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Issues and Candidates

Barack Obama: (
-Official campaign web site, with information on policy positions and how to participate.

C-SPAN: Election 2008: (
-Information on issues and candidates, voter registration, and Web resources by topic.

Democratic National Committee: (
-Official Web site of the DNC.

John McCain 2008: (
-Official campaign web site, with information on policy positions and how to participate.

League of Women Voters: (
-Look under "Voter Information" for information on registering to vote, candidates and issues, and elections.

North Carolina Center for Voter Education: (
-Non-profit organization offering information on North Carolina issues, candidates, and voting procedures.

North Carolina Democratic Party: (
-Official Web site of the NCDP.

North Carolina Republican Party: (
-Official Web site of the NCGOP.

Open (
-Detailed data on campaign finance and political contributions. Search for either donors or candidates.

Project Vote Smart: (
-Quality source for candidate and issue research, including biographies, congressional voting records, issue analysis, and campaign financial data.

Republican National Committee: (
-Official Web site of the RNC.

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Information on Voting

Federal Election Commission: (
-Offers data on campaign finance, voting and voter registration, and past election results.

North Carolina State Board of Elections: (
-Voting and voter registration information, election dates and results, and NC campaign finance data and regulations.

North Carolina Voting Law (2008): An Abbreviated Guide: (
-Produced by East Carolina University's Political Science Department. Discusses eligibility and registration requirements.

Pitt County Board of Elections: (
-Information on elections, polling places, and voter registration.

U.S. Election Assistance Commission: (
-"The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) was established by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA). EAC is an independent, bipartisan commission charged with developing guidance to meet HAVA requirements, adopting voluntary voting system guidelines, and serving as a national clearinghouse of information about election administration. EAC also accredits testing laboratories and certifies voting systems, as well as audits the use of HAVA funds." Voting and Elections: (
-Directory of federal and state government resources.

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Polling Data and Analysis

American Research Group: (
-ARG conducts national presidential polls, as well as polls of key battleground states.

Gallup Organization: (
-Basic poll results. While much of the detailed data is subscription-only, summary information and media releases are freely available.

George Washington University Battleground Poll: (
-Questionnaire and results of bipartisan presidential preference survey.

Majority Watch: (
-Analysis of the race for control of the House of Representatives, with detailed polling and demographic data for key battleground districts.

Mason-Dixon: (
-Web site of firm that does presidential polling in key "battleground" states. Includes links to poll results and analysis.

Pew Research Center for the People and the Press: (
-Conducts “regular national surveys that measure public attentiveness to major news stories, and… polling that charts trends in values and fundamental political and social attitudes.” The site also features surveys of global attitudes on topics such as the Iraq war and anti-Americanism. Reports, downloadable data sets, and an index of public interest in various news stories are all freely available. (
-Portal site featuring results of national-level public opinion polls covering topics such as politics and elections, key issues, and social trends. Either browse by topic or search.

Public Agenda: (
-Nonpartisan research center providing in-depth analysis of public opinion on a variety of public policy issues. Offers issue guides, detailed research studies, and “About Polling”, featuring guidance on how to analyze data and links to additional resources.

Rasmussen Reports: (
-Provides national and state political polling data and analysis, including a daily presidential tracking poll, as well as economic confidence indices.

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research: (
-While most of their data is subscription-only, some information is open access. Choose “Public Opinion Matters” to find freely available data by topic. The “Polling 101” section offers an excellent introduction to public opinion analysis for students and others.

Survey USA: (
-Features local and state election and public opinion polls, including presidential race polling by state.

Zogby International: (
-Official site of pollster James Zogby features results of monthly opinion polls and some of daily tracking polls from key primary states. Select “Trends Over Time” to see the evolution of basic polling data on issues such as presidential approval. “In the Media” features a searchable archive of news articles that reference Zogby polling data.

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Political News and Analysis (
-“The website project is a nonpartisan research and educational project of the Center for the Study of American Government at Johns Hopkins University.” It offers reports, analysis, and a blog discussing how political campaigns are using the Internet. Election Center 2008: (
-News and analysis, polling data, background on the issues, and assessments of key races.

Cook Political Report: (
-Analysis by political expert Charles Cook, along with polling data, information on specific races, and an electoral college scorecard.

Fact (
-Provides nonpartisan factual analysis of political claims and advertisements. “We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit, "consumer advocate" for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics. We monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews, and news releases. Our goal is to apply the best practices of both journalism and scholarship, and to increase public knowledge and understanding.” A project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. You Decide 2008: (
-Features news, analysis, and the results of Fox News/Opinion Dynamics polls.

Frequently Used Sites Related to Elections: (
-Lengthy annotated directory of relevant sites created by the GODORT Federal Documents Task Force.

Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball Predictions: (
-Analysis and forecasts for Governor's, Senate, and House races from the noted political analyst and head of the University of Virginia's Center For Politics. Politics: (
-News, analysis, and interactive features.

Politico: (
-Web-based media outlet focused on political and electoral news.

Real Clear Politics: (
-Daily compilation of news and opinion pieces from various media sources, as well as state and national electoral polling data.

University of Michigan Documents Center: Elections 2008: (
-Comprehensive subject directory of annotated links.

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