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Coast Guard Auxiliary Endowment
Donor: U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary National Board
Established in 1993, this endowment is designed to support the maintenance of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Collection in the East Carolina Manuscript Collection.

Director’s Fund for Excellence
As our library and various collections expand with university growth and private funding, the need to make our collections excellent emerges.  Established in 2004, The Director’s Fund for Excellence was established to purchase special items that will make our library more diverse, useful, and unique.  Items such as international children’s books, rare brochures, Civil War letters, and rare broad sides are items this fund will strive to attain, among many other unique possessions.  Donors are encouraged to contribute to this fund by donating at any level.

Elizabeth Price Crockford Missionary & Church History Endowment Fund
Donor: Dr. Charles L. Price; supported by gifts from Mr. Richard H. Crockford, Sr., Richard H. Crockford, Jr., and William M. Crockford.
Established in 1989, the Elizabeth Price Crockford Missionary & Church History Endowment Fund was created to support the acquisition and preservation of missionary and church history manuscript materials.

Friends of Joyner Library Endowment
East Carolina Universityprovides an outstanding academic library.  However, funding to maintain this distinction of greatness is lacking.  State funds are not adequate enough to underwrite the technological staffing and material needs of the library.  Therefore, the Friends of Joyner Library have established a Friends Foundation Endowment Fund to help meet these needs and support Joyner Library as it continues a level of excellence for the people of our region and beyond.

Friends of Joyner Library Patron's Wall Endowment
Established in the mid-1990s by the Friends of Joyner Library Board of Directors, the primary focus of the Patrons’ Wall is to recognize the greatest possible number of individuals who want to be a part of the history of Joyner Library.  The Friends invite all individuals, families, clubs, and organizations, who have an interest in the future of East Carolina to participate in this exciting project by contributing at least $1,000 to the Friends Foundation Endowment Fund.  Donors will be honored on the Patrons’ Wall with an attractive, permanent plaque mounted inside the entrance of Joyner Library.  The space on the Patrons’ Wall is limited, however. Only the first 300 donors to give to this project will be included on this handsome monument.

George C. Smith Library Enrichment Fund
Donor: Rebecca McCulloch Smith (wife) and John Randolph Smith (son)
Established in November 1986, the annual funds from this fund are made available to the Director of Academic Library Services to meet needs not provided for by State of North Carolina appropriations.

Herrin Endowment
Donor: Virginia Herrin
Established in June of 2000, this is a discretionary endowment to be used toward the purchase of research materials.

Joyner Library Discretionary Fund
This account was created so that funds designated to this area could be used at the Director’s discretion in an effort to improve library operation and advance growth.

Joyner Library Reference Department Fund
Serving as a discretionary fund for the purchase of materials and other items, this fund was established in 1992 to assist the Joyner Library Reference Department.

Joyner Library SPA Scholarship Fund
Established in August of 2000, this scholarship fund provides scholarships for Joyner Library SPA employees pursuing a Masters in Library Science degree, normally at another university.

Langford Endowment
Donor: Fred Timms Langford and Verona Lee Joyner Langford
This endowment was established in October of 2000 for the purchase of books, publications, equipment, and furnishings which supplement education and research.

Library Development Fund
Established in 1998, this fund provides support for development in Joyner Library.

Manuscript Endowment Fund
Established by Friends of the East Carolina Manuscript Collection in 1970, interest from corpus is deposited into the Special Manuscripts Fund.

Marilyn Ramey Stephenson Memorial Fund
Established in March of 1989, revenue from the corpus is used by Joyner Library to purchase reference books in memory of Mrs. Stephenson.

Minnie Marguerite Wiggins Endowment
Donor: Minnie Marguerite Wiggins
Established in May of 2001 by Minnie Marguerite Wiggins, this endowment is to be used solely for purchasing books for the Verona Joyner Langford North Carolina Collection.

Naval History Endowment
Designed to support acquisition and preservation of naval history materials for the East Carolina Manuscript Collection, the Navel History Endowment was established in 1996 by The U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1941.

North Carolina Collection Fund
Established in 1998, this fund provides support for the purchase of display items in the North Carolina Collection that are not provided for by state funding.

Preservation and Conservation Fund
Established in 1998, this fund was created to provide funding for preservation expenditures that are not supported through the state budget.

Professor Bodo Nischan Manuscript Endowment
Donor: Mrs. Gerda Nischan
Established in August 2002, this endowment supports the purchase of materials for the Joyner Library Manuscript Collection in Special Collections.

Ronnie Barnes African-American Resource Center Endowment
Donor: Ronnie Barnes
Established in March 2002 to collect materials about the legacy and future of blacks in eastern North Carolina and the southeast, the main purchases include books and journals to be made available for students to learn about the African-American experience.

Sara Batten Endowment
Established by: Dr. James W. Batten, husband
Established in 1995 , the Sara Batten Endowment is designed to provide monetary support with primary emphasis on the acquisition and cataloging of historical documents and archival research materials in the East Carolina Manuscript Collection and the University Archives.

Schlobin Collection Fund
Donor: Roger C. Schlobin
Established in 2004, funds are solely for the maintenance and improvement of the Schlobin Collection

Special Manuscripts Fund
Established by the Friends of the East Carolina Manuscript Collection in 1970, these funds are used to support projects for the East Carolina Manuscript Collection.

Special Collections Purchase Fund
The Special Collections Purchase Fund is an incubator fund created to fund and purchase important items for Special Collections.  These items range from rare books and maps to valuable manuscript collections.  Examples of Special Collections acquired through the use of these funds, and in conjunction with those of the Friends, include Richard Johnson’s “A General History of the Pyrates” (1724) and Richard Hakluyt’s “Principall Voyages” (1589), the most important geographical work in English during the Elizabethan Age, Cornelius Wytfliet’s 1597 map entitled “Florida et Apalche,” which was among the earliest to show the coast of the Carolinas, and the Civil War letters of Robert C. Caldwell, who served in the 10th Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery. Donors are welcome to participate in the growth and stability of this purchase fund by contributing at any level.

University Archives Fund
Established in 2002, the University Archives Fund was established for the preservation and restoration of film, as well as archival restoration.