Abstracts of Pitt County, NC, Wills: 1760-1858


Genealogical Resources for Pitt County, North Carolina

The Pitt County Court House in Greenville, NC, was destroyed by fire in 1858. All wills and estate records in the Clerk's Office were lost at that time. Only a few wills had been sent to the Secretary of State's office in Raleigh, and are found now in the North Carolina Department of Archives and History (Series SS/--). Fortunately, court cases and private family papers occasionally contain copies of probated wills, and in some instances, unprobated drafts.

The collection of wills that are being abstracted in this project are the result of many years of searching on the part of Roger E. Kammerer and Elizabeth Ross of Greenville, NC, through various files and collections, as referenced at the end of each abstract. The wills are being transcribed in full, and published by the Pitt County Family Researchers in their periodical: Pitt County Genealogical Quarterly. The serious researcher will want to refer to the complete transcript or original document whenever possible.

The collections most often cited are noted by abbreviations or shortened names, in order to improve readability of the will's contents, and to facilitate typing. They are:

ECU Manu.: East Carolina University Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library; Greenville, North Carolina.

NC Archives: North Carolina Department of Archives and History; Raleigh, North Carolina

SHC UNC-CH: Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

As more wills are located and abstracted, they will be added to this web site. Please read and honor the fair-usage statements on the PCC home page, " About . . . ". We hope you will find the information useful to your historical research.

Adams, David.
Pitt Co., July 29, 1846, no probate shown. Wife Argent Adams (negroes big Joe, Shade, little Joe, Amy, Lewey and her child Rose); dau. Polly Adams (negro big Simon); dau. Argent Adams (negro little Simon); dau. Esther Adams (negro Charles); son Bryant Adams; son Jesse Adams; son David Adams; son Churchel Adams. Remainder of property not named to be equally divided between "my nine children": Lovey Chapman, Sally Roach, Clarricy Smith, Lydia Gaskins, David Adams, Churchel Adams, Polly Adams, Argent Adams, Esther Adams. Execs.: Son-in-law Lewis Smith, son Churchel Adams. Wits.: Firnaford Chapman, Washington Venters. Signed David Adams {Seal}. —NC Archives, Series CR.079, Box 801.1.

Averett, David.
Pitt Co., June 30, 1807, probate Feb. Term 1808. Wife mentioned, but not by name; son Demcy Averitt; dau. Charity Averitt, dau. Nancy Averitt, dau. Sary. Remainder to be divided among "my other Six Children after their mother's death." Later stated "My Eight Children after their mother's death." Mentioned land adjoining Sterling Averitt. Execs. not named. Wits.: William Nichols, Whitney Nichols. Signed by mark, David Averitt {Seal}. —NC Archives, Series C.R.079. Box 801.1.

Barrow, Benjamin.
Pitt Co., Sept. 5, 1807, probate Aug. Term 1808. Wife Honer Barrow (negroes Rose and Lewis); grandson Benjamin Forbes; granddau. Polly Forbes (negro girl Fanny); granddau. Sally Forbes (negro girl Violet). Sole Exec.: loving grandson Ben Forbes. Wits.: Tobias Butler, Frederick Hardison. Signed by mark, Benj'n (+) Barrow {Seal}. "true copy" dated Dec. 28, 1812, by Alexander Evans, Clk. —NC Archives, Superior Court Case #301.

Bentley, Taplie.
Pitt Co., Sept. 9, 1796, probate Oct. Term 1796. Wife Elesabeth Bentley, my whole estate for her lifetime, and then equally divided between my children (unnamed). Execs.: Benjamin Barrow, wife Elesabeth Bentley. Wit.: Rich'd. Moye, Geo. (mark) Ward. Signed by mark, Taplie (X) Bentley {Seal}. —NC Archives, Superior Court Case #301.

Braddy, James.
Pitt Co., July 28, 1845, no probate shown. Wife Lowey Braddy (negros Ben, Starling, Tincy); son Robert H. W. Braddy; son Josephus Braddy; dau. Christchany E. Braddy; dau. Clemmy A. Braddy; son Edmond R. Braddy. Later states "my six children." Execs.: sons Robert H. W., and Josephus Braddy. No witnesses shown. Signed James Braddy {Seal}. True Copy, H. Sheppard,Clk, by M. B. Cherry, Deputy Clk. —NC Archives, Series CR 079, Box 801.2.

