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About the Reflector Index

Scope and Content

Compiled by Roger Kammerer, a local historian in Greenville, this database provides access to a wealth of information found in the Eastern Reflector, a weekly newspaper published in Greenville beginning in 1882, and the Daily Reflector, which began publication in 1894. Topics include people (marriages; deaths; and business, educational, and social activities), institutions (businesses, churches, civic organizations, and local government), and events, including "odd and unusual" occurrences. The newspaper was a great local booster, proudly noting the construction of railroads, commercial buildings, and dwellings as symbols of progress. Although the focus of the database is Pitt County and its communities, some information concerning other North Carolina cities and towns is included. Statewide and national news events are not reflected in the database.

The components of this database, divided to shorten downloading time, cover the following periods: part 1, 1882-1888; part 2, 1888-1890; part 3, 1891-1894; part 4,1894-1897; part 5, 1898-1901. However, for a variety of reasons, the sections do not always follow a strict chronological order. Therefore, the thorough user should examine all sections for a particular citation. Microfilm copies of the original newspapers are available in the North Carolina Collection's Microfilm Room. Paper copies can be made from the film.

Using Word's "Find" function (click on "Edit" in the tool bar and select "Find"), search for one keyword at a time. Typical searches might include the last name of an individual or an event—"fire," for example. Continue to search for the term until there are no more occurrences of it. Remember to think of all possible spellings of a name. Truncating a search might improve search results. For example, searching for "teach" might yield references to "teacher," "teachers," and "teaching."

Please note that in most instances the date cited for the abstract refers to the newspaper publication date. However, in some instances, the date cited refers to a date heading in a subsection of the newspaper. In cases where you do not find the cited article in the newspaper published on that date, check the newspapers for the next few dates for a subsection with the cited date as its heading.

The Daily Reflector Index - Joyner Library

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