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Employee Directory 

Email Address Phone Number Divison/Department
Hayes "H.L." Austin
Mail Room Supervisor (252) 328-6604 Building Operations
John Baga
Assistant Music Librarian 252-328-1241 Music Library
Safe Zone Trained
Alan Bailey
Head, Teaching Resources Center (252) 328-2579 Teaching Resources Center
Judith Barber
Technical Services Supervisor (252) 328-1240 Music Library
Joe Barricella
Digital Services Production Coordinator (252) 328-2760 Application & Digital Services
Lisa Barricella
Head, Monographic Acquisitions (252) 328-0838 Monographic Acquisitions and Preservation & Conservation
Nikki Bellamy
Stacks Manager (252) 328-1584 Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
Safe Zone Trained
Lucas Berrini
Recalls, Holds & Missing Items Manager (252) 328-0252 Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
Sheri Black
Cataloging/Processing Technician (252) 328-0282 General Collections Cataloging
Justin Borer
Media Production Specialist (252) 328-2442 Application & Digital Services
Safe Zone Trained
Amy Bright
Payroll & Student Hiring Manager (252) 328-2693 Organizational Development/Records Management
James Cardin
Electronic Resources Technician (252) 328-1803 Electronic Resources
Megan Carter
University Library Technician, Acquisitions (252) 328-0723 Monographic Acquisitions and Preservation & Conservation
Songyao (Samuel) Chen
Data Services Librarian   Scholarly Communication
Matthew Clark
Building Operations Asst. (252) 328-1404 Building Operations
Debbie Cobb
Electronic Resources Technician (252) 328-2446 Electronic Resources
Floyd Conner
Building Operations Manager (252) 328-5072 Building Operations
Safe Zone Trained
Eleanor Cook
Assistant Director for Discovery & Technology Services (252) 328-2598 Discovery and Technology Services/Joyner Library Office of the Director
Safe Zone Trained
Bryna Coonin
Librarian/Collection Manager (252) 328-0431 Research & Instructional Services
Green Zone Trained
Leah Cordova
STEM Librarian (252) 328-2287 Research & Instructional Services
Nick Crimi
Tech. Support Analyst (252) 328-2256 IT Operations
Kevin-Andrew Cronin
Daytime Access Services Supervisor (252) 328-1238 Music Library
Jon-Marc Dale
Evening Access Services Supervisor (252) 328-1242 Music Library
Jennifer Daugherty
NC Collection Librarian 328-0290 North Carolina Collection
Jonathan Dembo
Special Collections Curator (252) 328-2661 Manuscripts & Rare Books
Kelly Dilda
Head of Communications & Development (252) 744-2232 Marketing and Publications
Sonia Dixon
Billing Manager (252) 737-5439 Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
Patricia Dragon
Head, Special Collections Cataloging (252) 328-0296 Special Collections Cataloging
Safe Zone Trained
Angela Dresselhaus
Head of Electronic Resources (252) 328-2266 Electronic Resources
Joseph Dresselhaus
Evening/Weekend Access Services Manager (252)737-5432 Special Collections Cataloging
John Dunning
Univ Lib Technician Cataloger 328-0421 Special Collections Cataloging
David Durant
Collection Development Librarian for Federal Documents and Social Sciences (252) 328-2258 Collection Development
Martha Elmore
Manuscript Archivist (252) 328-0274 Manuscripts & Rare Books
Pam Evans
Assistant Head, Circulation & Interlibrary Loan (252) 328-2192 Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
Benjamin Exton
Technology Manager (252) 328-1045 Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
Green Zone Trained Safe Zone Trained
Charlotte Fitz Daniels
Events & Programs Coordinator (252) 328-0287 Exhibitions and Events/Grants
Green Zone Trained Safe Zone Trained
William Gee
Head, Circulation & Interlibrary Loan (252) 328-2268 Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
Green Zone Trained
Jill Gooch
Monographic Acquisitions Technician (252) 328-0277 Monographic Acquisitions and Preservation & Conservation
Andrew Grace
Univ. Library Technican/Federal Documents & Microforms Manager (252) 328-5675 Federal Documents and Microforms/Research & Instructional Services
Jason (William) Hall
Electronic Resources/Special Formats Cataloging Technician (252) 328-0408 General Collections Cataloging
Green Zone Trained Safe Zone Trained
Tracie Hampton
Preservation/Conservation Technician (252) 328-4085 Monographic Acquisitions and Preservation & Conservation
Nanette Hardison
Manuscript Technician (252) 328-0404 Manuscripts & Rare Books
Holly Harris
Textbook Manager (252) 328-4040 Teaching Resources Center
Fred Harrison
NCC Serials Technician (252) 328-0249 North Carolina Collection
Thurman Hines
Lead Security Officer (252) 328-2817 Security
David Hisle
Coordinator of Instruction and Graduate Student Outreach (252) 328-4978 Research & Instructional Services
Chris Hodges
Head, IT Operations (252) 328-5732 IT Operations
Green Zone Trained Safe Zone Trained
Jeanne Hoover
Scholarly Communication Librarian (252) 328-2261 Scholarly Communication
Lawrence Houston
Conservator, Univ. Lib. Tech. Preservation & Conservation (252) 328-0299 Monographic Acquisitions and Preservation & Conservation
