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The J.Y. Joyner Library Funds are aimed at addressing the growing needs and challenges as our collections and services continue to expand, meeting demands from the University as an emerging academic research institution. The goal of the funds, each different in their capacities, is to create a permanent financial base for the future. These funds also provide further funding to existing needs which in return will serve as a lasting contribution for resource and service enhancement, collection advancement, development, special projects and capital projects.

As we achieve a comprehensive level of excellence, the Joyner Library Funds will help position our library to be more adapt at handling growth and expansion. By creating permanent funding, the funds will contribute significantly to enhancing the overall quality of our services, programs and resources, allowing the library to stand pace with increased demand from patrons. This added financial resource will also help further our commitment to fully supporting the mission of the University and service to the region and state.

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Our information booklet provides a detailed look into the library and it's departments in which the contributions of many gracious individuals support.

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Your donation to J.Y. Joyner Library helps the library continue to expand and provide extensive materials and resources to its patrons.

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Have someone contact you with information regarding contributing to the library, establishing named endowments or special funds, including the library in your will, or forms of estate planning.