Joyner Library Collection Reductions 2009-2010
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Joyner Library has prepared for a reduction to its total budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010. The reduction has affected all areas of the library, including collections, personnel, and operations. At the beginning of the fiscal year, our collection budget was reduced $1,428,758. We are grateful that university administration has restored some funds for purchasing library materials. Including enrollment increases and a one-time commitment for purchasing monographs, the restored funds totaled $508,156. Our final collections budget reduction was $920,602.

Achieving savings of this magnitude has been particularly challenging. We have had to make cuts, resulting in reduced book purchases and cancelled journals and databases in all subject areas. Liaison librarians have sought feedback from departmental faculty as we conducted these necessary cancellations. Cancellation lists and information have been posted to the Collection Development Web page and linked below. Barring spending freezes or reversions of funds, it appears as of December 2009 that we have met the budget constraints facing us for the current fiscal year. We will continue to provide careful stewardship to our resources in the event that we face additional limitations.

The Library continues its commitment to working with members of the ECU community to get your input on cancellation options. We appreciate your understanding as we make difficult decisions on behalf of the University.

Cancellation Lists

Principles and Reductions Strategies

We had planned originally to reduce monograph purchases by as much as 75%. However, after the addition of funds from University administration, monographic purchases were reduced by less than 50%. Orders have generally been restricted to essential items needed for research and teaching and those that are not likely to be available for purchase at a later date. Because nearly 80% of the Libraries' collections budget is spent on recurring serial subscriptions, i.e., databases, journals, annuals, etc., much of our savings has had to come here. This means we have not been able to avoid cancellations of significant numbers of resources that are currently used by faculty, staff and students. During this period of constraint, we will:

  • Continue to evaluate indexing/abstracting services and database content for overlap, usability, and current need;
  • To the greatest extent possible, eliminate overlapping content both within our database and across formats;
  • Strive to retain as much "unique" content as possible and try to provide alternative access for materials we are no longer able to provide locally;
  • Consider appropriate metrics in making cancellation decisions, including: usage statistics, cost ratios, citation practices, impact factors, etc.;
  • Incorporate feedback from faculty, staff, and students concerning the relative importance of resources in their areas; and
  • Work with our colleagues at Laupus Library to ensure that the needs of the entire campus are considered, particularly where expenditures from the Virtual Library @ ECU budget line are involved.
Comments and Feedback

Please send comments to your liaison librarian or to Joseph Thomas, Head of Collection Development.

Collection Reductions 2009-2010 - Joyner Library

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