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Retrieving Records From the Records Center 

Records maintained in the Records Center remain the property of the office of origin until their transfer into the University Archives for permanent retention or destroyed in accordance with the proper records disposition instructions.

Only authorized staff from the office of origin may request a retrieval of records while they are stored in the Records Center. Requests for records transfers not from the office of origin are referred to the office of origin. The office of origin will then make the request on behalf of the requesting party should they deem the request appropriate.

Access to the Records Center is restricted, walk-in requests will be denied. Rush record requests should be made by calling 252-328-2238. It is the responsibility of the office of origin to maintain their own inventory of records in the Records Center. Holdings reports are available upon request, but will only display box label information sent by the office of origin.

Making a Retrieval Request

  1. Submit a request to which provides: the file, accession number, and box number.
  2. For rush requests, please call 252-328-2238 and indicate your timeline. Our staff will work with you to be as accommodating as possible.
  3. Indicate whether you plan to pick-up the records, if not, provide the mail stop number where they should be sent. 
  4. To return material to the records center, please send them to:
    University Archives
    Joyner Library
    Mail Stop 516