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Payments for photocopies and scans must be made through Joyner Library's  Circulation Department - in person, through the mail, or by using a credit card. Do not send payment to Special Collections. Patrons who cannot pay in person will be contacted by Circulation staff when a request is received. Copies or scans will be sent when payment is received.

Photocopied Reproductions (per order) (Researchers agree to provide full citation)

1 -50 pages: Free of charge
51 pages and over: $0.25 per page for every page over 50

Note: Researchers are responsible for all postage fees on orders exceeding 50 pages. 

Digital (Scanned) Reproductions (per order)  (Researchers agree to provide full citation)

1. Digital Reproductions done by Special Collections are priced the same as photocopies. These are scans done on our photocopy machine and are of good quality for reference purposes.

2. Digital Reproductions: $9.00 per scan; These are scans done on a flatbed scanner by our Digital Collections Department, and of a higher quality for such purposes as publishing.

3. Digital Reproductions with enlargement, stitching, or digital clean-up: $18.00 per scan

Accompanying professional laser print:
a. on regular laser copy paper: Add $9.00
b. on higher grade paper stock: Add $10.00

Audio-cassette tapes converted to a digital medium (CD): $9.00 per hour of tape (recorded time), plus postage. Cassette copies of audio-cassette tapes are $5.00 per copy. 

Additional charges:
Saved on ECU-provided media (CD only): Add $1.00

Note: No additional charge for transferring files to researcher-provided media (CD, DVD, USB flash drive, USB hard drive) or e-mail as appropriate.