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The University Archives serves as the collective memory of East Carolina University by preserving such materials as administrative papers, newspapers, minutes, department files, university publications and memorabilia.

This feature of the archives web site provides links to such things as lists of graduating classes, photographs, building histories, biographical sketches of faculty and staff and other historical information regarding East Carolina University.  Some of the sites are maintained by other departments on campus and may not provide a link back to this site.  In that event, use the BACK button on your browser, if you wish to return to this site.

East Carolina University Timeline
1907, March 8 - East Carolina Teachers Training School chartered

      March 15 - trustees named

May 14 - $50,000 bond issue passed by Pitt County residents by a margin of 352 votes

June 5 - City of Greenville submits proposal to State Board of Education for ECTTS

June 7 - Governor Thomas J. Jarvis interviewed

July 11 - State Board of Education declares Greenville the winner in the contest to host East Carolina Teachers Training School. See also article from Daily Reflector, July 12, 1907

1908, July 2 - Groundbreaking Ceremonies, click here for more Founding Documents

1909 - The campus consisted of two dormitories, Jarvis and Wilson; the Administration Building later named Austin, Power Plant, Infirmary, and Refectory also known as the Dining Hall.

Summer - Hiring of first faculty members

October 5 - First students enroll for classes, 2 year programs, 104 women, 19 men, 11 faculty

November 12 - Robert Wright installed as president, read his speech.

YWCA one of the first student organizations formed

1910, December 20 - Robert Wright makes first annual report to the Board of Trustees regarding the progress of the school

1911, June 8 - First class graduates

Literary societies formed, named for Edgar Allan Poe and Sidney Lanier

1912 - Athletic League formed

1916, May 1 - Helen Keller visits campus

1917, May 14 - Red Cross sewing bee for war effort

1918, February 22 - George Washington birthday celebration raises $22 for war savings stamps

1920 - Students request self-government association

1921 - ECTTS renamed East Carolina Teachers College and begins 4 year programs, enrollment reaches 1,000

1922 - Fleming Dormitory built

First bachelor degrees awarded by ECTC to Gertrude Chamberlain and Virginia Pigford

ECTTS celebrates 15th Anniversary

1923 - Fall enrollment is 516

November 5, 1923 issue of East Carolina Teachers College News reported: The Library Building [Whichard] has been staked off and will soon be under way. The building will be well equipped and up-to-date for library service. Work has begun on the auxiliary power plant. Construction will soon begin on the Student Life Building. [Ragsdale] The last of the equipment in the new class rooms is being installed.

1924 - Cotten Dormitory built

1925, July 9 to 18 - Tennessee vs. John Scopes, the Monkey Trial takes place in Dayton, Tennessee

October 10 to 25 - Robert Wright delivers a series of chapel talks on the topic of evolution

1926 - YWCA prints Student Handbook outlining rules and regulations for student behavior

Due to growth in student body, Emerson Literary Society formed
Point system in place to earn a letter sweater

1929 - First M.A. degree program authorized and Graham Building under construction

1932, January 12 - Men's basketball team, The Teachers, formed. Played first game against Campbell College and won.

Spring - First men's intercollegiate baseball team organized. Won 2 games that season.

March 5 - First Founders Day celebration, was homecoming for alumni

Henry Oglesby is the first man to graduate from ECTC

Fall - First men's intercollegiate football team formed. Lost all games that first season.

1933 - Fall enrollment reaches 1,013

Deanie Boone Haskett receives first master's degree awarded by ECTC

1934 - Leon Renfroe Meadows becomes president of college

February 26 - Sports teams become the Pirates, women's basketball winning season

Student Government Association split into two governing bodies, men and women

1936 - January 15 - Amelia Earhart delivers lecture on her Aviation Adventures

1937 - Chi Pi Players theatre group organized

1938 - Garage built, served as laundry, Faculty Offices and is now the English Annex.

College Band formed during winter quarter.

1939 - Robert Wright Chapter of Future Teachers of America formed

Freshmen form Jarvis Forensic Club

YMCA chapter organized

1940/41 - School song, Hail to Thy Name so Fair debuts

Flanagan Building built

BS degree authorized

Alpha Iota Sorority, Zeta Delta chapter formed

1941, March 18 - First homecoming parade

November 17 - Eleanor Roosevelt visits

1943 - Men and women's student government groups merge into Student Government Association

1944 - Howard Justus McGinnis serves as interim president until 1946

1946 - Dennis Hargrove Cooke serves as president through 1947

There were 64 faculty members, 1,222 students, 197 employees, operating budget of $754,239, 98 acres, property valued at $5 million and 3 degree programs.

May 4 - Veterans Homecoming & May Day celebration, first homecoming event since 1941.

Training School becomes part of Pitt County School system.

1947 - Enrollment of men exceeds enrollment of women for the first time

John Decatur Messick becomes president of the college

November 8 - Homecoming moves to fall

1948 - BA designated as liberal arts degree, BS designated as teaching degree

Detachment 600 of the AFROTC created.

March 6 - John D. Messick installed as president of ECTC

1949 - Haywood Dail House acquired by university to serve as the Chancellor's Home.

College Stadium constructed, capacity 2,000.

