Library Instruction Curriculum

Freshman Classes - COAD 1000, ENGL 1100, & ENGL 1200

Listed below are the suggested library instruction curriculum for COAD 1000, ENGL 1100, and ENGL 1200.  The instruction topics are listed in priority order because of potential time constraints.  Librarians will include as much of the listed topics as possible.

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide freshman students with a foundation of information literacy skills.  Information literacy is the ability to effectively find, evaluate, and use information.  

COAD 1000

COAD 1000 - With an Assignment

  1. Introduction to Call Numbers
  2. Assignment Requests
  3. Webpage
    1. Catalog
    2. Database 
    3. Library Basics (Access your Library Record, Floor Plans, and Library Hours)
  4. Ask a Librarian

COAD 1000 - Without an Assignment

  1. Introduction to Webpage
    1. Ask a Librarian
    2. Library Hours
    3. Library Services
    4. Location of Floor Plans
  2. Introduction to Call Numbers
  3. Introduction to One Search
  4. Tour of the Library or Finding Books Activity

ENGL 1100

  1. Ask a Librarian
  2. Assignment Requests
  3. Webpage
    1. Ask a Librarian
    2. Self-Help (How do I?, LibGuides, Online Tutorials)
    3. Catalog
    4. Databases
  4. Credibility/Authority
    1. Appropriate Resources for Research at the College Level
    2. Quality Resources v. Wikipedia
    3. College Research v. High School Research
  5. Databases
    1. How to Choose a Database
    2. Find a Full-Text Article
    3. Boolean Basics - AND/OR
  6. Searching in the Catalog and Conceptually Locating the Book in the Stacks
  7. Plagiarism Basics
    1. Intentional Plagiarism v. Unintentional Plagiarism
    2. Learn how to cite properly.  This is the student's responsibility.
    3. Why plagiarism should be avoided

ENGL 1200

  1. Ask a Librarian
  2. Assignment Requests
  3. Webpage
    1. Ask a Librarian
    2. Self-Help (How do I?, LibGuides, Online Tutorials)
    3. Catalog
    4. Databases (How to Choose a Database)
  4. Search Strategy
    1. Generating Keywords - Synonyms, Related Terms, & Shorten Search Strings
    2. Background Information - Encyclopedias
    3. Broad v. Narrow
    4. Boolean - Advanced
  5. Citations
    1. How do I?
    2. Citation Builder
  6. Characteristics of a Scholarly Journal
    1. Appropriate Resources for College
    2. College Research v. High School Research
    3. Author's Credentials

Library Instruction for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Joyner Library provides sessions on how to effectively perform library research and further develop information literacy skills.  Information literacy is defined as the ability to find, evaluate, and use information.  Listed below are popularly requested topics:

  • Beginning & Advanced Database Searching Techniques
  • How to Find Books in the Library
  • Characteristics of Scholarly v. Trade Journals
  • Characteristics of Primary v. Secondary Resources in the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities
  • How to Avoid Plagiarism
  • Managing Bibliographic Citations with RefWorks
  • Evaluating Websites
  • Finding Statistical Materials
  • How to Locate Business, Legal, and Government Documents

Over the last three years, nearly 1,200 library instruction classes were taught at Joyner Library for students in: administrative services and information processing, African American studies, anthropology, art, biology, child and family development, construction management, adult education, communication, coastal resource management, economics, environmental health sciences, English, engineering, exercises and sports science, food science, geography, geology, gerontology, history, health, honors, interior design, international studies, instructional technology, criminal justice, educational leadership, marketing, management, merchandising, nutrition, public administration, political science, psychology, recreation and leisure studies, religion, sociology, social work, Spanish, and women's studies.  Special campus groups such as residence halls, the STEPP program, Degree in 3, and the Honors Program request library instruction.

Library Instruction Curriculum - Joyner Library

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