Brooks, James.
Pitt Co., July 12, 1806. Nov. Term 1806. Dau. Mary Wilson and William Wilson her husband (negro woman Pegg and her increase); granddau. Elizabeth Wilson (negro child Delinney, who is one of Pegg's children); other granddaus. (unnamed) by my dau. Mary Wilson (negro woman Pegg after their mother's death); son John Brooks ($1); son James Brooks ($1); dau. Sarah Tucker ($1); dau. Margaret Bond ($1); son William Brooks (negro man Roger); dau. Nancy Brooks (negroes Bette and her increase, and Ben); dau. Elizabeth Wilson* (land); grandsons (unnamed) by my dau. Sidney Adams. Execs.: sons John and William Brooks. Wits.: Jesse Randolph, Joseph Brooks. Signed by mark, Joseph Brooks Senr. —NC Archives, Superior Court, 1842. (*Note: Other legal documents show that Elizabeth Wilson was granddau., not dau., of James Brooks.)

Burney, Simon, Sr.
Pitt Co., Jan. 29, 1829, probate May Court 1829. Dau. Sarah Wilson (negros.: girl Centhy, girl Sarah, woman Eady & Eady's youngest child); dau. Elizabeth Kilpatrick (negroes: girl Cherry, girl Betsy, woman Chainy & Chainy's youngest child); Dau. Louisa Smith (negros: girl Phillis, girl _____ [?], woman Ertha & Ertha's youngest child); dau. Rachel Burney (negroes: boy Tiny, girl Jermima, boy Jackson, girl Grissy); granddau. Eliza Wooten (negro girl Rhoda); grandson Counsel Wooten (negro boy William); son John H. Burney (land and remainder of negroes); son Bryan Burney (50 cents and a bed); son Lewis Burney (bed); son Simon Burney (50 cents and a bed). Lands mentioned on Clay Root, and Swift Creek. Execs.: friends William Pugh and John H. Burney. Wits.: William Burney, Henry Smith, Samuel Smith. Signed Simon Burney, Sr. {Seal}. —Harding Family Papers, ECU Manu Coll. #152.1.

Crandell, Christopher, Sen'r.
Pitt Co., Aug. 5, 1826, no probate shown. Wife Mary Ann; son Willis Crandell; dau. Achsa Hill; granddau. Polly Ann Hill; dau. Polly Ann Little, who has yet no children (negro girl Mahala); dau. Elizabeth Whitehouse and her children. Devisee Joel Crandell son of Samuel Crandell ($10). Exec.: friend William Clark. Wits.: Robert (mark) Wethersby, Redding (mark) Vick, James Bullock. Signed C Crancell {Seal}. —SHC, UNC-CH, Grimes Family Papers #3357, folder #154.

Daniel, Lanier.
Pitt Co., Oct. 15, 1840, probate Nov. Term 1841. Wife Elizabeth Daniel (negroes Chancy, Esther, Delia, Jennett, Celia?; 3 children: Arnold, Luce, and Marhala; old man Dave; and 3 young men: J. E. Jordan, Alfred, and Jim). Son Benjamin Daniel (negro man Daniel); dau. Marina Page (negro man Jim after my wife's death); daughter's children except Susannah Andrews and John Page. Son John S. Daniel (negro woman Esther after my wife's death, and girl Gennette and her increase); children of son Nathaniel Daniel, dec'd.: Lanier Daniel (negro man Tener), Elizabeth and Mary Eliza; granddau. Susannah Andrews (negro boy Homer). Other negroes not named to be hired out 2 years and then given to son Benjamin Daniel (negro man Washington, woman Clara), dau. Marina Page (negro man Jerry), and son John S. Daniel (negroes Luzane, Annicha, and Henry). Negro Esun to be sold and 1/4th of proceeds divided between: Laneir, Mary Eliza, and Katharina, children of Nathaniel Daniel. Residue equally divided between: wife Elizabeth, sons Benjamin, John S. Daniel, and Marina Page, and my 4 grandchildren: Lanier, Elizabeth, Mary Eliza, and Kenneth. Lands mentioned on Hunting Run, and the Burton Holliday tract. Exec.: Son Benjamin Daniel. Wits.: Benj. F. Eborn, George Daniel. Signed Lanier Daniel {Seal}. "True copy" dated May 7, 1856, H. Sheppard, Clk. —NC Archives, Wm. Blount Rodman Papers #PC 76.12.

