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The Joyner Library Map Collection is housed in the Government Documents and Microforms Department, located in the basement of the library. The department is responsible for maintaining and servicing the collection, and for providing assistance to patrons with map questions. Currently, Joyner has over 99,000 sheet maps and over 40 GIS (Geographic Information Systems) resources on CD-ROM.

The Collection

Our collection contains a wide variety of maps. While the vast majority are topographic maps, we house geologic, hydrologic, bathymetric, photo image, and political maps. Also, we have nautical and aeronautical charts. Among the series we carry are USGS 7.5 minute topographical maps, CIA maps, Jet Navigation Charts, NOAA Nautical Charts, USGS geologic and hydrologic maps, and Bureau of Land Management maps.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Geographical Information Systems or GIS are electronic tools used to map and analyze a wide variety of information. The technology combines database capabilities with mapping features to allow the user to do everything from plan the allocation of resources to study natural phenomenon.

Standalone computers for using GIS and other Documents CD-ROMs are available in the Reference Department on the 1st Floor of the library. While we do not offer software to support every GIS resource in our collection, our CD-ROMs are available for checkout with the permission of a Government Documents faculty librarian.

For a complete listing of GIS resources available see GIS Resources Available in Joyner Library, a document created by geography grad student, Kevin Findell.

Assistance Locating A Map

Our collection is available during regular library hours. Assistance is available at the Documents and Microforms Department service desk during the following hours:

    Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Most of our maps circulate and may be checked out at the Documents/Microforms Desk during the times stated above. For assistance during evenings and weekends, ask at the Reference Desk on the 1st Floor. The Documents and Microforms Department is located in the basement of the library.

In addition to the assistance of staff, other resources are available to help you determine which maps you need. We have paper indexes for the CIA political maps, the nautical charts, the 7.5 topographic maps, the DMA/AMS  topos and the Geologic Atlas of the United States. Also, we have gazetteers covering most of the world and part of the United States. Atlases are available in the general stacks or the Reference Department located on the first floor of the library.

GPO Access and GeoRef are electronic resources you can use to locate maps. Once you complete a search using one of these databases you can check the map chart below to determine if we carry a particular map series.

MapTech MapServer offers free access to over 65,000 United States maps. This online collection includes topographic, nautical, aerial photographs, satellite images and aeronautical charts. These maps can be saved, emailed or printed. Another useful site is the USGS National Mapping information site that includes a link to MapFinder and PhotoFinder. MapFinder is an excellent source for locating and ordering topographic maps. PhotoFinder can be used to find aerial photographs. The National Ocean Service MapFinder is useful for locating nautical charts.

In addition to the sites above, there is another map web site that may be helpful. Maps in Electronic Format at UTexas-Austin has a variety of maps online.

Map Chart

Below is a chart of the different types of maps our department houses. On the left you will find the type of map and a brief description of the type. On the right you will find a list of the series we carry and information about coverage and scale.

Topographic Maps

Gives a detailed description and representation of the physical features of an area. Has contour lines to show the shape and elevation of the terrain.

7.5 Minute topographical maps (1:24,000,  1: 25,000 and some 1: 62,500) series covers the United States
National Forest Topos(1:24,000 and 1:25,000) based on 7.5 minute topos, covers national forest areas of the United States, part of the regular 7.5 minute topo series
National Topographic Maps (1:250,000) named after major cities, covers US
County Maps (1:100,000 and 1:50,000) includes special edition maps put out for the BIA and BLM
Alaska Maps (1:63,360 and 1:25,000)
Various US maps (1:25,000) 7.5 minutes x 15 minutes
City maps (1:24,000) various US cities, historical
Army Mapping Service/ Defense Mapping Agency (AMS/DMA) maps (various scales) historic international maps
Geographical Section, General Staff (GSGS) maps (1:50,000 and 1:100,000) historic international maps
US Quad maps (1:100,000) 30x60 minutes, covers the US, some planimetric maps included
Geologic Maps

Uses a combination of lines, symbols and colors to show the composition and structure of land materials and their distribution across and beneath the land's surface.

State Geologic maps (1:250,000 and 1:500,000) covers the United States, incomplete set
Geologic Atlas of the United States (1:62,500) divided into 200+ folios
International Geologic Atlas of Europe (various scales) covers various areas of the world
United States Geologic Survey Geologic and Hydrologic maps (various scales) various coverage
Hydrologic Maps

Show the occurrence, distribution and circulation of the Earth's waters

Ground Water Atlas of the United States (various scale maps in each volume) set currently incomplete
United States Geologic Survey Geologic and Hydrologic maps (various scales) various coverage
Bathymetric Maps

Displays isobath or bathymetric contour lines to show the form of the land below the water's surface. Some show magnetic and gravity data in addition to water depths.

Bathymetric maps (1:100,000) covers various areas of the United States waters
Photo image Maps

Maps produced from aerial photographs.

Orthophoto maps or quads (1:24,000 and 1:25,000) show subtle topographic detail in areas of low relief, covers some parts of the United States
Border maps (1:25,000) covers the US-Mexican border and parts of the US-Canadian border
Nautical Maps and Charts

Displays features of navigable waters. Current editions updated frequently.

Nautical Charts (various scales) covers various areas of the world, generally used for navigation
US Nautical Charts (1:40,000) covers various parts of the United States
Nautical maps (scale unknown) covers various parts of the world, older map series
Aeronautical Charts

Various maps used for flight navigation. Also, useful for coverage of a large area.

Tactical Pilotage Charts (TPC)
Operational Navigation Charts (ONC)
Sectional Aeronautical Charts>
Aeronautical Charts (AGC)
USAF Aeronautical Approach Charts
Local Aeronautical Charts
AAF Aeronautical Charts
Jet Navigation Charts
USAF Jet Navigation Charts
Global Navigation and Planning Charts (GNC)
Local Visual Navigation USAF Pilotage Charts
USAF Pilotage Charts
Pilotage Charts - North Pacific Ocean
Enroute Low Altitude Charts
Joint Operations Graphics (ground)
Miscellaneous Maps

Various maps.

State maps (1:500,000) displays land features such as highways, mountains and rivers
National Parks and Forests (various scales) a wide variety of tourist maps from national parks and forests
Lunar maps (various scales) various maps of the Moon
SuDoc maps (various scales) various types of maps organized by the Superintendent of Documents classification number
Miscellaneous Foreign, Miscellaneous Latin American, and Miscellaneous US/North American (various scales)
CIA maps (various scales) political maps of the world

Please contact David Durant , Government Documents Librarian, if you have any questions or comments.

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