The Career Center helps students and alumni with a variety of job search needs. Whether you are looking for a permanent job after graduation, an internship to get more work experience, or a part-time job on or off campus while you are a student, The Career Center can provide you with resources to help you with your search.

Off Campus Jobs
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ECU CareerNET is the Career Center's exclusive job and internship database for ECU students and alumni. Access thousands job and internship opportunities. ECU CareerNET offers a secure place to upload your resumes, cover letters, and references to be visible to employers that are actively recruiting. Apply directly for jobs and track the status of your application. Learn about upcoming events and sign up for on campus interviews and employer visits.

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On Campus Jobs
The ECU PeopleAdmin job database is where all on-campus jobs are posted. There are several different types of positions available year-round within almost any department at ECU. These types of positions allow students to work part-time to apply knowledge being learned in the classroom and help strengthen skills for future employment.

For more information about on-campus employment, you may visit the Student Employment Office website.
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This resource has internship opportunities for students in all majors. You can find internship opportunities for over 2,800 organizations with the following:

  • Brief description of company

  • Information about the position

  • Application instructions and deadlines

  • Preferred Majors

To access the system, the ECU Username and Password is required and can be found here in the internship section. Once you have logged in, you will be able to search the internship postings.
Research Opportunities
Research opportunities allow students to assist faculty with any academic research that they may be conducting. There are many different research opportunities on campus for both undergraduate and graduate students. This research can be for credit, on a volunteer basis, or have monetary benefits.

These types of positions are available through:

Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities
Volunteer and leadership positions can help set you apart from your fellow students. Although, they may be unpaid, they can help you learn valuable skills and can allow your talents and abilities to shine. These types of opportunities are great resume builders. There are several different types of ways to volunteer and get involved in the community through ECU. Any available volunteer and leadership opportunities can be found through:

Cooperative Education (CO-OP)
Cooperative Education (CO-OP) is an academic program which alternates periods of academic study with periods of practical work experience. CO-OP experiences are extremely rewarding to the student, university and the employer. For more information about the CO-OP program, click here.
CFNC offers a variety of career planning, assessment and research tools to help you learn about yourself, college majors, industries, and occupations.

Access to the system requires a quick and free registration. Once you have signed up, you can take the assessments and explore career and major options.
Mergent Intellect
Mergent Intellect is a business research platform that permits searching US and international company listings by industry, size, and geography to build lists. This can be a helpful tool for jobseekers who are interested in determining companies they may want to work for and/or learning more about them.
Additional Job and Internship Websites
For hundreds of additional job and internship sites separated by industry, click here!