Dixon, Walter.
Pitt Co., Mar. 7, 1767, no probate date shown. Wife Elizabeth Dixon; heirs of son John Dixon, dec'd.; son Walter Dixon; dau. Rachel Tindle; son William Dixon; dau. Sarah Mundine; son Edward Dixon; dau. Prissilla Dixon; dau. Elizabeth Baldwyn; son Rolen Dixon; dau. Susannah Dixon. Execs.: son Walter Dixon, son-in-law William Baldwyn Junr, friend John Simpson. Wits.: Thomas Dixson, John Simpson, Henry (mark) Moore, John Bowers. Signed Walter Dixon {Seal}. Ture Copy made Mar. 4, 1823 by George Evans, Clk. —ECU Manu. Coll., Boyd Family Papers, Coll. #253.1.

Fillingham, John, Sen'r.
Pitt Co., Nov. 11, 1771, probate Dec. 22, 1773. Wife Margaret Fillingham (use of all negroes during her natural Life, and afterwards to go to children as named); son John Fillingham (negro woman Luce); son Robert Fillingham (negro boy Jim); son Samuel Fillingame (negro boy Naed [?]); son Jarvis Fillingham (negro boy Jeremy); son Benjamin Fillingham (negro girl Bess); dau. Mathew White; dau. Mary Hays. Execs.: sons John and Robert Fillingham. Wits.: Josiah Littel, Alex'r. Stewart. Signed by mark John Fillingham Senr {Seal}. Original will. On fold is written: "The Last Will & Testament of John Fillingham Senr, aged 73 the 3 July 1771. —NC Archives. Series SS/AR. Also appears in North Carolina Will Abstracts by John B. Grimes.

Gorham, Thomas.
Pitt Co., Feb. 7, 1812, probate Aug. Term 1818. Brother Franklin Gorham bequeathed undivided interest in estate of "my deceased Father the late James Gorham;" also similar interest from "deceased brother William Gorham" in nine negroes: Betty, Philip, Nicey, Jess, Moses, Elizer, and Lovi, Pompey and Ben. Exec.: brother Franklin Gorham. Wits.: D. Duval Jr. [?], George Knox. Signed Thos. Gorham {Seal}. Proved on oath of Daniel Duval. Alexander Evans, Clk. —Grimes Papers, Coll. #3357, folder #149; SHC UNC-CH.

Grimes, Demsie.
[Note: This will is torn, but little information is lost; indicated by blank lines.]
Pitt Co., Dec. 14, 1786, no probate shown. Dau. Mary (negroes wench Price, ____nnah, Shan); dau. Penelope (negro girl Jude, boy ______, girl Amy); dau. Elisabeth (negro girl Silvee, girl Ginne); dau. Anne (negro wench Rose, man Casteel). My 3 youngest daus.: Elisabeth, Penelope, Mary. Son William (remainder of property and all lands). Execs.: son William, and John C. Numan. Wits.: John Egleston, Rolin Dixon. Signed Demsie Grimes. —SHC, UNC CH, Grimes Family Papers #3357, folder #139.

Grimes, William.
Pitt Co., Oct. 25, 1797, no probate shown. Wife Anna; son Bryan; dau. Sara; son Wyllie; child yet unborn. Execs.: friends Reading and Frederick Grist. Wits.: Wm. Magempsey, James Armstrong. Signed Wm. Grimes {Seal}. "True Copy" undated; Attest James Sheppard, Clk. —SHC, UNC CH, Grimes Family Papers #3357, folder #141.

