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Transferring Records to the Records Center 

The Records Center is used to retain material for a specific set of time that has low recall potential. This ensures records are stored in the most efficient way possible, as it reduces the need to use costly office space simply for storage while retaining access and proper security. Records with a disposition of “transfer to the Records Center” or “transfer to the University Archives” may be stored, but the office of origin will lose custodial control at the end of the disposition period, with two exceptions:

  • The office of origin is under an official audit hold
  • The office of origin is under an official litigation hold 

Records Transfer Instructions

  1. All material must be sent in an approved container. Any records/banker box must have a lid and fit these dimensions: 10”Hx12”Wx15”D. To order from Office Depot, please select item #287154.
  2. Files should be placed vertically within, legal or letter is fine. Remove any hanging file folders as they will prevent the lid from properly closing, which will lessen the structural integrity of the box during transport.
  3. Only one file type per box. For instance, do not combine EPA and SPA personnel records.  
  4. Labels must be filled out completely and attached to the narrow, vertical sides of each box, below the handles. This ensures that a label is always facing outward during transport, processing, and storage. It will also serve as a back-up should one label become detached. For more information about completing labels, see below.
  5. Once prepared, contact Moving Services to let them know you have material to transport to: University Archives, Joyner Library. Moving Services will not accept boxes without proper labels for transport.
  6. Once Moving Services picks up the boxes, if you are able, please send notice to, this helps to ensure a smoother transfer on behalf of Moving Services.

For questions, contact us at 252-328-2238.

Completing a Records Center Box Label

  1. Download a Records Center label template or request one via
    1. Complete as much of the box label as you are able, for common questions related to each field:
    2. Office or Department:  Indicate the office of origin, ex. Department of Chemistry
    3. Title of Records: Use records title from the Records Schedule; EPA Personnel
    4. Item #: Use item # from the Records Schedule, ex. Item 216
    5. Box Contents: This is the descriptive information that details how you would request the records. Common examples include alphabetical range, file/case ranges, or a complete list of contents.   
    6. Box __ of __: The first line is the box number and the second is the total number of boxes sent. This ensures all boxes arrive at the Records Center after transport.
  2. Attach one label segment to each narrow side of the box, near the handle. A full page of completed box labels should cover two (2) boxes. Moving Services will not accept boxes without a properly attached label.