Coach: Howard Porter, 13-13 and 6-10 in North State Conference.The 1956/57 Basketball Press Handbook gave the following information on the team:

Nick Nichols - "Leaksville Flash" junior, hails from Leaksville, NC, smooth ball player, has turned into one of top stars in ECC history, hit above 20 points in four of last five tilts last season, third year as a starter, a top rebounder.

Don Harris - "Bomber" senior calls Laurinburg home, top scorer last two winters, uncanny accuracy, All-Conference for past two seasons and a sure bet to repeat, considered the sparkplug on this year's team.

Guy Mendenhall - "Waldie" junior from Cary, NC, most improved this season, averaged 11.2 as sophomore, expected to be one of top rebounders.

Freddy James - "Scrap Iron" junior from Portsmouth, VA, scrappy and aggressive, out most of last season with broken shoulder, headed for a starting role this season.

Charlie Adams - "Charlie" sophomore from Cary, outstanding jump shot artist, good floor man.

Tim Smothers - "T.B." sophomore from Bethany, NC, regarded as top freshman in the loop last season, averaged 5.7 as a sub last season running behind Nichols, should see plenty of service.

Harold Ingram - "Mule" junior from Lilesville, NC, probably best "sixth" man in conference, workhorse on team.

Marion Hales - "Punchy" junior from Wilmington, NC, a top reserve, served with armed forces before entering ECC, one of most sought-after prep stars.

Joe Plaster - "Yogi" sophomore from Fieldale, VA, tallest man on club at 6'8", lettered last season.

Roy Dennis - "Red" freshman from Newport, NC, great potential, just returned from serving hitch in service, good jump shot and outstanding floorman.

Isaac Riddick - "Ike" freshman from Greenville, NC, home product, will earn plenty of experience this season, labeled a future star at ECC.

Wallace Lewis - "Lewis" freshman from Kinston, NC, smooth on the Nichols type, a "natural" for Porter's system, considered one of top grabs by ECC coaches.

Guilford, W, 73-60
McCrary Eagles, W, 64-54
Catawba, W, 94-68
High Point, L, 94-111
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 63-82
Pfeiffer, W, 86-80
Belmont Abbey, W, 84-61
Appalachian State, W, 77-60
Elon, L, 59-77
Guilford, W, 76-69
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 56-67
Western Carolina, L, 64-66
Belmont Abbey, W, 95-74
Appalachian State, W, 86-38
Western Carolina, L, 68-74
Atlantic Christian, L, 67-76
McCrary Eagles, W, 86-77
Catawba, W, 72-71
Elon, L, 52-66
Pfeiffer, W, 88-69
High Point, L, 91-93
Atlantic Christian, L, 60-78
Stetson, L, 70-76
Atlantic Christian L, 68-71
Piedmont, W, 112-62
Western Carolina, L, 69-83, North State Tournament game


The team did much better this year due to the height, speed, and accurate shooting of the players. Harold Ingram was the captain of the squad. Coach: Howard Porter, 15-7 and 8 - 8 in conference play.
Pfeiffer, W. 107-68
Guilford, W, 91-69
Catawba, W, 86-64
High Point, W, 79-66
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 66-68
Newberry, W, 96-65
Appalachian State, W, 86-65
Pfeiffer, W, 98-78
Elon, W, 79-43
Guilford, W, 90-63
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 64-71
Western Carolina, L, 85-91
Western Carolina, W, 62-61
Appalachian State, W, 94-58
Atlantic Christian, W, 68-51
Catawba, L, 76-78
Elon, L, 70-85
High Point, W, 120-71
Atlantic Christian, W, 74-66
Appalachian State, W, 78-77
High Point, L, 72-79, North State Tournament game
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 79-102, NAIA District 26 Tournament


The team was led by Coach Porter in his twelfth season. Jessel Curry returned as the All-Conference Guard. Nick Nichols was the Captain of the squad. 13-9 overall and 11-5 in the conference.
Guilford, W, 72-58
Catawba, W, 95-66
High Point, L, 76-95
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 60-75
Newberry, W, 82-71
Appalachian State, L, 75-86
Elon, W, 70-44
Guilford, W, 76-48
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 87-75
Western Carolina, L, 53-75
Portsmouth, W, 74-69
Western Carolina, W, 59-50
Appalachian State, W, 94-60
Atlantic Christian, W, 76-65
Catawba, W, 88-76
Elon, W, 54-47
High Point, W, 79-75
Atlantic Christian, L, 59-65
Camp Lejeune, L, 81-86
Western Carolina, L, 58-64
Catawba, L, 70-74, North State Tournament game
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 74-95, NAIA District 26 game