Haddock, William.
Pitt Co., Sept. 11, 1821, no probate date shown. Wife Martha Haddock (negroes woman Chane, boy Moses); dau. Zilpha Harrington (negro woman Chane & her increase after wife's death); son Hardee Haddock; dau. Nancy Haddock; heirs of John Haddock; son Charles Haddock; son Wetherington Haddock; son Frederick Haddock. Remainder divided equally between 6 children: son Luke Haddock, son William Haddock, son Zachariah Haddock, son Hardee Hardee, dau. Nancy Haddock, dau. Desiah* Sutton. Execs.: son Frederick Haddock and Jacob Harrington. Wits.: Jas. Ringgold, Jesse Cox. Signed by mark, William Haddock {Seal}. A true copy certified Mar. 5, 1856, H. Sheppard, Clk. —NC Archives, Supreme Court Case, Box 3155. Case: Rhoderick Carroll, pltf., vs. John Hancock, Barnes J. Summerell, Amariah B. Cox, Allen Jackson, and Nancy Harrington, defts. Re: rights to negroes devised to Zilpha and Joab Harrington.
[*Note: A clerk error; other legal documents show her name to be Keziah.]

Harris, Richard.
[Note: Two copies of this will have been located and compared for accuracy.]
Pitt Co., Apr. 5, 1836, no probate shown. Son Henry Harris. Devisee Richard Albert and heirs (mentioned in same item as Pheroby Albert). Son Thomas Harris, who is under age 21 (negro girls Amy and Minter); Sally (mentioned twice with no surname, in same items as son Thomas). Son Timothy Harris; son Kinion; 2 daus.: Nancy Flake, wife of Ruben/Reuben Flake, and Elizabeth Harris, wife of Author or Auston? Harris (to divided money from sale of negro woman Vina). Dau. Sally Alberson (negro girl Patience). Dau. Elizabeth (loan of negro girl Chany for her lifetime), and then to her 3 daus.: Susan Elander Harris, Sally Eliza and Sintha Rebecca Harris. Exec.: worthy nephew Spencer Harris. Wits.: Saml. Vines, James T. Williams. Signed by mark Richard (X) Harris. —Copy # one found in NC Archives, Civil Action Papers, Superior Court, Pitt Co., #13,059. In this record of Spring Term 1880, John and Margaret Hathaway (dau. of Henry Harris), sue Margaret Harris (widow of Spencer Harris) and her children Henry, John, and Wm. T. Harris. Copy # two is found in NC Archives, Series CR.079, Box 801.7.

Johnston, James, Sen'r.
Pitt Co., Oct. 26, 1817, no probate shown. Son William Johnston; son Hardie Johnston; son James Johnston Jun'r; son Richard Johnston, son Stephen Johnston, son Jordon Johnston (negro boy Dick); son Cornelius Johnston (negro man Isaac); dau. Anna Spell (negro girl Sinah); dau. Polly Bland (negro boy Aaron); dau. Charity Johnston (negroes boy Redding, boy Stephen, woman Nan); dau. Susanna Walston (negro girl Maria); dau. Pheby Williams (negro girl Amy); son Randolph Johnston. Execs.: Sons James Jun'r. and Cornelius Johnston. No witnesses given. Unsigned copy. —NC Archives, Series C.R.079, Box 801.9.

Jones, James.
Pitt Co., Feb. 7, 1776, no probate shown. Wife Rachel Jones. All children are minors. Dau. Nancy Jones; dau. Elizabeth Jones; son James Jones; son Henry Jones; child my wife now bears. Mentions land on Chicod Neck, and land in the Horn Neck. Execs.: Friends John Watkins, Edward Salter. Wits.: William Jones, Anne Watkins, Edward Salter. Signed James Jones {Seal}. —Grimes Papers, Coll. #3357, folder #137; SHC UNC-CH.

Jones, William.
Pitt Co., Oct. 30, 1776, no probate shown. Wife Ufan Jones (negros Sam, Prince and Cain). Son Ambrose Jones; son William Jones; dau. Fanney, a minor (negroes Rash Moses and Rose); dau. Zelotis (negroes Aron and Ca__ [?]). Son Ambrose Jones, land "on Chocowinity that fell to me at the decease of my brother Ambrose Jones" (negroes Joe Boy and Jane); son William, the home plantation (negroes Boy Bob and Girl Amey). Execs.: friend Allen Sugg, Joel Sugg, George Sugg, Edward Salter. Wits.: James Armstrong, Henry Jones. Signed William Jones. "true copy," dated Mar. 6th 1821, by Geo. Evans for Alexander Evans, Clk. —Grimes Papers, Coll. #3357, folder #151; SHC UNC-CH.

