What are Alternative Break Experiences (ABE) at ECU?


East Carolina University Alternative Break Experiences (ABE) create active citizens, leaders, and advocates for lasting social change.

East Carolina University Alternative Break Experiences (ABE) are learning opportunities that immerse ECU community members in diverse environments that address social, economic, political, environmental, spiritual, and cultural issues through the exchange of idea,  personal reflection, critical thinking, and applications of academic concepts beyond the classroom.  Alternative Break Experiences (ABE) challenge all participants to critically reflect upon their role and ability to make lasting social change in our local, regional, and global community.

Alternative Break Experiences (ABEs) are short-term immersion experiences (ranging from 3-5 days) offered typically during spring break that focuses on specific topics like service, leadership, cultural exploration, and strive to address a variety of social causes with communities stretching across six states and around the world!

If you have any specific questions or want to learn more contact Nichelle Shuck, Associate Director at shuckn@ecu.edu with any questions or submit your information on the home page.