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North Carolina Periodicals Index Indexes and abstracts articles in North Carolina periodicals. The periodicals indexed are available in printed form in the North Carolina Collection. Available at:

News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) -- available in Newspaper Source with selected full-text of the articles themselves.

It is also possible to search the News & Observer web site to identify articles and to then use the microfilm of the newspaper located in the North Carolina Collection. See:


The Daily Bulletin . Institute of Government, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This loose-leaf service lists bills that have been introduced on each day of a legislative session, giving a brief indication of the subject or intent of the legislation, and tracks the status of bills (e.g., referral to committees, ratification). NoCar JK/4166/N67 1945-.

Session Laws of N.C. These are the laws and resolutions passed in a given session of the legislature, as well as executive orders issued by the Governor, compiled chronologically. These are the N.C. "equivalent" of the federal "Statutes-at-Large" . Includes indexes by subject and bill number. NoCar Ref KFN/7425/A243 1831/32-

Advance Legislative Service.  These pamphlets are published shortly after a legislative session, before the Session Laws are printed. They include the laws passed in the most recent session.  Tables show which General Statutes were affected by the legislation.  NoCar Ref KFN/7430/1943/A21.  Also available through Lexis-Nexis Academic.

General Statutes of N.C. The General Statutes are a “codified,” or subject, arrangement of the laws of North Carolina. This is the N.C. equivalent of the federal "U.S. Code." NoCar Ref KFN/7430/1943/A2x Alsoavailable electronically via Lexis-Nexis Academic (Search for 'Legal Research' then to 'State Codes').

The General Statutes are also available via the Internet at the North Carolina General Assembly World Wide Web site:\

North CarolinaLegislation.  This summary of key legislation is published by the UNC School of Government after each legislative session.  It explains the background and implications of the laws. NoCar Ref KFN/7415/I53/2003


Court decisions involve interpretation of legislation. They can add new dimensions to statutes, which cannot anticipate all possible applications. In North Carolina cases usually begin in trial court (district and superior courts) and are appealed to the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the North Carolina Supreme Court. Trial court opinions often are not written or published. Reports of the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the North Carolina Supreme Court are published.

North Carolina Court of Appeals Reports . [abbreviated N.C. App.]  NoCar Ref KFN/7448/A2 1968 - .

North Carolina [Supreme Court] Reports . [abbreviated N.C.]  NoCar Ref KFN/7445/A3x 1778-.

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe .  Academic Universe includes full-text of federal and state cases, statutes, and law reviews.
Once into the database, click Legal Research, then State Case Law.  

North CarolinaDigest, 2d A printed index to North Carolina court cases, 1778-present.  NoCar Ref KFN/7457/N6/1990.

Strong’s North CarolinaIndex 4th An encyclopedic treatment of North Carolina Law.  NoCar Ref KFN/7445.6/S82/1989.


North Carolina Register . This monthly publication contains executive orders, proposed rules (regulations) of state agencies (to allow for public comment before final adoption) and regulations that have been adopted. Consult the North Carolina Register to see whether changes or additions to regulations have been made in recent months. NoCar Ref KFN/7840/A1/N67x 1986-. It is also available at:

N.C. Administrative Code The N.C. Administrative Code contains regulations adopted by state agencies, often in response to legislation. In such a case the regulations have the force of law.


Many of these are not yet available electroncially and but you can always try the web sites of individual counties and municipalities just in case. 

Code of the City of Greenville, North Carolina. The charter and the general ordinances of the City / ordained and published by order of the City Council. Raleigh , N.C. : North Carolina League of Municipalities, 1980 (updated to present by supplements). NoCar Ref Desk KFX/1545/G742/A35x1980-.

Code of Ordinances, Pitt County , North Carolina : general ordinances of the county . Published by the Board of Commissioners. Tallahassee , FL : Municipal Code Corp., 1991. NoCar Ref Desk KFN/7999/P6/A35 1991-.

Also see: 
Municipal Codes Online

Subject Area Resources:


  • Education Abstracts: Indexes and abstracts articles from periodicals and books.
  • Education Law in North Carolina: . Includes federal and state law, and court cases, and features clear, concise explanations of changes adopted by the North Carolina General Assembly, information about recent court decisions affecting public schools, and a newly revised chapter regarding school property transactions.
  • ERIC:  ERIC is the primary index for articles and resources on educational research and practice.
  • NC Department of Public Instruction: Includes legislative report, testing results, responses to No Child Left Behind, and other reports and statistics.



  • Health and Wellness Resource Center:  Authoritative fulltext reference materials and articles.
  • Health Reference Center--Academic:  Articles, pamphlets and reference materials.
  • Health Source, Consumer Edition:  In addition to articles and reference resources, includes Clinical Reference Systems (abbreviated on the database search screen as CRS Adviser), which provides over 7,000 reports that use everyday language to describe symptoms, treatments, risks, and after-effects of a vast array of medical topics and conditions.


Maury York,  Bryna Coonin
Joyner Library
Sept. 2004

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