McGlohon, Jeremiah.
Pitt Co., Feb. 10, 1819, Feb. Term 1824. Wife Fanny McGlohon; dau. Priscilla Turnage, wife of Levin Turnage; dau. Rebecca McGlohon, dau. Salley McGlohon; son Jonathan McGlohon; son Jeremiah McGlohon. Residue divided between my 3 daus. Exec.: friend and son Jonathan McGlohon. Wits.: Jona Frizell, Josiah Turnage. Signed by mark Jeremiah (X) McGlohon {Seal}. "True Copy" dated Aug. 8, 1839, Arch. Parker, Clk. —NC Archives, John H. Bryan Papers, Coll. PC 6.19.

Moore, Jacob.
Pitt Co., Oct. 21, 1820, no probate shown. Wife Rutha Moore (negroes: man Noah, boy Essick, woman Edy, girl Harriet, girl Lindy, girl Julian); Grandson Magilbra M. Sateon (later Stateon), my "whole land" on south side Grindell Creek (negro boy Aron); Granddau. Alavaney M. Stateon (negro girl Calaway); Devisee Sally An Eliza (negro girl Surliney). Residue equally divided among sons and daus. of my Dau. Betty Felps. Execs.: friends Benjamin Felps, James Perkins. No witnesses shown. Unsigned. —Francis M. Manning Coll. #488.21.b, ECU Manu.

Perkins, James.
Pitt Co., Sept. 7, 1838, Nov. Term 1838. Wife Ann M. Perkins (negros Tabby, King and Squire). Following negroes to be hired out until James J. Perkins reaches age 21 negroes Ansley and her 5 children, Zuda [or Quda?], Eleaner, Minty, Absalum?, Almerine, Keger, Pierce, and all their increase. Negroes then equally divided between James J. Perkins, Anna McKinney Perkins, and Patience Elizabeth Perkins. Son William L. Perkins; grandson James J. Perkins (if no heirs, then to his sisters). Devisee Partheny Teel; devisee Harriet Lonegar Teel. Granddau. Patience Elizabeth Perkins; son Lawrence Perkins ($5, he shall have nothing else in any shape whatever from estate). Exec.: McGilbert M. Staton. Wits.: Ardin Moore, Jesse Moore, Ichabod (mark) Harris. Signed Jas. Perkins {Seal}. "true copy" undated, H. Sheppard, Clk. —NC Archives, Wm. Blount Rodman Papers #PC 76.12.

Rollings, John.
Pitt Co., Apr. 1, 1840, no probate shown. Wife Aleph/Aliph Rollings, and after her death all property lent to her to be equally divided between Mary Gray, Sally James, Elizabeth Maning, July Ann Lydia Rollings, Eliza Briley. Son Reuben Rollings (negroes Ralston and Fanny); son Charles Rollings, left in care of son Reuben; dau. Julia; dau. Lydia Rollings (negroes Tebitha and Albert); dau. Elizabeth Maning (negroes Gatsey and child Harriet); dau. Sally James (negro girl Cherry); dau. Mary Gray (negro Elizabeth); Tebitha Barnhill; son John S. Rollings. Exec.: worthy son Reuben C. Rollings (to sell negroes Redding and Briny). Wits.: Thomas Gray, William Ross. Signed John Rollings {Seal}. —NCArchives, Series C.R.079, Box 801.14.

Scott, Matthew.
Pitt Co., Aug. 26, 1771, probate Dec. 6, 1771. Executors to deliver all notes, accounts, etc., from copartnership with Samuel Calhoun to Mr. Samuell Perviance, Jr., Merchant & Distiller in Baltimore, Md., and likewise the lots and houses, one of which is in Woodstock. Mr. Perviance to sell and collect debts to pay executors. Remainder to be divided between my sisters and their heirs. Father John Scott, if he should come to America (plantation and negro Harry and mulatto woman Rhoda); brothers James Scott and William Scott, fullers & clothiers in Pennsylvania to inherit after mother's death or if she doesn't come to Ameria; brother John Scott. Execs.: brother James Scott, friend Mrs. Elizabeth Speir. Wits.: Susanna Evans, Rich'd. Evans. Signed Matthew Scott {Seal}. Probate note: Neither executor accepted appointment, and Samuel Calhoun was appointed administrator. —NC Archives, Series SS/AR. Also appears in North Carolina Will Abstracts by John B. Grimes.

