The War on Terrorism: Post-Saddam Iraq

Last Modified: December 15, 2005

Map of Iraq

This page offers links to selected resources on the political, economic, security, and other aspects of Iraq since the fall of the Ba'athist regime of Saddam Hussein in April 2003. For resources on the situation in Iraq before then, including life under Saddam, Operation Iraqi Freedom, the debate over military action, and the issue of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), please see our companion page The War on Terrorism: Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

Current News and Commentary Official Resources
Government Documents Analysis and Recommendations
Political Developments Economic Reconstruction
Terrorism and Insurgency Sources for Additional Research


Current News and Commentary

ABC Iraq Coverage: (
-News stories and background features.

Alternative Resources on the U.S. War Against Iraq : (
-Annotated directory of news and activist sites opposed to American military action.

BBC News: The Struggle for Iraq: (
-News stories, analysis, and background features. Iraq: Transition of Power: (
-Features news articles and interactive background resources.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR): Iraq: (
-Features a weekly newsletter on events in Iraq, and daily updates from the Iraqi press.

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI): Iraq: (
-Selected translations of Iraqi and other Arab news articles and editorials, as well as documents and analytical reports. Iraq: (
-News and background information from NBC, plus select articles from Newsweek and the Washington Post.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Iraq: (
-News and analytical reports from RFE/RL, plus press summaries from around the world.

Yahoo News: Iraq Coverage: (
-Links to current news articles, Web sites, and other resources.

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Official Resources

CIA World Factbook - Iraq: (
-Basic political and statistical information.

Coalition Provisional Authority: (
-Official Web site of the former US-led occupation administration in Iraq.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Iraq: (
-Official source for UK government statements, news releases, and other documents.

Government Accountability Office: Operation Iraqi Freedom and Its Aftermath: (
-List of full text GAO reports, in PDF.

Government Views of Iraq: (
-Lengthy, annotated list of links to reports, statements, and other documents from the US government, as well as from Great Britain, other governments, and the UN.

Iraq Related CRS Reports: (
-Congressional Research Service reports from August 2002 to the present, made available by the State Department's Foreign Press Centers.

Iraqi Interim Government: (
-Official Web site, offering news and press releases.

State Department Background Notes - Iraq: (
-Historical, political, and economic background information. Updated in August 2004.

UN News Centre: Iraq: (
-UN news stories, official statements, Security Council resolutions, inspection reports, and other documents.

US Department of State: Iraq: (
-Official source of US government statements, press releases, and reports on human rights and other topics concerning Iraq.

US Embassy in Iraq: (
-Official source of statements, press releases, and other US government content.

Whitehouse.Gov: Iraq: (
-Source for presidential remarks, press briefings, and special reports.

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Government Documents

Beyond Iraq: Repercussions of Iraq Stabilization and Reconstruction Policies: (
-Transcript of hearings held before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on June 12, 2003. Also available as a PDF document.

Constitutionalism, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law in Iraq: (
-Transcript of a joint hearing held before the Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Property Rights of the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 25, 2003. Also available as a PDF document.

FY 2004 Supplemental: Iraq and Afghanistan Ongoing Operations/Reconstruction: (
-September 17, 2003 Bush Administration request for $87 billion in additional funding for military and reconstruction operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. An October 15 analysis of the proposal by the Congressional Research Service is available here.

Iraq, Next Steps: How Can Democratic Institutions Succeed in Iraq and the Middle East?: (
-Transcript of hearings held before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on September 24, 2003. Also available as a PDF document.

Iraq, Next Steps: What Will an Iraq 5-Year Plan Look Like?: (
-Transcript of hearings held before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on September 24, 2003. Features testimony by Ambassabor L. Paul Bremer. Also available as a PDF document.

Iraq Transition: Civil War or Civil Society?, Part 1: (
-Transcript of hearings held before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on April 20, 2004. Also available as a PDF document.

Iraq Transition: Civil War or Civil Society?, Part 2: (
-Transcript of hearings held before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on April 20, 2004. Also available as a PDF document.

Law of Administration for the State of Iraq for the Transitional Period: (
-Interim Iraqi constitution signed into law on March 8, 2004.

Paying for Iraq's Reconstruction: (
-January 2004 analysis from the US Congressional Budget Office.

The Political Transition in Iraq: Report of the Fact-Finding Mission: (
-February 23, 2004 report to the United Nations Security Council discussing the issue of when elections can realistically be held in Iraq.

Public Law No. 108-106: Making emergency supplemental appropriations for defense and for the reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2004, and for other purposes: (
-$87 billion supplemental appropriations package passed by Congress on November 6, 2003. Also available as a PDF document.

Rebuilding Iraq: (
-May 2003 report from the US General Accounting Office..

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Analysis and Recommendations

After Saddam: Assessing the Reconstruction of Iraq: (
-January 2004 report by Iraq specialist Kenneth Pollack of the Brookings Institution. Also available as a PDF file.

