Joyner Library

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J.Y. Joyner Library and its Music Library branch in the A.J. Fletcher Music Center is the largest library east of Raleigh and offers state-of-the-art research services and resources, including significant collections of government documents, microforms, multimedia and North Carolina materials. The library holds an impressive manuscript collection and the university archives and is known for its extensive special collections and rare materials.

The library system, serving as both an instructional and research oriented facility, has become a fundamental part of the university and its mission to become a national research institution. Joyner Library serves as a center of academic support to students, faculty and the citizens of Eastern North Carolina. It holds more than 1.3 million bound volumes, 2.5 million pieces of microform, 532,000 government documents and more than 24,000 journal

Open 110 hours per week during the academic year and twenty-four hours a day during periods of exams, the library employs a staff of approximately 350 individuals, including faculty, staff, temporary employees, student employees and graduate assistants. During the 2004-2005 fiscal year, 625,447 patrons visited the library, with as many as 21,000 visits occurring within one week, and Web traffic exceeded 30 million hits.

Library Mission
The mission of Joyner Library is to provide the materials and services integral to the educational, scholarly, creative and intellectual endeavors of the students, faculty and staff of East Carolina University and to actively support the university’s broader commitment to serve the region.