1960's Basketball


The team was under the direction of a new coach, Coach Earl Smith. The team was missing many of the regulars, so freshmen and sophomores were added to round out the top five. Ike Riddick, Captain and playmaker, was the leading scorer. Lawrence "Cotton" Clayton, a freshman, was the second leading scorer and leading rebounder. Don Smith came in third in the scoring department and second in rebounding. There was also a freshmen only squad as well. Their record was 14-9 and 10-6 in conference play.
Guilford, W, 109-102
High Point, L, 60-69
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 63-71
Catawba, W, 74-59
Richmond, L, 66-80
Appalachian State, L, 65-75
Elon, W, 83-64
Guilford, W, 103-36
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 67-60
Western Carolina, L, 73-74
Pfeiffer, W, 85-67
Western Carolina, W, 90-52
Appalachian State, W, 81-73
Atlantic Christian, W, 70-57
Pfeiffer, W, 74-31
Catawba, W, 73-71
Elon, W, 88-55
High Point, L, 68-84
Atlantic Christian, L, 67-69
West Virginia Tech, L, 93-111
Huntington, W, 95-82
Elon, W, 95-63
Atlantic Christian, L, 79-87, North State Tournament game


The team finished the season with a conference record of 12-6. All-Conference honors went to Lawrence "Cotton" Clayton. The Captain of the squad was Don Smith. Under coach Smith the team had an overall record of 12-9. Films exist for games against Appalachian and Atlantic Christian.
Pfeiffer, W, 71-67
Guilford, W, 86-60
The Citadel, L, 83-99
Catawba, W, 80-63
High Point, L, 58-60
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 90-67
Appalachian State, L, 73-79
Elon, W, 78-77
Guilford, W, 93-69
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 65-92
Western Carolina, W, 83-72
Pfeiffer, W, 79-64
Western Carolina, W, 97-82
Appalachian State, W, 72-70
Atlantic Christian, L, 61-62
Catawba, L, 64-81
Elon, W, 105-88
High Point, L, 68-71
Atlantic Christian, W, 68-50
Atlantic Christian, L, 71-72
Newberry, L, 64-65, North State Tournament game


The team became a part of the Carolina Conference. They finished with an overall record of 15-12 and 11-6 in the conference under coach Earl Smith. Film exists for a game against High Point
Catawba, L, 74-78
The Citadel, L, 73-85
High Point, L, 64-88
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 80-72
Richmond, W, 81-70
Appalachian State, W, 74-68
William & Mary, L, 60-81
Camp Lejeune, W, 100-75
Elon, L, 61-84
Bethel, W, 60-52
Guilford, W, 90-76
Elon, L, 67-65
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 48-58
Western Carolina, W, 62-60
Western Carolina, W, 95-71
Pfeiffer, W, 91-84
Appalachian State, W, 74-71
Virginia Tech, L, 86-111
Atlantic Christian, W, 71-63
Catawba, L, 72-85
Elon, L, 66-78
Pfeiffer, L, 66-70
High Point, W, 81-66
Atlantic Christian, W, 61-60
Guilford, W, 62-54
Catawba, L, 76-81, Carolinas Conference Tournament game
Belmont Abbey, L, 53-57, NAIA District 26 Tournament


The team finished with an overall record of 12-10. The Co-captains of the team were Bill Otte and Lacy West, who averaged 18.7 and 17.4 points per game respectively. The team was coached by Earl Smith.
Virginia Military Institute, W, 76-66
High Point, W, 75-56
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 56-63
The Citadel, W, 83-66
Belmont Abbey, W, 57-39
High Point, L, 63-67
Pikeville, W, 93-71
Erskine, L, 77-78
Elon, W, 73-64
Davidson, L, 61-71
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 69-76
Erskine, W, 70-62
Oglethorpe, W, 34-32
Richmond, W, 62-50
Oglethorpe, L, 58-63
Atlantic Christian, W, 79-78
Elon, L, 63-69
William & Mary, L, 66-81
High Point, L, 49-77
Atlantic Christian, W, 70-69
Belmont Abbey, W, 78-49
Virginia Tech, L, 73-81


Coach: Wendell Carr, 9-15 season, film exists of a game against Oglethorpe.
Richmond, L, 67-71
High Point, L, 48-84
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 77-66
Frederick, W, 101-78
Wilmington, W, 87-70
Elon, L, 70-71
Davidson, L, 77-105
Oglethorpe, L, 59-66
Cumberland, W, 96-93
Oglethorpe, W, 64-61
Elon, L, 57-82
William & Mary, L, 47-64
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 62-57
Atlantic Christian, L, 85-89
Virginia Tech, L, 68-72
Virginia Military Institute, L, 78-86
Oglethorpe, W, 64-61
The Citadel, L, 79-85
High Point, L, 68-72
Pikeville, W, 81-63
Belmont Abbey, W, 77-58
Elon, L, 60-66
Davidson, L, 45-105
Atlantic Christian, L, 71-88