After Saddam Hussein: Winning a Peace if it Comes to War: (
-February 2003 special report from the United States Institute of Peace.

America's Role in Nation-Building: From Germany to Iraq: (
-Comparative analysis published in 2003 from the RAND Corporation.

From Victory to Success: Afterwar Policy in Iraq: (
-Special report from Foreign Policy, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The Future of a Post-Saddam Iraq: A Blueprint for American Involvement: (
-Analyses and policy recommendations from the Heritage Foundation.

Guiding Principles for U.S. Post-Conflict Policy in Iraq: (
-December 2002 report released by the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Baker Institute for Public Policy of Rice University.

Iraq Index: Tracking Reconstruction and Security in Post-Saddam Iraq: (
-"The Iraq Index is a statistical compilation of economic and security data. This resource will provide updated information on various criteria, including crime, telephone and water service, troop fatalities, unemployment, Iraqi security forces, oil production, and coalition troop strength." Compiled and updated weekly by the Brookings Institution.

Iraq's Post-Conflict Reconstruction: A Field Review and Recommendations: (
-July 17, 2003 report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Occupation Watch: (
-Offers news articles, commentary, and analysis, from a perspective opposed to the American presence in Iraq.

Postconflict Iraq: A Race for Stability, Reconstruction, and Legitimacy: (
-May 2004 special report from the United States Institute of Peace.

Winning the Peace in Iraq: (
-Analysis from the Spring 2003 issue of the Washington Quarterly.

A Wiser Peace: An Action Strategy For A Post-Conflict Iraq: (
-January 2003 report issued by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Visit the Post-Conflict Iraq section of the CSIS Web site for additional reports and analyses.

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Political Developments

Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani and the Democratization of Post-Saddam Iraq: (
-Analysis from the December 2004 issue of the Middle East Review of International Affairs.

Beyond Baghdad: (
-Companion Web site to February 2004 PBS Frontline documentary on the current political and security situation in Iraq, and its implications for the long term prospects of democracy. Features interviews, comments by the producers, a transcript of the program, and links to articles and readings.

Building Democracy After Conflict: Lessons from Iraq: (
-Article by former CPA advisor Larry Diamond. Published in the January 2005 issue of the Journal of Democracy.

Can Federalism Stabilize Iraq? : (
-Analysis from the Spring 2004 issue of the Washington Quarterly.

Democracy in Iraq?: (
-Article by Daniel Byman and Kenneth Pollack analyzing the question of whether democracy can take root in Iraq. Published in the Summer 2003 issue of the Washington Quarterly.

Establishing a Stable Democratic Constitutional Structure in Iraq: Some Basic Considerations: (
-May 2003 study from the Public International Law & Policy Group.

Establishing the Rule of Law in Iraq: (
-April 2003 special report from the United States Institute of Peace.

Human Rights Watch: Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan: (
-Index of reports and news releases.

Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq: (
-Offers detailed information on the Iraqi elections, including relevant laws, candidate lists, and participating parties.

Iraq: Setbacks, Advances, Prospects: (
-Assessment by Professor Adeed Dawisha of the prospects for creating a democratic Iraq. Published in the January 2004 issue of the Journal of Democracy.

Iraq "The Day After": Internal Dynamics in Post-Saddam Iraq: (
-Analysis by Dr. Phebe Marr from the Winter 2003 issue of the Naval War College Review.

The Iraqi Opposition's Evolution: From Conflict To Unity?: (
-"This article uses Iraqi documents to survey the relationship between the Iraqi opposition and the regime of Saddam Hussein...A key question is whether the opposition has reached a higher level of unity and both the determination and ability, with U.S. help, to develop a new democratic regime in the country." From the December 2002 issue of the Middle East Review of International Affairs.

Iraqi Prospect Organisation: (
-"The IPO is a network of young Iraqi men and women working to promote the establishment of democracy in Iraq." Includes information about the IPO, weekly news updates, and basic background on the current situation and on Iraq under Saddam.

Islamist Politics in Iraq after Saddam Hussein: (
-August 2003 special report from the United States Institute of Peace.

Sistani.Org: (
-Official Web site of Iraqi Shia Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, featuring his statements and pronouncements.

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Economic Reconstruction

Bean Counting in Baghdad: Debt, Reparations, Reconstruction, and Resources: (
-Analysis published in the September 2003 issue of the Middle East Review of International Affairs.

Iraq Project and Contracting Office: (
-Official US government Web site offering information on Iraqi reconstruction projects and contracting opportunities.

Iraqi Business Centers: (
-Offers information for Iraqi businesses and for foreign companies seeking to do business in Iraq, such as contacts, funding sources, contracts available for bid, and additional resources. Includes a searchable directory of registered Iraqi businesses.

Jubilee Iraq: (
-Advocacy site calling for the cancellation of debts accrued by Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Includes a large amount of data on Iraq's current debt.

