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Search Room Policies

East Carolina University              252-328-6671 phone
Special Collections                     252-328-0268 fax
Joyner Library                             Hours: M - W 8:00am - 9:00pm; TH - F 8:00am - 5:00pm
Greenville, NC 27858-4353            Saturday and Sunday 1:00-5:00pm

Archivist available by appointment

Please contact staff via email at this link and describe your request before sending any order forms. You will then be contacted by a staff member to discuss your request. 


Patrons who request photocopies must complete and sign a Photocopied Reproductions Order Form.

Patrons who request scans must complete and sign an Image Order Form.

Patrons who wish to publish special collection materials must complete a Request to Publish Form.  Fax or mail the form to Maury York, Assistant Director for Special Collections. 


By signing the Special Collections Researcher Registration Form, researchers agree to comply with the Search Room Regulations, which include the following:

  • Researchers may not eat, drink or use tobacco products in the Special Collections Department.
  • The Special Collections are closed stack, non-circulating collections. Access to the collections is gained through a variety of computerized and hard copy finding aids. Research materials are obtained by filling out call slips. Staff will be happy to assist researchers in locating finding aids and filling out call slips; do not hesitate to ask for help.
  • Researchers must register and check in upon entering the Search Room. Please provide all information requested, including photo identification. Researchers must complete a new Researcher Registration Form when they first visit the Research Room during each fiscal year.
  • Researchers may not remove documents from the Search Room under any circumstances. Removal of a document or documents from this facility is a criminal offense Researchers must notify Search Room staff prior to leaving the Search Room. Staff reserve the right to examine all researchers' notes or any other possessions prior to their departure from the Search Room.
  • Researchers must use pencils and handle all materials carefully. Researchers must keep documents flat on the table while using them. They must not lean on items or place paper or note pads on top of documents while taking notes. They must not make marks or erasures on research materials. Post-it notes are not allowed to mark materials for any reason. Researchers should wear gloves when handling photographs and other fragile materials. Gloves are provided by staff.
  • Researchers must not rearrange documents in the collections. If materials seem out of order, please notify the staff. Researchers should never try to correct misfiling on their own.
  • Researchers must include the full name of the collection and of this repository in all citations. [Example for manuscript materials: Elias Carr Papers, (Collection #160, Box 2, Folder c, Item 4), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, Special Collections Department, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, USA.  Example for University Archives: Chancellor's Office, Chancellor's Correspondence File, 1978-1979 (RG 1, acc. no. 83-3, box 2), University Archives, Special Collections Department, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, USA.]  Additional examples of citations are available upon request.
  • Researchers are responsible for obtaining permission to quote or publish collections. Literary rights to collections may not necessarily be in the public domain. Researchers should consult the staff if they have questions concerning the legality of publishing specific documents.
  • Researchers may bring paper, pencils, and research notes into the Search Room. All other personal belongings such as books, briefcases, coats, backpacks, bags and umbrellas must be stored in the lockers provided. Any items that might be used to conceal collection materials or constitute a threat to the security of collection materials are prohibited.
  • Researchers may use laptop computers and cameras in the Search Room if, in the opinion of the staff, they will not damage the collections or disturb other patrons; patrons may not use additional lighting, scanners, or photocopiers in the Search Room.
  • Researchers may have one box of material on the table at a time, and should open only one folder of material at a time.
  • Special Collections staff reserve the right to deny access to any materials that have use restrictions or that are considered too personal for viewing.
  • The Special Collections Department staff will provide researchers a reasonable amount of photocopying as a service. Staff limitations do not permit the copying of large quantities of material, however, and collection policy prohibits the copying of restricted materials. The Special Collections staff reserve the right not to copy items at their discretion.  Please consult with staff regarding procedures for identifying items to be photocopied.
  • The staff will also provide reference services and research assistance free to patrons in the Search Room. Researchers who request information by telephone, fax, or e-mail may incur additional costs.
  • Researchers who fail to abide by these policies may be denied access to the collections. Theft and mutilation of documents are crimes that will be prosecuted by the appropriate law enforcement agency.


Photocopied Reproductions (per page):                                                                                                  

1-50 pages:   Free of Charge
51 pages and over:   $0.25 per page

Note: Researchers are responsible for all postage fees on orders exceeding 50 pages. No postage is required for orders of 50 pages or fewer.                                                                                                                      

Digital (Scanned) Reproductions (Researcher agrees to provide full citation):

1. Digital Reproductions done by Special Collections are priced the same as black and white photocopies.

2. Digital Reproductions (Done by Digital Collections): $9.00 per scan     

3. Digital Reproductions with enlargement, stitching, or digital clean-up: $18.00 per scan

Additional Charges:
Saved on ECU-provided media (CD only). Add $1.00

Accompanying professional laser print:
     a. on regular laser copy paper: Add $9.00
     b. on higher grade paper stock: Add $10.00

Audio-cassette tapes converted to digital media (CD): $9.00 per hour of tape (recorded time), plus postage.

Audio-cassette taped recordings copied onto cassette tapes: $5.00 per cassette.

Note: No additional charge for transferring files to researcher-provided media (CD, DVD, USB flash drive, USB hard drive) or e-mail as appropriate.

For University-related purposes (charged to a University account), up to $270 worth of scanning per month is provided gratis; regular charges will be assessed for each additional scan.




By reproducing collection materials for a patron, the Special Collections Department does not waive any ownership, copyright, trademark or patent right, protection or restriction that it may have or that may be retained by the donor, lender, or creator of any collection materials; nor does it grant any permission to sell, reproduce, publish, or donate any such collection materials to any other individual or organization. The patron assumes all responsibility for possible infringement of copyrights and/or literary property rights in the act of copying or in the subsequent use of the copies.

By purchasing reproductions of materials from the Special Collections Department, patrons agree to properly cite such materials, regardless of format, including the collection name and number, the Department, J.Y. Joyner Library, and East Carolina University. Persons wishing to reproduce or publish materials must make a separate request to the Head of Special Collections at the address shown below for each reproduction or publication. The Department will supply suggested citations upon request.

The Special Collections Department will respond to each request for reproduction in a timely manner.
The Special Collections Department will deliver no order before payment is received.
The Special Collections Department reserves the right to refuse requests to reproduce:
    1. materials that might be damaged during the process of reproduction;
    2. entire manuscript collections; or
    3. entire manuscript containers;
    4. more than 100 reproductions per order.