Simpson, Elizabeth.
Pitt Co., Apr. 27, 1804, no probate shown. Devisees: Susanna OBryan, dau. of Lawrence OBryan & Elizabeth his wife; Lawrence OBryan Jr., son of Lawrnec OBryan & Elizabeth; James Easton; Joseph Brickell; Mary Nixon Simpson and Elizabeth Hardee Simpson, daus. of my son Samuel Simpson and Penelope his wife; Elizabeth Brooks, dau. of James Brooks and Mary his wife, when she is age 17; Ann Easton, wife of James Easton; Sarah Brickell, wife of Joseph Brickell; Elizabeth Hardee Simpson Easton and John Simpson Easton, children of James Easton and Ann. Execs.: James Easton, Joseph Brickell. Wits.: Joel Dickinson, Henry Jinkins. Signed Elizabeth Simpson {Seal}. —NC Archives. Supreme Court Case #5952.

Speir, Elizabeth.
Pitt Co., Oct. 29, 1773, probate Mar. 23, 1774. Nephew Joseph Warren, Jr., son of brother Joseph Warren (negros old Tom and young Tom); nephew Mary Meesel and her mother (negroes Toney, David, Patt [?]); nephew William Smydick, son of Mry Smydick; devisee John Smydick, son of Edmond Smydick; devisee Famalar Smydick, dau. of David Smydick; devisee Leza Warren, dau. of Edward Warren; devisee Mary Meesel, dau. of Mark Meesel; nephew Elizabeth Warren, dau. of Joseph Warren; devisee Samuel Smydick, son of Mary Smydick; devisee Edward Smydick, brother of Samuel; devisee James Scott, brother of Mathew Scott; nephew Mary Meesel and her son William Meesel; devisee Elizabeth Warren, dau. of Joseph Warren, Jr.; nephew William Smydick; devisee negro young Tom to have horse and gun; devisee negro David to have horse and gun. Remainder divided between: Mark Meesels children, Joseph Warren, Jr's. children, William Smydick, Famalar Smydick. Execs.: nephew Mark Meesel, nephew Joseph Warren, Jr. Wits.: Geo. Evans, John Hardee, Major Harris. Signed Elizabeth Sper. —NC Archives, Series SS/AR. Also appears in North Carolina Will Abstracts by John B. Grimes.
[Note: The archaic spellings in this will refer to the Smithwick and Mizell/Mizelle families.

Tison, Elizabeth W.
Pitt Co., Mar. 23, 1846, no probate shown. Son Sherrod Tison (negro boy Windom); dau. Emily Tison (negro Girl Charity); dau. Margaret Ann Sheppard and her dau. little Elizabeth Sheppard; son Richard Larence Tison (negor girl Hagan, boy Noah); "four daughters": Eliza, Mary, Margaret Ann, Emily. My "married daughters": Eliza, Mary, Margaret Ann. My "three youngest children": Sherrod, Richard L., Emily Tison. Exec.: son Sherrod Tison. Wits.: Alfred Moye, W. D. Moye. Signed Elizabeth W. Tison {Seal}. —NC Archives, Series C.R.079. Box 801.16.

Wallace, George S.
Pitt Co., Apr. 12, 1836, probate Nov. Term 1838. Wife Jane Wallace (negroes boy Joshua and woman Hetty); son Warren Wallace; son George W. Wallace; dau. Wealthy Harrell & her children; son Willie Wallace; granddau. Lucinda Mooring; grandchildren Martha Jane Patrick and Churchill Patrick. Execs.: 2 sons Warren and G. W. Wallace. Wits.: John King, Cornelius Tison, John Smith. Signed by mark George (X) S. Wallace {Seal}. "True Copy" dated Mar. 13, 1856, H. Sheppard Clk, by Jas. A. Brown, D.C.—National Archives, Washington, DC; Rev. War Pension #W11741.

Warren, Samuel.
Pitt Co., Mar. 16, 1805, no probate shown. Devisee Samuel Warren, son of Ethedred Warren; mother Amy Bonner; wife Rhoda Warren (her and her heirs). Exec.: wife Rhoda, friend Isaac Brown. Wits.: Allen Atkinson, Etheldred Warren, Mary Ann Atkinson. Signed by mark, Samuel Warren {Seal}. —NC Archives, PC 145.1.