Colise Hunt 328-4861 Research & Instructional Services
Safe Zone Trained
David Hursh
Head, Music Library (252) 328-1239 Music Library
Jennifer Jones
Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Manager (252) 328-0405 Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
Rita Khazanie
Tech Support Analyst (252) 328-2204 Digital Curation
Walter Lanham
University Library Technician   Research & Instructional Services
John Lawrence
Assistant Director for Special Collections (252) 328-4088 Special Collections/Joyner Library Office of the Director
Safe Zone Trained
Jan Lewis
Director of Joyner Library (252) 328-2267 Administrative Services/Joyner Library Office of the Director
Safe Zone Trained
Bruce Lord
Reserves Manager & Day Circulation Supervisor (252) 328-0411 Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
Jan Mayo
Head, General Collections Catologing (252) 328-0293 General Collections Cataloging
Safe Zone Trained
Amanda Mclellan
Head of Service, Application & Digital Services (252) 737-2780 Application & Digital Services
Safe Zone Trained
Sarah McLusky
Outreach & Instruction Librarian, Special Collections (252) 328-2444 Special Collections
Gennifer Mitchell (Bush)
Overnight Security Officer (252) 328-2817 Security
Safe Zone Trained
Kristin Molnar
Evening Supervisor (252) 737-2715 Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
Ashley Moore
Accounting Technician (252) 328-2458 Budget Services
Safe Zone Trained
Andrew Morgan
Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loan Lending Manager (252) 328-5379 Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
H. Clark Nall
Business Librarian (252) 328-2154 Research & Instructional Services
Bronson Nicholson
Property Security Guard Evening Supervisor (252) 328-2193 Security
Ramona Okechukwu
Electronic Resources Technician (252) 328-2445 Electronic Resources
Safe Zone Trained
Michael Reece
Lead Developer (252) 328-2897 Application & Digital Services
Green Zone Trained
Delores Reeves
Special Collections Cataloger (252) 744-5401 Special Collections Cataloging
Lou Rook
Accountant - Budget Services (252) 328-4083 Budget Services
Mark Sanders
Assistant Director of Public Services (252) 328-2900 Joyner Library Office of the Director/Public Services
Dale Sauter
Head, of Manuscripts & Rare Books- Manuscript Curator (252) 328-0275 Manuscripts & Rare Books
Safe Zone Trained
Evan Schmoll
University Library Technician, Teach Resources Center (252) 328-5432 Teaching Resources Center
Safe Zone Trained
Ralph Scott
Curator, Printed Books & Maps (252) 328-0265 Manuscripts & Rare Books
Green Zone Trained Safe Zone Trained
Heather Seibert
Scholarly Communication Technician (252) 328-0412 Scholarly Communication
Cynthia Sharp
Special Collections Cataloger (252) 328-5833 Special Collections Cataloging
Safe Zone Trained
Cynthia Shirkey
Head of Collection Development (252) 737-2724 Collection Development
Dan Shouse
Collection Development Librarian (252) 328-2270 Collection Development
Brandon Stilley
Evening Reference Librarian (252) 328-2264 Research & Instructional Services
Ann Carol Stocks
Head, ILS Services (252) 328-2209 ILS Services
Johnnie Swindell
Tech Support Analyst (252) 328-0409 IT Operations
Rebecca Tatterson
Electronic Resources Librarian (252) 328-0240 Electronic Resources
William (Joseph) Thomas
Assistant Director for Collections and Scholarly Communication (252) 737-2728 Joyner Library Office of the Director/Collections and Scholarly Communication
Elizabeth Tolar
Assistant University Archivist (252) 328-0245 University Archives
Michael Tucker
Webmaster (252) 744-3370 Application & Digital Services
Jeffrey Tuthill
Building Operations Assistant (252) 328-6335 Building Operations
Linnea Vegh
Conservation Technician   Monographic Acquisitions and Preservation & Conservation
Green Zone Trained Safe Zone Trained
Amanda Vinogradov
Metadata Technician (252) 328-0288 Special Collections Cataloging
Carol Wade
ILS Support Technician (252) 328-0251 ILS Services
Hazel Walker
Education & Outreach Librarian (252) 328-4994 Teaching Resources Center
Green Zone Trained Safe Zone Trained
Meghan Wanucha
Coordinator of Instructional Assessment (252) 328-2262 Research & Instructional Services
Green Zone Trained Safe Zone Trained
Katy Webb
Head, Research & Instructional Services (252) 328-0734 Research & Instructional Services
Matthew Whaley
Evening Research Library Technician (252) 737-4040 Research & Instructional Services
Heather White
Assistant Director for Assessment & Engagement (252) 328-2870 Joyner Library Office of the Director/Assessment and Engagement
Chris Whitley
Web Developer (252) 328-5413 Application & Digital Services
David Wilbourne
Monographic Acquisitions Technician (252) 328-4030 Monographic Acquisitions and Preservation & Conservation
Green Zone Trained Safe Zone Trained
Carolyn Willis
Outreach Coordinator (252) 328-0400 Research & Instructional Services
Daniel Zuberbier
Education & Instructional Technology Librarian (252) 328-0406 Teaching Resources Center