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Destroying Records

Once a record has reached the end of its disposition period, one of three things will happen:

  1. It will be transferred into the University Archives for permanent preservation.
  2. The disposition period will be extended owing to an audit or litigation hold.
  3. It will be destroyed in accordance with state laws.

State law mandates that records containing confidential information, the data, metadata, and physical media are to be destroyed in such a manner that the information cannot be read or processed.

To Destroy Records in Office

Records maintained in administrative offices that have reached the end of their disposition period may be destroyed without being sent to the Records Center. Before the destruction takes place, ensure they are not under audit or litigation hold. Next, complete a Report of Destruction of University Records and send it to or Mail Stop 516. We no longer accept faxed notices.

Destruction of Material in the Records Center

Each July-August, the Records Center will contact offices of origin that have material eligible for destruction. Offices of origin will have 30 days from receipt of notice to request a hold on destruction. A reason must be provided when requesting a delay, commonly accepted reasons include:

  • Litigation Hold
  • Audit Hold
  • Requirements of an accrediting body

If you have questions regarding the destruction of materials in the Records Center, please contact our staff at 252-328-2238.