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Teaching Resources Center Tours & Instruction Classes

The TRC offers tours of the Teaching Resources Center and ETC Room through out the year.  Additionally, the TRC encourages faculty to schedule a library instruction session for their class.  Librarians in the TRC will adapt the instruction class to meet the needs of the course and assignment. These sessions are easily tailored to the needs of any particular course taught at ECU and can include such things as: a general introduction to library services and resources, expert searching on electronic databases, or an introduction to searching the library's catalog for TRC materials.  Members of the TRC Staff will also "bring the TRC to you" by attending meetings, workshops and classes outside of Joyner Library.

To schedule a tour of the TRC or request a library instruction session for your class, please contact Alan Bailey at 252-328-2579, Linda Teel at 252-328-2287, or Hazel Walker at 252-328-4994.