Early American Newspapers
 Los Angeles
   California Social Democrat  (see on-line catalog)
 San Francisco
   Western Worker (Communist Party of the USA)  (see on-line catalog)
 New London
   Connecticut Gazette The
                December 17 1773- February 26 1823  Microprint: C762g
   New London Gazette The
              November 18 1763- December 1773  Microprint: N42L
   New-London Summary The
              August 8 1758- September 23 1763  Microprint: N42Ls
District of Columbia
   Antiwarrior (See On Line Catalog)
   Daily National Intelligencier  (See On Line Catalog)
   National Intelligencier  (See On Line Catalog)
   Spirit of 'Seventy-Six:
        September 13 1808- February15 181  semi-weekly  Microprint:Sp45
   Washington Post  (See On Line Catalog)
  Courier The; weekly
                   May 20- November 18 1820  Microprint: C832
  Independent American
                   July 11 1809-December 29 1810  Microprint: In2a.4
                   January 26 1820- March 11 1823  Microprint: M567
  National Messenger  (See On Line Catalog)
  Senator The:
                    January 1- April 23 1814  Microprint: Se55
  Atlanta Constitution  (See Online Catalog)
  Milledgeville Republican  (See Online Catalog)
  Reflector  (See Online Catalog)
  Georgia Gazette:
                1763-1770  Microprint: G296g
  Brookville Enquirer
                     February 5 1819- December 26 1820  Microprint: B79e
 People's Friend The:
                  January 30 1819  Microprint: K413m no.1
 Kentucky Journal The:
                  December 5 1795 Microprint: K413m no.2
 Telegraph The
                  June 1811- December 1813 weekly Microprint: K413m no.3
 Jackson Times (see online catalog)
 Courier-Journal (see online catalog)
 Louisville Daily Journal (see online catalog)
 Eagle The:
                  January 19 1815- March 27 1818  weekly  Microprint: Ea33
 Weekly Messenger The:
                  January 26 1814- December 19 1820 weekly Microprint:W418k
 Union The:
                    March 4 1814- May 9 1817 weekly  Microprint: Un2
 Western Comrade  (see online catalog)
 Afro American Ledger  (See Online Catalog)
 American Eagle weekly
              February 15 1809  Microprint: M369m no.4
 Baltimore Daily Intelligencer  (See Online Catalog)
  Recorder The
              June 16 1810  Microprint: M369m no.1
 Cumberland Gazette
              July 21 1814  Microprint: M369m no.3
 Cumberland Impartialist The
              January 24 1809  Microprint: M369m no.5
 Bartigs's Marylandische Zeitung bi-weekly
              October 1785- 1789  Microprint: M369m no.6
 Der Freiheitsbothe weekly
              April 14 1810  Microprint: M369m no.7
 Der General Stattsbothe und Wahre Republicaner
               December 27 1811  Microprint: M369m no.8
 Hagers-Town Gazette weekly
              May 23 1809- June 25 1813  Microprint: H122
 Centinel of Freedom weekly
              January 14 1820  Microprint: M369m no.9
 True American and Farmers Register
              January 1820-1824  Microprint: M396m no.10 
  Agricultural Intelligencer  (See Online Catalog)
 ARGUS (The Argus)  (See Online Catalog)
 Boston Chronicle  (See Online Catalog)
 Boston Commercial Gazette  (See Online Catalog)
 Boston Daily Advertiser  (See Online Catalog)
 Boston Evening Post  (See Online Catalog)
 Boston Gazette  (See Online Catalog)
  -and Country Journal
  -and Weekly Republican Journal
  -Boston Commercial Gazette
  -Weekly Advertiser
 Boston Globe  (See Online Catalog)
 Boston Intelligencer  (See Online Catalog)
 Boston Mirror (See Online Catalog)
 Boston News-Letter (See Online Catalog)
  -and New England Chronicle
 Boston Patriot and Mercantile Advisor  (See Online Catalog)
  -Boston Patriot
  -and Daily Chronicle
  -and Morning Advertiser
 The Boston Weekly Newsletter
                   (The Boston News-Letter)  (See Online Catalog)
 The Boston Weekly Post-Boy
                   (The Boston Post-Boy)  (See Online Catalog)
  -The Boston Post-Boy and Advertiser
 Boston Recorder  (See Online Catalog)
  -and Religious Telegraph
  -and Telegraph
 Boston Spectator  (See Online Catalog)
  Boston Weekly Report
               1819-1820  Microprint: B657w
 Boston Yankee (The Yankee)  (See Online Catalog)
 Censor  (See Online Catalog)
  Constitutional Telegraph semi-weekly
               October 2 1799- May 22 1802  Microprint: C7659
  Continental Journal
               1776-1787  Microprint: C767j
               July 1 1795- March 5 1796  Microprint: C8339
               January 4 1804- May 25 1809  Microprint: D396
  Federal Gazette
               January 1- March 26 1798  Microprint: F3169
  Federal Orrery
               1794-1796  Microprint: F317o
 Freedmans Journal  (See Online Catalog)
 Freedman  (See Online Catalog)
