Graduate Assistantship Openings
Graduate Assistantship Openings Click the position description for details and application deadlines
 Campus LivingResidence Life (3) (Positions Filled for 2017-18)
Campus Recreation and Wellness Adventure/Leadership (Position Filled for 2017-18)
Facilities (Position Filled for 2017-18)
Intramurals (2) (Positions Filled for 2017-18)
Marketing (Available for 2017-18)
Career Services CET Counselor (Position Filled for 2017-18)
Counseling (Position Filled for 2017-18)
CO-OP (Position Filled for 2017-18)
Central Reservation Office (Event Planning)
Graduate Assistant (Available for 2017-18)
Dean of Students Graduate Assistant  (Available for 2017-18)
Intercultural Affairs Ledonia Wright Cultural Center (Available for 2017-18)
LGBT (2) (Both Positions Filled for 2017-18)
Intergenerational Community Center
Graduate Assistant  (Anticipated for 2017-18)
Leadership and Civic Engagement 
Signature Programs (Anticipated for 2017-18)
ECU Leads and WLAP (Position Filled for 2017-18)
Student Activities
Marketing (Position Filled for 2017-18)
Student Activities (Position Filled for 2017-18)
Student Organizations (Available for 2017-18)
Student Organizations - Health Sciences Campus (Position Filled for 2017-18)

Student Affairs Assessment, Research and Retention

Graduate Assistant (Position Filled for 2017-18)
Graduate Assistant--Special Projects (Available for 2017-18)
Student Involvement and Leadership
Marketing/Communications  (Available for 2017-18)
Finance and Administration  (Position Filled for 2017-18)
Student Rights and Responsibilities

Graduate Assistant (Not Available for 2017-18)
Student Transitions
First Year Programs/Pirate to Pirate Mentoring
(Not Available for 2017-18)
First Year Programs (Not Available for 2017-18)