Reconstucting Iraq: Costs and Possible Income Sources: (
-April 2003 briefing memo from the Project on Defense Alternatives.

UN Iraq: (
-Portal site for UN agencies and NGOs active in Iraq.

US Agency for International Development (USAID): Assistance for Iraq: (
-Official site for information on US government funded reconstruction efforts in Iraq. Includes news releases, weekly updates, and information by economic sector.

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Terrorism and Insurgency

Ansar al-Islam: Back in Iraq: (
-Study of the radical Islamist group believed responsible for many of the suicide terrorist attacks that have occurred in post-Saddam Iraq. Published in the Winter 2004 issue of the Middle East Quarterly.

Center for Defense Information: Eye on Iraq: (
-Latest news, facts, and analysis.

Center for Strategic and International Studies: Iraq Briefing Book: (
-Reports and analyses from CSIS specialists. Most reports focus on military trends and events, though some analyses of postwar Iraq, and the possible economic impact of military action, are included. Iraq Occupation and Reconstruction: (
-Detailed data on the military and security situation, featuring information on force levels, operations, casualties, Iraqi insurgent groups, and other topics. The site includes articles, maps, images, important documents, and links to other resources.

Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Iraq: (
-June 2004 report by Bruce Hoffman of the RAND Corporation.

Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Iraq: (
-Analysis by Steven Metz of the US Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute. Published in the Winter 2003/04 issue of the Washington Quarterly.

Iraq Coalition Casualties: (
-Detailed database of coalition casualties suffered in Iraq since March 2003. Casualty data is broken down by time period, country of origin, hostile/non-hostile causes, as well as overall trends on casualty rates and insurgent attacks.

Iraq's Hostage Crisis: Kidnappings, Mass Media and the Iraqi Insurgency: (
-"This article analyzes the use of kidnapping as a tactic by the Iraqi insurgency in its effort to influence Iraqi, Arab, and Muslim public opinion and politics, as well as the international arena. It assesses how this method has yielded important advantages for the insurgents, despite the horror and opposition this behavior arouses in the outside world." From the December 2004 issue of the Middle East Review of International Affairs.

Multinational Forces Iraq: (
-Official Web site of US and coalition forces in Iraq. Features news items, press releases, and background on coalition forces.

Resistance in Iraq: (
-Overview and analysis of postwar guerrilla activity published in the Fall 2003 issue of the Middle East Quarterly.

The Sunni Insurgency in Iraq: (
-August 2003 policy brief on the postwar anti-American guerrilla movement, published by the Middle East Institute.

Understanding Muqtada al-Sadr : (
-Analysis of the radical Shia cleric whose militia has twice confronted US and coalition forces. Published in the Fall 2004 issue of the Middle East Quarterly.

UK Ministry of Defence: Operation Telic: (
-Official news and information on British military forces deployed in Iraq.

United States Central Command: (
-Official Web site for headquarters of US forces in Iraq and the Middle East. Offers briefing transcripts, news updates, images and videoclips. Includes information on American casualties.

War Report: Iraq War and Afghan Aftermath: (
-Index of links to news articles and other documents, from the Project on Defense Alternatives.

The "Zarqawi Letter": (
-Transcribed version of letter captured from an al-Qa'ida courier in January 2004, discussing the activities and strategy of radical Islamist terrorists in Iraq. The letter is believed to have been written by Islamist terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Released by the Coalition Provisional Authority on February 12, 2004.

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Sources for Additional Research

Academic Info: Iraq Studies Gateway: (
-Index of links to news, government, activist, and research sites.

Brookings Institution: Iraq: (
-Daily updates, reports, and analyses from Brookings specialists.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Reconstructing Iraq: (
-Sizable index of news articles, reports, documents, and analyses. Topics of special interest include "Weapons of Mass Destruction", "Reconstructing Iraq", and "Regime Change".

Council on Foreign Relations: Iraq: (
-Features news articles, opinion pieces, introductory background and analysis, reports, documents, and related links.

Heritage Foundation: Iraq Research: (
-Commentary and reports from prominent conservative policy organization.

International Crisis Group: Iraq: (
-"The International Crisis Group (ICG) is an independent, non-profit, multinational organisation, with over 90 staff members on five continents, working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict." ICG offers periodic reports and analyses on the situation in Iraq.

Iraq: Selected Online Resources: (
-March 2003 webliography from the USAF Air University Library.

MERIA Research Guide: Internet Resources on Post-Saddam Hussein Iraq: (
-Lengthy, annotated guide to selected links. Published by the Middle East Review of International Affairs.

Middle East Institute: Iraq: (
-Basic facts and figures, with links to additional resources and to MEI articles and analyses.

US Institute of Peace Library: Iraq Web Links: (
-Excellent topical list of Web links, covering government and politics, news resources, and selected reports and documents.

University of Michigan Documents Center: Iraq War Debate - 2002/2005: (
-Comprehensive directory of Web links and other resources.

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