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Census Data Sources for North Carolina:
Sponsored by the North Carolina State Data Center, this site offers access to selected census data from the 2000 Census for the state of North Carolina.  The available information is in pdf format.

Eastern North Carolina Dataset Project:  The Project has collected demographic data specific to 42 eastern North Carolina counties to create a clearinghouse of statistics to assist ECU research faculty in authoring proposals for grants whose funding agencies "...tend to prioritize underserved and underrepresented groups during the proposal review and ranking process."  Visitors to the site can peruse a wealth of statistical information that helps to illustrate how eastern North Carolina is an underrepresented rural region.

This database, maintained by the North Carolina State Data Center, provides access to over 1200 data series from state and federal agencies.  The site provides a vast amount of information including the complete 2000 Census, vital statistics, and statistics for agriculture, education, and business and industry.  For those users unfamiliar with the database and overwhelmed by the vast amount of information provided, the site offers a number of tutorials to assist them.

North Carolina Demographic & Statistical Data:
Please see the entry above.

North Carolina Demographic & Statistical Data Sources on the Web:
This page, maintained by the State Library of North Carolina, was developed as a quick reference guide to demographic and statistical data for the state.  The topics covered are arranged alphabetically by subject.  For those overwhelmed by the size of LINC, this may be a good place to begin searching for information.

State Data Center:
This is the homepage for the North Carolina State Data Center, "a consortium of state and local agencies established in cooperation with the US Bureau of the Census to provide the public with data about North Carolina and its component geographic areas.”  The site includes links to news and statistical data for the state.

State Demographics:
This site, maintained by the State Demographics Unit, provides a list of “quick links” to demographic data for North Carolina assembled through their analysis of census records.

U.S. Census Bureau: Census 2000 Data for the State of North Carolina:
Maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau, this site offers North Carolina complete census data for the state from the 2000 Census.

U.S. Census Bureau: Census State Data Centers: North Carolina:
A list of the websites and physical addresses of Census State Data Centers in North Carolina.  The site further identifies the types and formats of information that each center offers.

U.S. Historical Census Data Browser:
This site, maintained by the University of Virginia's GeoStat Center, provides historical census information for the United States from 1790-1960.  Users can generate customized reports through the use of a simple search interface.

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