ECTC observes 40th Anniversary

1950, January 10 - Circle K Club organized

October 14 - "Captain Teco" pirate mascot created for homecoming

1951 - ECTC receives college status, renamed East Carolina College

1952 - Bloxton House and Erwin Building constructed

1953, October 10 - Mrs. Kitty Gerringer Brinson crowned 1st homecoming queen

1954 - Construction of J.Y. Joyner Library

1956 - Construction of Flanagan Sylvan Theatre and Garrett Dormitory

1957 - 50th Anniversary observed

Construction of Methodist Student Center

1958 - Buc becomes mascot

1959 - Big Yellow House incident

    John Messick resigns as president

1960 - Leo Warren Jenkins becomes president of the college

Aycock Dormitory built

Enrollment climbs to 5,178

School of Nursing admits first students

School of Business organized

1961 - Baseball team wins NAIA national championship

1962 - College Stadium razed after completion of Ficklen Stadium, Untouchables raise money to build Ficklen Stadium

New seal adopted by East Carolina College

School of Art authorized

School of Music authorized

ECU Foundation created

1963 - Fletcher Dormitory built and Summer Theatre begins

School of Education organized

Rebel literary magazine debuts

1964 - New Austin Building built

Rowing and Lacrosse added to Athletics

College of Arts & Sciences created

Summer theatre begins July 6 with West Side Story

1965 - Speight Building and Century Club constructed

Construction boom, over $14 million in ECC projects

ECC beats Massachusetts 14-13 in Tangerine Bowl

Hubert Walters is first black to obtain graduate degree from ECC

1966 - Laura Marie Leary of Greenville is first black undergraduate of ECC

A.J. Fletcher Music Center, Belk and Greene dormitories built

There were 456 faculty members, 9,000 students, 1,338 employees, operating budget of $10.5 million, 300 acres, property valued at $33.5 million and 12 degree programs.

NC General Assembly debate legislation to make ECC an independent university,
Governor Dan Moore opposes granting university status to ECC

ECU takes second Tangerine Bowl, 31-0 against Maine

First Parents Weekend observed

1967 - Soccer team formed

June 29 - ECC receives university status, renamed East Carolina University, click here for information regarding university symbols

1968 - School of Home Economics organized, now School of Human Environmental Sciences

Old Austin Building razed

Allied Health Sciences established

Gregory Kosteck named Composer-in-Residence

1969 - Clement Dormitory, Croatan and Irons Building constructed

School of Allied Health and Social Professions hires a librarian

Leo Jenkins speaks about student unrest on campus and integration

       SGA Transit established

1970 - Brewster Building built

Enrollment doubles in 10 years, up to 10,007

School of Industry & Technology organized

Health science library moves out of Joyner to Science Complex

Solar eclipse occurs in March

April 17 - Undergraduate chapter of Phi Kappa Phi created

1971 - Harrington Field dedicated and named in memory of Milton E. Harrington

General Assembly appropriates 1.4 million to start a 1 year Medical School and $350,000 to establish Health Affairs Library

Fountainhead editor expelled over Freedom of the Press issue

Recruitment brochure written by and for black students

ECU acquires land north of Tar River

6th Southern Conference title for men's swimming team

1972 - ECU joins the University of North Carolina system

Office of International Education established

Belk Building constructed

Health Affairs Library moves to Belk Building

Haus Steineck, European study center

1974, July 1 - Music Library established

1975 - School of Medicine established by Act of the NC General Assembly, 116-40.4

1976 - First Black Homecoming Queen crowned - Jeri Barnes

1977 - Jenkins Fine Arts Center built

1978 - Thomas Bowman Brewer becomes chancellor of the university

1979 - Construction of Brody Medical Sciences Building begins

1980 - Health Affairs Library renamed Health Science Library
    Blizzard shuts down campus

1981 - University purchases Howard House

First MD degree conferred on Thomas Beatty of Charlotte

1982 - 75th Anniversary observed, 77 buildings, 340 acres (main campus), approximately 411 acres including off-campus buildings

John McDade Howell serves as chancellor of the university until 1988

Brody Building opens

1983 - First Ph.D. degree (Anatomy) conferred on Thomas Edward Curry, Jr.

Maritime History Department works to recover USS Monitor

Moseley Map donated to library

1984 - Blount House and Garrett House acquired by the university

1985 - First University Scholars Awards given

1986 - School of Social Work formed

1987 - General Classroom Building completed

February 17 - First heart transplant surgery performed at ECU

1988, April 15 - Richard R. Eakin becomes chancellor of East Carolina University

Fall enrollment reaches 15,579

1989 - New logo adopted

January 14 - Leo W. Jenkins dies

1993 - School of Health & Human Performance organized

1994 - School of Allied Health Sciences celebrates 25th anniversary

1995 - Joyner Library collection tops one million volumes

1996 - Football program joins Conference USA

1999 - Health Science Library renamed William E. Laupus Health Science Library

Medical School named for Brody Family

2001 - William Muse becomes the chancellor

2002 - Student Health Center renovations complete, building rededicated

2003 - Science & Technology Building opens

Bill Shelton appointed interim chancellor

Robert Chitwood completes 100th surgery using da Vinci Surgical System

2004 - Steven Ballard becomes chancellor

2007 - East Carolina University celebrates 100th anniversary