The War on Terrorism: News, Commentary, and Analysis

News and Commentary

Alternative Resources on the US "War Against Terrorism": (
-Links to groups and news outlets opposed to American military action.

America's War Against Terrorism: (
-A comprehensive directory of news, information, and research links from the University of Michigan's Documents Center.

Christian Science Monitor: Terrorism & Security: (
-A brief daily summary and analysis of the latest news, updated Monday thru Friday, with links to articles from a variety of sources.

Foundation for the Defense of Democracies: (
-Rich source of news articles, opinions and analysis from a pro-war perspective.

Google News and Resources: (
-Excellent list of links to news organizations, both US and international, along with a search feature and articles browsable by subject.

The Observer: War on Terrorism: (,1373,555894,00.html).
-Special coverage from one of Britain's major Sunday newspapers.

The War in Context: Alternative perspectives on the "war on terrorism": (
-Articles and opinion pieces critical of US policy, compiled from a variety of sources. Includes links to a large number of US and international resources.

War on Terrorism Web Sites: (
-Excellent selection of links, representing a wide range of viewpoints.

Watch - Covering the War on Terror: (
-Daily "weblog" linking to noteworthy news and opinion articles.

Yahoo News: Terrorism and 9/11: (
-Links to current news articles, editorial and opinion pieces, Web sites, and other resources.

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Government Information

Department of Homeland Security: (
-Official departmental Web site, with news and press releases, background, and the current terrorism threat advisory level.

Firstgov - America Responds: (
-Extremely useful guide to government information resources, with links and phone numbers provided. (
-Information on what individuals and families can do to prepare for a possible terrorist attack.

10 Downing Street: International News: (
-Documents and news releases from the British Prime Minister's Office.

UK Home Office: Terrorism: (
-Official British government site, with information on terrorist groups, counterterrorist laws and measures undertaken by the UK, and advice for British citizens in the event of a terrorist attack.

UN Action Against Terrorism: (
-Official source of United Nations news, documents, and links concerning terrorism and the UN response. Homeland Security: (
-Features executive branch press releases, statements, and other documents. National Security: (
-Documents, reports, statements and other information on diplomacy, military action, law enforcement, and relief efforts.

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Military Operations

Center for Defense Information: Terrorism: (
-Research, analysis, and updates on military operations.

Defend America: (
-Official source of Defense Department information on the war against terrorism. Includes articles, press releases, and transcripts of Pentagon briefings.

Federation of American Scientists: (
-Information on military weapons and tactics, as well as terrorism, the possible threat from weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and congressional legislation and actions. (
-News, background, and links on US military operations worldwide, including maps and satellite images, from noted military analyst John Pike.

Project on Defense Alternatives: (
-News, analysis, and research reports on operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere.

United Kingdom Ministry of Defence: (
-Official site for information on British military forces and operations.

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Law Enforcement and Civil Liberties

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): Safe and Free: (
-Information on various domestic aspects of the War on Terrorism, and the possible impact on civil liberties.

American Library Association: USA PATRIOT Act: (
-Guide to ALA resources concerning this law and the threat ALA believes it poses to intellectual freedom .

Center for Democracy & Technology: Response to September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks: (
-Links to documents, analysis, congressional testimony, and other sources on the possible impact of the USA Patriot Act and other post 9/11 legal measures.

Center for National Security Studies: (
-"The Center for National Security Studies, a non-governmental advocacy and research organization, was founded in 1974 to work for control of the FBI and CIA and to prevent violations of civil liberties in the United States." Includes a section on the Aftermath of September 11th, with numerous links and documents on issues such as the PATRIOT Act, government surveillance, and military commissions.

Counter-Terrorism Training and Resources for Law Enforcement: (
-"Presents information on new legislation, new programs, and news releases related to counter-terrorism training and preparedness for law enforcement." Includes a large number of publications and research links.

Department of Justice: DOJ Response to Terrorist Attacks: (
-Statements, press releases, and other documents.

Electronic Frontier Foundation: The USA PATRIOT Act: (
-Site critical of the PATRIOT Act, featuring information and analysis.

Evergreen State College Library: USA PATRIOT Act: (
-"This website was created to provide the public with access to information about the USA PATRIOT Act, intellectual freedom, civil rights and social justice. The following links provide access to the USA Patriot Act text and offer a variety of resources for education, government information and activism."

Federal Bureau of Investigation: War on Terrorism: (
-Congressional testimony, news releases, speeches, reports, and links to other government sites.

Findlaw: War on Terrorism - Civil and Criminal Terror Cases: (
-Indictments and other court documents.

Legislation Related to the Attack of September 11, 2001: (
-Index of all relevant legislation, with bill summaries, legislative histories, and the full text of the legislation. From the Library of Congress' Thomas Web site.

National Coalition Against Censorship: Free Expression After September 11th - An Online Index: (
-List of "various incidents of censorship and suppression of speech that are a direct result of the events of September 11th." Includes links to news articles and other helpful resources.

Preserving Life and Liberty : (
-Department of Justice Web site offering a defense of the USA PATRIOT ACT.

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Centers for Disease Control: Bioterrorism Agents/Diseases: (
-Information aimed at healthcare providers.

Healthfinder - Bioterrorism: (
-Annotated list of links to reliable Web sites. Includes both English and Spanish resources.

MEDLINEplus: Biodefense and Bioterrorism: (
-Links to news and information resources, from the National Library of Medicine. Includes information for parents and kids.

University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center: Center for Biosecurity: (
-Includes fact sheets, articles and reports, congressional testimony, and reading lists.

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