College Foundation of North Carolina, CFNC, offers a variety of tools and resources to assist you with career and educational planning. Whether you are starting your first year of college or an experienced professional changing careers, it has tools to help you explore careers, academic majors, and to plan your future. 
CFNC ImageWhat is CFNC?
  • A free online, self-guided, interactive career and education planning system for North Carolina
  • CFNC will help you:
    • Select the right college major
    • Map out your career plans, present and future
    • Make informed career decisions
  • CFNC is available online 24/7 on PC, Mac, or Linux
How to use CFNC for Career Planning?
  • Learn About Yourself – determine your interests, skills, and work values and use them to find career options that are right for you. 
  • Explore Careers – learn about the many different types of jobs that exist in the workplace. Your can browse by cluster, or find careers that meet requirements you specify.
  1. Create a free user account at (be sure to choose East Carolina University) as your institution.

  2. Click on the "Plan" tab and then "For a Career".

  3. Click "Learn About Yourself" to complete the following assessments.
    • Interest Profiler
    • Career Cluster Survey
    • The Career Key
    • Work Values Sorter
    • Ability Profiler
    • Basic Skills Survey
    • Transferable Skills Checklist
  4. Click "Explore Careers" to learn about careers.
    • Search by name for careers you may already have in mind
    • Search for careers that fit you based on all assessments you completed in step 3 in addition to other factors such as earnings, relation to academic subjects, military equivalents, etc.
  5. Maximize use of assessments by meeting with a Career Counselor. Call 252-328-6050 to schedule an appoinment to discuss your results and to determine next steps