Coach: Wendell Carter, 12-10 record.
High Point, L, 59-69
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 59-58
William & Mary, L, 62-86
Arkansas State, W, 84-68
Atlantic Christian, W, 107-96
Richmond, W, 81-79
East Tennessee State, W, 75-66
Chattanooga, L, 73-82
Berea, W, 89-69
Elon, W, 67-60
The Citadel, W, 75-69
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 63-79
Virginia Tech, L, 63-89
Davidson, L, 68-82
William & Mary, L, 58-61
High Point, L, 70-83
Richmond, L, 65-66
The Citadel, W, 81-71
East Tennessee State, W, 81-73
Elon, L, 66-72
Frederick, W, 101-72
Atlantic Christian, W, 113-96

1966 - 1975


Head coach: Wendell Carr, 11-15 overall, 5-7 in Southern Conference. Film exists for an East Tennessee game.
High Point, L, 60-69
Lenoir-Rhyne, W, 90-74
East Tennessee State, W, 85-79
Davidson, L, 82-90
Arkansas State, L, 68-70
Murray State, L, 84-104
Furman, L, 73-74
Georgetown, L, 84-86
Chattanooga, W, 99-89
East Tennessee State, L, 82-94
The Citadel, W, 68-66
Frederick, W, 73-64
Richmond, W, 76-72
West Virginia, L, 76-98
The Citadel, L, 74-82
Virginia Military Institute, W, 87-85
Virginia Tech, L, 64-83
Lenoir-Rhyne, L, 60-62
Virginia Military Institute, W, 93-80
High Point, W, 46-40
William & Mary, L, 51-57
Atlantic Christian, W, 108-75
George Washington, W, 98-80
George Washington, L, 80-86
Richmond, L, 88-100
Richmond, L, 74-76, Southern Conference Tournament game


Coach: Tom Quinn, 7-17 season, 4-8 in the Southern Conference. Films exist of games against The Citadel, East Tennessee State, Furman, George Washington, Old Dominion, Richmond, St. Francis, VMI, and William & Mary.
West Virginia, L, 55-59
Furman, L, 58-68
East Tennessee State, L, 55-56
William & Mary, L, 63-82
Connecticut, L, 60-89
Dayton, L, 66-89
East Tennessee State, L, 48-72
Atlantic Christian, L, 76-86
Virginia Military Institute, W, 79-72
Richmond, W, 97-80
Old Dominion, W, 90-88
The Citadel, W, 80-72
Virginia Tech, L, 62-91
George Washington, W, 79-73
Virginia Military Institute, L, 67-68
High Point, W, 71-70
The Citadel, L, 91-105
George Washington, L, 78-93
Richmond, L, 65-74
St. Francis, L, 55-64
Virginia Tech, W, 43-33
Fairfield, L, 67-91
West Virginia, L, 53-82 Southern Conference Tournament game


Coach: Tom Quinn, 9-16, 6-7 in the Southern Conference. Films exist for games against Atlantic Christian, George Washington, VMI, West Virginia, and William & Mary.
St. Peter's, L, 87-102
Old Dominion, L, 90-94
Furman, L, 89-91
Atlantic Christian, W, 104-79
Richmond, L, 83-90
St. Francis, L, 69-113
East Tennessee State, W, 67-65
George Washington, W, 71-68
Furman, L, 58-89
William & Mary, W, 71-70
The Citadel, L, 57-59
NC State, L, 67-83
East Tennessee State, L, 53-61
George Washington, W, 98-72
West Virginia, L, 60-77
High Point, L, 77-83
Florida State, L, 100-110
Richmond, L, 78-102
William & Mary, W, 99-75
Virginia Military Institute, L, 64-69
Toledo, L, 55-72
The Citadel, W, 81-76
Washington & Lee, W, 100-73
Virginia Military Institute, W, 79-68
West Virginia, L, 71-76, Southern Conference Tournament game


Coach: Tom Quinn, 17-11 and 9-2 in Southern Conference. Films exist of games against The Citadel, Davidson, Furman, George Washington, Marshall, and Richmond.
West Virginia, L, 75-82
Atlantic Christian, W, 126-111
William & Mary, W, 77-66
Old Dominion, L, 74-75
South Carolina, L, 61-75
George Washington, W, 88-83
Cornell, W, 74-67
Virginia, L, 79-88
Virginia Tech, L, 86-87
Furman, L, 68-77
The Citadel, W, 75-64
East Tennessee State, W, 89-80
William & Mary, W, 87-61
Richmond, W, 75-69
Marshall, W, 85-82
Virginia Military Institute, W, 83-75
St. Francis, L, 70-100
St. Peter's, L, 76-96
East Tennessee State, L, 70-95
St. Francis, W, 74-66
George Washington, L, 69-70
Richmond, W, 98-78
Fairfield, W, 93-77
The Citadel, W, 97-68
Virginia Military Institute, W, 78-62
William & Mary, W, 48-35
George Washington, W, 84-79
Davidson, L, 76-102, Southern Conference Tournament game