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Monographic Acquisitions and Preservation & Conservation

Joyner Library’s Monographic Acquisitions Department is responsible for purchasing books, e-books, videos, CDs, curriculum materials, music scores, manuscripts, and maps that have been requested by members of the Collection Development Department, Library Subject Liaisons, or Faculty Departmental Representatives. In addition, the department is responsible for receiving and processing the library’s approval plans, standing orders, and children’s award winner blanket shipments. The department also receives and makes available titles leased for the popular reading collection.

Joyner Library’s Preservation and Conservation Unit ensures continued accessibility of library and archival materials by performing a variety of treatments on circulating, reference, reserve, rare and special collections materials. Treatments performed on circulating materials may include mending, cleaning, encapsulation, pamphlet binding, in-house construction of protective enclosures, and sending to the off-site contract bindery for re-casing. Due to their intrinsic value, rarity, uniqueness or age, the conservation of archival and special collections materials is handled differently than the treatment of circulating materials. Staff and students who perform treatments on archival and special collections materials follow guidelines as outlined by the American Institute of Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), and use specialized tools and supplies.

Department Personnel

Lisa Barricella

Head, Monographic Acquisitions
(252) 328-0838

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Megan Carter University Library Technician, Acquisitions (252) 328-0723
Jill Gooch Monographic Acquisitions Technician (252) 328-0277
Tracie Hampton Preservation/Conservation Technician (252) 328-4085
Lawrence Houston Conservator, Univ. Lib. Tech. Preservation & Conservation (252) 328-0299
Linnea Vegh Conservation Technician  
David Wilbourne Monographic Acquisitions Technician (252) 328-4030


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252-328-0838 (Lisa Barricella)
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