               April 2- December 31 1803  Microprint: G258
 Herald of Freedom  (See Online Catalog)
               1817-1819  Microprint: Id3
 Independent Chronicle (Boston Patriot)  (See Online Catalog)
  -Independent Chronicle and Boston Patriot
 Independent Ledger
               1778-1786  Microprint: In2l
               1818-1819  Microprint: K124
 Ladies' Port Folio  (See Online Catalog)
 Massachusetts Centinel  (See Online Catalog)
 Massachusetts Gazette  (See Online Catalog)
  -Salem Gazette
  -Salem Mercury
 Massachusetts Spy  (See Online Catalog)
 Mercury  (See Online Catalog)
  -The Massachusetts Mercury
  -The Mercury and New England Palladium
 New England Chronicle  (See Online Catalog)
  New England Courant
               1721-1727  Microprint: N42ec no.6
 New England Galaxy  (See Online Catalog)
 New England Palladium  (See Online Catalog)
  Polar Star
               October 6 1796- February  2 1797  Microprint: P757
 Puritan Recorder  (See Online Catalog)
 Republican Gazetteer  (See Online Catalog)
 Russell's Gazette  (See Online Catalog)
  -Boston Commercial Gazette
 Satirist  (See Online Catalog)
 Scourge  (See Online Catalog)
 Thomas's Massachusetts Spy  (See Online Catalog)
  -Worchester Gazette
  -American Oracle of Liberty
  -Thomas's Boston Journal
  -Worchester Magazine
 Times The
               1807-1808  Microprint: T482
 Weekly Messenger  (See Online Catalog)
 Weekly News-Letter  (See Online Catalog)
 Weekly Rehearsal  (See Online Catalog)
Boston and Worchester
 The American Herald  (See Online Catalog)
 Thomas's Massachusetts Spy
           or American Oracle of Liberty  (See Online Catalog)
 Worchester Magazine  (See Online Catalog)
 National Ageis  (See Online Catalog)
 Brookfield Advertiser  (See Online Catalog)
  -Worchester County Intelligencer
  -Moral and Political Telegraphe
 Political Repository
               August 14 1798- May 4 1802  Microprint: P759
 Essex Gazette  (See Online Catalog)
  -New England Chronicle
 Essex Journal
               December 4 1773- February  1777  Microprint: Es75j
               July 9 1784- April 2 1794  Microprint: Es75j.1
               1800-1820  Microprint: Su71
 Salem Register
               1800-1840  Microprint: Sa32r
Berkshire Star  (See Online Catalog)
Kansas City
 Toiler; a monthly review of International
           Syndicalism  (see online catalog)
St. Louis
 St. Louis Post Dispatch  (see online catalog)
New Hampshire
 Farmers Cabinet
               1802-1820  Microprint: F2289
 Concord Gazette
               1806-1819  Microprint: C749
  Courrier of Newhampshire
  -Concord Herald
  -Concord Herald and Newhampshire Patriot
  -Concord Gazette
  -Hughes concord Herald
               1790-1805  Microprint: C834
 Mirror The; weekly
               October 29 1792- September 2 1799  Microprint: M697
  New Hampshire Patriot
               1809-1820  Microprint: N42ha.57
 New Star weekly
 Republican Gazetter
  -Continues Federal Mirror Apr. 10 1795-Nov. 15 1796
  - Russel and Davis' Republican Gazetteer
                November 22 1796- April 4 1797  Microprint: R296
               1810-1814  Microprint: C766
 Herald of Gospel Liberty
               1808-1816  Microprint: H412gl
 New Hampshire Gazette
  -Fowel's New Hampshire Gazette and General Advertiser
  -Freeman's Journal
  -New Hampshire Gazette and Historical Advertiser
  -New Hampshire Gazette and Republican Union
               July 1757- December 1820  Microprint: N42ha.54
 New Hampshire Mercury
               1784-1788  Microprint: N42ha.56
 New-Hampshire Spy
  -Osborne's New Hampshire Spy
               October 24 1786- March 2 1793  Microprint: N42ha.66
  Portsmouth Oracle
               1803-1820  Microprint: P838o
  United States Oracle
    June 4 1793- October 18 1803  Microprint: Un35
 Farmers Weekly Museum
               1793-1810  Microprint: F229
New Jersey
 Washington Whigg
               July 24 1815- December 25 1820  Microprint: W277
Burlington and Trenton
 New Jersey Gazette
               Burlington 1777- 1783
               Trenton 1783- 1786  Microprint: N42jg
 Centinel of Freedom
               1796-1820  Microprint: C333.1
New York
 Albany Argus
               January 26 1813- 1820  Microprint: AL13
  Balance The
  -The Balance and New York State Journal
               1809- 1811  Microprint: B182
  New-York Statesman semi-weekly
               May 16 1820- March 1821  Microprint: N42ys.25
 Plough Boy and Journal of the Board of Agriculture; weekly
               June 5 1819- December 1820  Microprint: P726
Ballston Spa
 Independent American weekly
               September 27 1808- May 6 1818  Microprint: In2a.3
 Broome County Patriot
               November 10 1812- May 18 1813
               succeeded by Political Olio; May 25 1813- April 5 1814  Microprint: B791