Watkins, William.
Pitt Co., Nov. 9, 1771, probate Oct. 14, 1773. Wife Christian Watkins; son John Watkins; son William Watkins; four sons-in-law: Francis Buck, James Cason, William Ormond, James Jones. Daus.: Sarah Buck, Elizabeth, Ann, Rachel.* Execs.: wife and son-in-law James Cason. Wits.: Catherine (mark) Crofton, John Salter, Randel McDaniel. Signed Wm. Watkins {Seal}. Original will. —NC Archives. Series SS/AR. Also appears in North Carolina Will Abstracts by John B. Grimes.
[*Note: Other primary sources show that Elizabeth m. Cason, Ann m. Ormond, and Rachel m. Jones.]

Whitehurst, Dinah.
Pitt Co., Oct. 21, 1820, no probate shown. Land and following negroes to be equally divided: negroes Susan, Elizabeth, Hary Mahaly [1 or 2 people?], Esther, Charity, Jom [or Jam?], Sarah, Orrange, Areny, Winsor, and Peny. Son Reuben Whitehurst; son William Whitehurst; son James Whitehurst; son John Whitehurst; dau. Elizabeth Barnhill; dau. Dicy Hathaway (note from Samuel Hathaway) and her heirs; grandchild Jesse Barnhill; grandchildren Mary Jane Whitehurst and John H. Whitehurst; grandchildren Bery A. House and James W. J. House. Execs.: sons William and John Whitehurst. Wits.: Lanier Ward, Wm. P. Bryan. Signed by mark Dinah (X) Whitehurst {Seal}. —Original in possession of Sue W. Cannon of Bethel, NC, 1995.

Williams, Robert.
Pitt Co., Aug. 24, 1836, Codicil Nov. 20, 1838, no probate date shown. Dau. Harriett Joiner and her 2 youngest daus.: Adeline and Martha (negroes Nan, Mary, Sabra and man William); dau. Marietta Delia Ann Eliza Singletary (negroes she has, and man Joshua); son Robert Franklin John Haywood Williams; dau. Elizabeth Freeman [later Foreman] and her children: John Ivey Foreman and Robert Richard Foreman (negroes Lewis, Sillar and her 7 children, Maria and her 3 children); granddau. Polly Ann Haughton, dau. of John Haughton, Jr. (negro man Ben, his wife Ellen and her 4 children, and young woman Uginia); son Richard Williams. Devisee Tabitha Williams, $40, and at her death equally divided between my 3 younger children: Richard, Emily A., and Adeline E. Williams. Codicil: Residue equally divided between son Richard Williams, Emily A. Williams, and Adeline E. Williams. Execs.: sons Robert F. J. H. Williams and Richard Williams. No witnesses shown. —NC Archives, Series CRX Pitt, Box 222.

Williamson, Henry.
Pitt Co., Nov. 6, 1830, no probate date shown. Wife Charlotte Williamson. Devisees Williamson Peal; Henry Williamson Martin, son of Mary Martin of Richmond, Va.; Elizabeth Jefferson McCoy of Portsmouth, Va.; Winifred Price, wife of Thomas Price of Alabama; Lydia Gualtneey of Pitt Co.; Children of Nancy Johnson, viz: Lydia, Salley, Elsy, Susan Elizebeth Stancil, Moses Cobb, Sampson Cobb, Charley Cobb, Allen Moblely, Christian Harrod, Elizabeth Wooton, Salley Cobb wife of Amos Cobb. [Note: unclear if all the persons in the last list were children of Nancy Johnson]; Devisees Betsey Mobly, Matilda Gay, Susan Gay, Lucinda Utley, Willey Mobly, Sally Lewis. Relatives of my former wife: Stephen Cobb, Gray Cobb Senr, Jonas Cobb, Edward Cobb, James [Janey?] Lewis, Elizabeth Smith. Education for the child Henry Williamson Martin. Exec.: Collel Samuel Vines, or if he dies, John Joiner, Esq. Wits.: James Parker, John. Signed Henry Williamson. "A true copy." —NC Archives, Wm. Blount Rodman Papers, PC 76, Box 12.

Abstracted by Elizabeth Ross
Greenville, NC USA

Abstracts of Pitt County, NC, Wills: 1760-1858 - Joyner Library

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