Pitt County During the Civil War: The Gilmer Map



Confederate Engineer Bureau
Pitt County research dealing with the years 1860-1865 is tremendously aided by the surviving works of the Confederate Engineer Bureau, Richmond, Virginia. Chief Engineer, General Jeremy Francis Gilmer, plotted and drew detailed maps of the northeastern portion of North Carolina. He noted waterways, landings, roads, all but the smallest farms, and churches. It is assumed that the purpose of the work was to facilitate troop movement through the area--where food might be found, where passage was easy or difficult, and where the troops might rest along the way.

Only a Detail Can Be Shown Here
This map is entirely too large to put on a website. A very small portion has been digitized (with great difficulty) for demonstration. The portion you'll see here shows the farms of the writer's Civil War era families (Ross, Whichard, James and Rollins) located between/near Grindall Creek and Hunting Run in the Pactolus Township area of Pitt County. The detail represents only about a three-square-inch area of a map (photostated from the original) approximately 36 x 48 inches.

The original is housed in the North Carolina Archives, Map Collection #101, Raleigh, North Carolina. The map is labelled:

Maps from Confederate Engineer Bureau Richmond, Va.
General Jeremy Francis Gilmer, Chief Engineer
Presented to
The North Carolina Historical Commission
by Louisa Porter Minis His Only Daughter
Photographic copies may be ordered from the North Carolina Archives. When this compiler purchased her set in about 1980, she got four pieces (18 x 24 inches), each a quadrant of the whole, and numbered "101-A-1".


Pitt County During the Civil War: The Gilmer Map - Joyner Library

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