  Political Olio weekly
               May 25 1813- April 5 1814  Microprint: P758
 Cooperstown Federalist
               October 22 1808- February 2 1815  Microprint: F880
  Freemans Journal weekly
 -Freemans Journal and Otsago County Advertiser
               November 30 1818; July 26 & August 2 1819  Microprint: F880
 Impartial Observer The; weekly
               October 22 1808- May 27 1809  Microprint: F880
  Otsego Herald weekly
               April 3 1795- January 29 1821  Microprint: Ot2
               May 18 1814- August 2 1919  Microprint: W293
 Balance The
               1801-1808  Microprint: B812.4
  (see online for more issues)
               1802-1803  Microprint: W282
  (see online for more issues)
 A.F. of L. Rank and File Federationist  (see online catalog)
 Alarm  (see online catalog)
 American semi-weekly & daily
               March 3 1819-1820
               daily after March 1 1820 with semi-weekly continued as
               a "country edition"  Microprint: Am34
 American Citizen
               1800-1810 not all issues present  Microprint: Am35c
  Commercial Advertiser daily
               October 2 1797- 1820  Microprint: C730
               March 28- April 26 1804
                   (also on microfilm: APS/II Reel 15 no. 1-10) Microprint: C816
 Freedmen's Advocate  (see online catalog)
  Gerret SmithBanner
               October 16 1858- November 1 1858  Microprint: An869 no.943
  Military Monitor and American Register The
               August 17 1812- November 6 1813  Microprint: M599
  Minerva The
               1793-1797  Microprint: M662
 Morning Chronicle daily
               October 1 1802- June 15 1807  Microprint: M828
 National Advocate daily
               December 15 1812- December 30 1820  Microprint: N212a
 National Freedman  (see online catalog)
 National Observer  (see online catalog)
 New York Courier daily
               January 10 1815- April 8 1817 (Title Varies)  Microprint: N42yc
 New York Daily Advertiser daily
               April 9 1816- October 31 1836  Microprint:  N42yd
 New York Evening Post
               1801- 1820  Microprint: N42ye
 New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury
 New York Herald
               1752- 1783  Microprint: N42yg.3
               1794-1797  Microprint: N42yh.2
               1802-1817  Microprint: N42yh.23
          1861-1867  (see online catalog)
New York Journal or General Advertiser; weekly
               October 16 1766- August 29 1776  Microprint: N42yj
 New York Morning Post
               November 1810- August 1812  Microprint: N42ym.55
  New York Spy
               November 18 1918- November 11 1807  Microprint: N42ys
     April10 1841- December 1871  (see online catalog)
 New York Tribune
               Aril 10 1841- December 1871  (see online catalog)
 New York Weekly Journal
               1733-1751  Microprint: N42yw
 Public Advertiser daily
               January 5 1807- February 22 1813  Microprint: P96
               June 1 1805  Microprint: R282
 Royal Gazette
  -Rivington's New York Gazette
  -Rivington's New York Gazetteer
  -Rivington's New York Loyal Gazette
               1773-1783  Microprint: R526
  The Shamrock
               1810-1817  Microprint: Sh17
  Social Democrat  ( see online catalog)
  Spectator The
               1797-1820  Microprint: Sp31
 Spotlight monthly  ( see online catalog)
  Temple of Reason
               November 8 1800- February 7 1801  Microprint: T247n
  Time Piece
  -Time Piece and Literary
               March 1797- August 1798  Microprint: T4818
  Weekly Inspector
               August 30 1806- August 22 1807  Microprint:  W418i
  Weekly Visitor
               1817- 1820  Microprint: W418v
 Chenango Weekly Advertiser weekly
               January 25 1811- June 25 1812  Microprint: C412
 Olive Branch weekly
               May 21 1806- November 13 1809  Microprint: OL4
 Madison County Herald
               March 2 1815  Microprint:  M265
 Republican Messenger weekly
               May 22 1810- January 1 1811  Microprint: R2996
 Industrial Union News  (see online catalog)
 Weekly Recorder
               1814-1820  Microprint: W418r.1
 Rascuer The
               July 4 1859- vol.1 no.1  Microprint: An869no.1724
 Carlisle Gazette
  -Kline's Carlisle Weekly Gazette
               1785-1817  Microprint: C194
  Carlisle Republican
  -Spirit of the Times & Carlisle Gazette
               November 10 1817-October 31 1820  Microprint: C1945
 Democratic Republican and Pennsylvania Advertiser
  -Democratic Republican
               November 7 1815- May 12 1817  Microprint: D397
Chestnut Hill
 Chestnuthiller Wochenschrift
               October 1790- August 1793  Microprint: C426

Early American Newspapers - Joyner Library

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